Wine Harvest Experience at Quinta da Pacheca, by our contest winner

Posted by Wine Tourism in Portugal on 28-Sep-2015 12:16:44

Remember our Wine Harvest in Douro contest? Just as a quick reminder, we offered two lucky people the opportunity to visit Quinta da Pacheca and take part in one of the most amazing wine experiences in Portugal: the wine harvest. It is a traditional activity where every visitor can cut the grapes alongside with the estate's workers, enjoy a traditional lunch, taste the best wines of the estate and even thread the grapes, being an active part in the production of the future wines of excellence made at Quinta da Pacheca.

Sónia, our winner, hit the road early in the morning of 19th September and describes what it was like to spend a day at the harvest, sharing her experience with us in her travel blog

Here is what she has to say about her day in the Douro:

wine harvest in Portugal, wine tours in portugal, wine tours in douro, quinta da pacheca

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Useful Travel Tips for Travelling to Portugal

Posted by Wine Tourism in Portugal on 25-Sep-2015 16:00:00

Travelling is always a good idea! To discover new cultures, new people, new places and new flavours. For anyone travelling to Portugal here are a few travel tips and useful information for visiting Portugal.

travel to portugal, visit portugal, visiting portugal, weather in portugal

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5 Restaurants for a Michelin Star Meal in Portugal

Posted by Rita Saraiva on 18-Sep-2015 12:00:00

Portugal is mostly known for its beaches, mild weather and excellent wines. But nowadays, Portuguese cuisine is becoming one of the main reasons thousands of tourists travel to Portugal. With a great variety and diversity from region to region, Portuguese food is great both in meat, mostly inland, and fresh fish, by the sea.


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Top Places in Alentejo for Wine and Food Tasting

Posted by Wine Tourism in Portugal on 15-Sep-2015 16:26:00

When thinking about Alentejo, you probably picture large golden fields and whitewashed small houses with blue-painted wooden windows, maybe a small castle on a hill and its beautiful secluded or windy beaches. It is all true, but there is more to Alentejo than the landscape. There is also the flavour! In fact, despite its golden dry-looking plains, Alentejo is a big fertile region and a paradise for foodies and wine enthusiasts.

best wine and food tours in alentejo, wines from alentejo, travel to alentejo, taste wine in alentejo, regional products in alentejo

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Wine Harvest Contest - WINNER

Posted by Wine Tourism in Portugal on 14-Sep-2015 18:15:48

Wine Tourism in Portugal Wine Harvest Contest has just ended and now it is time to announce the winner of this great wine harvest experience in the Douro Valley.


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One Thousand and One Nights with Codfish and Portuguese Wines

Posted by João Guedes on 11-Sep-2015 21:00:00

Since always, wine has taken a special place at the Portuguese eating table, as well as the noble codfish, that is part of the richness of the Portuguese cuisine, being one of the most consensual dishes from the major personalities.

With one thousand and one ways to prepare codfish, can there be one thousand and one wines to pair with it?

pair wine with food, wine and food pairing tips, portuguese cuisine, portuguse wines

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Porto: Best Under-the-radar Romantic Destination by USA Today

Posted by Rita Saraiva on 09-Sep-2015 11:00:00

Porto was recently elected by USA Today readers as the Best Under-the-radar Romantic Destination.

According to the world-renowned website "Known not only for the wine produced here, Porto also gave the country its name, derived from its history as the Roman settlement of Portus Cale. Sprinkled like medieval jewels on a rocky gorge carved out by the Rio Douro, Portugal's second largest city combines the best of Old World charm with modern-day comforts."

porto, romantic getaway, citybreak in porto, best romantic destination, travel, hotels in porto

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Portugal Wins 14 Awards at the World Travel Awards!

Posted by Wine Tourism in Portugal on 07-Sep-2015 11:16:00

Congratulations are in order to Portugal and everyone that works everyday to make our country stand out and offer the best travel experiences for those visiting it.

Portugal was awarded 14 prizes at the World Travel Awards, the "Oscar" of Tourism, in more than 10 European categories voted by travel agents worldwide. Algarve was elected Europe’s Leading Beach Destination and Turismo de Portugal won the award of Europe’s Leading Tourist Board.

algarve, portugal, best travel destination, best european destination

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