Best Belvederes in the Douro Valley

Posted by Nelson Carvalheiro on 31-Jul-2015 12:00:00

The Best Belvederes on the Douro Valley post is the 5th installment of my Douro Valley Wine Travel Guide, where I have already shared with you the Best Wine Hotels, Wine Tours and Food experiences in the Douro.

Quinta do Crasto

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Best Food Experiences in the Douro Valley

Posted by Nelson Carvalheiro on 30-Jul-2015 16:30:00

In this post I will focus on the Portuguese flavours and regional products tastings I was able to experience during my stay in Douro.

Best wine & Food Experiences in Douro

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Best Wine Experiences in the Douro Valley

Posted by Nelson Carvalheiro on 29-Jul-2015 11:30:00

On this chapter I choose to recommend wine experiences in Douro, rather than tours of vineyards or visits to wineries. Let’s face it, no one takes absolute pleasure from looking at towers of stainless steel while having a tour guide describe the fermentation process for the 10th time that day. Here, I focus on the out of the box experiences that some of the Quintas offer, and which I find 100x more rewarding to you as a visitor and as a wine enthusiast.

nelsondouro19, nelsondouro27, best wine experiences in douro, wine tastings in douro

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Best Wine Hotels in the Douro Valley

Posted by Nelson Carvalheiro on 28-Jul-2015 11:52:00

For the second post of my Douro Valley Wine Travel guide, I share with you my top choices for accommodation in the Douro Valley. As the properties all have a very limited number of rooms you can find other options like the Àgua Hotels Douro Scala in the Wine Tourism in Portugal hotel search tool.


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Douro Valley - Wine Travel Guide

Posted by Nelson Carvalheiro on 27-Jul-2015 11:30:00

There is no doubt that Douro Valley is one of the most beautiful wine regions in the world and a place that I have always wanted to explore deeply as I am truly passionate with the food and wine heritage of a region.

nelsondouro2, douro, douro valley, douro guide, wine travel guide

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Outdoor Wine Tastings and Picnics in Portugal

Posted by Wine Tourism in Portugal on 14-Jul-2015 16:30:00

Portugal is famous for its warm temperatures. The weather in Portugal is one of its main attractions and one of the reasons thousands of tourists choose Portugal as their holidays destination. 

With these warm sunny days there are few things that can rival with a picnic in the vineyards with a glass filled with the best of Portuguese wines. So grab a basket and discover these great picnics in Portugal.


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Best Pool Views in the Alentejo

Posted by Wine Tourism in Portugal on 09-Jul-2015 16:05:00

The Summer is here and if there is a place in Portugal where we can feel it in its peak is in Alentejo. The hot summer temperatures in Alentejo make it almost mandatory to spend some time in the pool and relax in the shade. But the only thing better than a lounging poolside or diving in the light blue water on a hot day, is doing it with a great view and finishing the day tasting some of the best wines from Alentejo


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Top Things To Do In Douro - Take the Douro's Historical Train

Posted by Rita Saraiva on 06-Jul-2015 09:04:00

From June to October, the Douro Valley adds one more attraction to its already wide offer of activities: the Douro's historical train ride from Régua to Tua.


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