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Nelson Carvalheiro is a Travel Writer and Photographer inspired by the soul and sense of place of the locations he visits, the people he meets and the food he tastes.

Having worked in Portugal as a luxury hotel manager for many years, Nelson is now dedicated to helping his fellow travellers who are looking for advice, but mostly, to inspiring people with his passion for travelling and discovering new places and cultures. More about Nelson Carvalheiro at

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Best Restaurants in Porto - Book, a Review By Nelson Carvalheiro

Posted by Nelson Carvalheiro on 24-Nov-2015 12:05:21

On the last day of my tour in Douro, before I drive to the airport, I was lucky enough to be able to seat for lunch at Book Restaurant, one of the best restaurants in Porto, right in Porto's city centre, near all the city's main attractions.

The Book Restaurant is located is on Aviz Street, in downtown Porto, in the space that for decades housed the Aviz bookstore. The Book restaurant is intended as a "living room for friends and customers" served by a dedicated staff, where good food is always present. Chef John Mendes created a menu inspired by creativity over traditional Portuguese cuisine.

book restaurant, best restaurants in porto, restaurants in porto's city centre, restaurants in porto downtown

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Topics: Wine & Food Porto

The Yeatman - An Experience by Nelson Carvalheiro

Posted by Nelson Carvalheiro on 06-Nov-2015 11:10:00

Last month, I was privileged to visit The Yeatman Hotel in Vila Nova de Gaia, near all the Port Wine Cellars. The Yeatman is arguably the best wine hotel in the world, a luxury haven for good food, good wines and the best views of Porto.

It is one of those places where everything works out as planned, where you can see that every little detail in the hotel’s operation was thought in the planning stage. As an ex-hotelier, I can tell you that this makes a huge difference in the way you experience the Yeatman hotel as a guest.

yeatman, amll luxury hotels of the world, best wine hotels in portugal, luxury hotel in porto, best hotels in porto, port wine cellars

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Topics: Porto Wine hotels

Carmo's Boutique Hotel, an Authentic Experience by Nelson Carvalheiro

Posted by Nelson Carvalheiro on 13-Oct-2015 16:20:00

Carmo’s Boutique Hotel is located in a very rural area of northern Portugal, 5 km from Ponte de Lima. The warm hospitality of the people in this region is well known and their "back to Portuguese roots" way of welcoming guests is something I’ve always appreciated. The hotel was nominated in 2013 by the prestigious Condé Nast Traveler as one of the best new hotels in the world. With all this in mind I gladly spent a sunny weekend at the end of winter at Carmos Boutique Hotel.

carmos20, carmo's boutique hotel, review, best hotels in portugal, boutique hotel in portugal, hotels in ponte de lima, hotels in the vinho verde region

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Best Belvederes in the Douro Valley

Posted by Nelson Carvalheiro on 31-Jul-2015 12:00:00

The Best Belvederes on the Douro Valley post is the 5th installment of my Douro Valley Wine Travel Guide, where I have already shared with you the Best Wine Hotels, Wine Tours and Food experiences in the Douro.

Quinta do Crasto

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Topics: Douro Wine Tours Inspiration

Best Food Experiences in the Douro Valley

Posted by Nelson Carvalheiro on 30-Jul-2015 16:30:00

In this post I will focus on the Portuguese flavours and regional products tastings I was able to experience during my stay in Douro.

Best wine & Food Experiences in Douro

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Topics: Douro Wine & Food Inspiration

Best Wine Experiences in the Douro Valley

Posted by Nelson Carvalheiro on 29-Jul-2015 11:30:00

On this chapter I choose to recommend wine experiences in Douro, rather than tours of vineyards or visits to wineries. Let’s face it, no one takes absolute pleasure from looking at towers of stainless steel while having a tour guide describe the fermentation process for the 10th time that day. Here, I focus on the out of the box experiences that some of the Quintas offer, and which I find 100x more rewarding to you as a visitor and as a wine enthusiast.

nelsondouro19, nelsondouro27, best wine experiences in douro, wine tastings in douro

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