The Ultimate Guide to Nightlife in Porto

Posted by Wine Tourism in Portugal on 24-Apr-2015 14:30:00

Like in any other large European city, Porto offers a wide range of dining, entertainment and nightlife options. In different areas of the city, Porto has an array of theaters, wine tasting cellars, bars and clubs for all tastes, providing both locals and tourists a great and diverse nightlife experience.

Porto at night sightseeing

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Family Vacation Ideas in Portugal: Sun, Nature, Sport... You Choose!

Posted by Wine Tourism in Portugal on 22-Apr-2015 16:48:00

Travelling is one of the best things in life but sometimes it can be a little difficult to combine the entire family's needs and preferences, specially when there are children involved. Hotels and destinations must provide a multitude of options so that parents can at the same time relax with their spouses and enjoy each other's company but also entertain their children and make sure they enjoy the family holidays.

Portugal has got you covered on the family-friendly vacations issue. From great family-friendly hotels to outdoor activities, Portugal is the best destination to meet the needs of a family travelling with children and teenagers. Here are some family vacation ideas for a perfect family time in Portugal.

family vacation ideas

Photo credit: Turismo do Alentejo ERT

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Top Five Things To Do in Douro

Posted by Wine Tourism in Portugal on 20-Apr-2015 14:30:00

The Douro Valley region, which was once only known for Port Wine, is now one of the best travel destinations for a European break. With long hills covered with vineyards and luxury wine hotels, there is much more to Douro than simply being the Port wine region.


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Top Destinations in Alentejo for Wine Lovers

Posted by Rita Saraiva on 13-Apr-2015 17:30:00

Are you dreaming about getting away from daily routine and enjoying a sip of wine at the border of a pool with the sun warming your back? Alentejo is the right place for you! If you want to just relax in the quiet and taste the best Portuguese wines, here are our picks for a wine lover's spring or summer break.

top destinations in alentejo

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Travelling to Portugal? How to Pack Wine in Your Suitcase

Posted by Wine Tourism in Portugal on 09-Apr-2015 11:03:00

Wine travel is a fantastic experience. To taste different varieties of wine, to visit wonderful and idyllic vineyards, getting to know the producers and the history of some of your favourite wines. And of course, when you finish your trip you end up buying one or two bottles of that fantastic wine you tasted and want to continue tasting after you get home. But luggage is not always handled by you and others may not be (and probably won't be) as careful as you are with your suitcase. So, the big problem is: how to pack wine bottles in your luggage so that your clothes don't get spilled all over and ruined?

croft, Port wine, how to pack wine, luggage, wine travel

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Visiting Portugal? Discover The Benefits of Vinotherapy

Posted by Wine Tourism in Portugal on 07-Apr-2015 16:42:00

Do you like to de-stress with a glass of wine in your hand? What if we told you there are also others ways wine and grapes can help you relax? Every day we hear or read more and more articles on wine spas and vinotherapy. So after all, what kind of beauty therapy is this and what is it for?

vinotherapy spa and benefits of vinotherapy

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Fantastic Cellar To Taste Wine in Porto: Caves Sandeman

Posted by Wine Tourism in Portugal on 05-Apr-2015 18:40:00

A wine tour can be much more than a wine tasting visit, it can - and should - be an entire experience, where you not only learn about the wine making process and taste the best wines but enjoy yourself in a wine experience you won't forget. If you want to taste wine in PortoCaves Sandeman is a landmark destination for visitors and one of the top things you should do in Porto.


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10 Tips For Making the Most Out of a Wine Tasting Tour

Posted by Wine Tourism in Portugal on 02-Apr-2015 16:30:00

If you're visiting Portugal, one of the must-do's is definitely a wine tour. Portugal is a world-renowned wine producer and one the best wine travel destinations in the world, so don't leave our country without experiencing a wine tasting tour.

Sure if you're not used to wine tastings or you're not a connoisseur, it can be a little bit intimidating. You'll wonder if the guides will use a lot of technical wine vocabulary or whether there are people in your group that knows each and every lit bit of information that is to know about wine. But don't worry if you're not a master in wine flavours and varietals, you can still enjoy - most of the times, even more! - your wine experience.

wine tours, wine tastings, wine portugal, wine travel destinations, how to taste wine

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8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Alentejo

Posted by Wine Tourism in Portugal on 01-Apr-2015 16:18:00

Alentejo is one of the most beautiful and charming regions in the world, with Évora city centre considered by UNESCO as World Heritage Site. That should be a reason to visit Alentejo for itself, but here are eight other reasons to visit Alentejo.

visit alentejo herdade dos grous

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