Top 5 Winter Wine Tours

Posted by Wine Tourism in Portugal on 23-Dec-2016 22:00:00

For many wine lovers, winter is the perfect time to travel for several reasons, whether just to escape to a warmer place or simply because they prefer a quieter season to endure in travelling. To help wine lovers from all over the world, we put together the top 5 winter wine tours to create a perfect winter break.

Top 5 Winter Wine Tours

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Best Hotels in Portugal by Wine Region - Part I

Posted by Filipe Teixeira on 05-Aug-2016 20:00:00

Now that you have plenty of reasons to visit Portugal, it's time to choose a hotel. It can be a bit of an overwhelming task due to the high number of offers, so we trimmed it down and present you a selection of the best hotels in Portugal by wine region. Best Hotels in Portugal

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10 Wineries You Can't Miss in Douro

Posted by Filipe Teixeira on 22-Jul-2016 20:00:00

Many Douro visitors feel a bit lost when deciding on which wineries they should visit. There are just so many options that one can feel overwhelmed when planning a Douro visit.
There are many beautiful, charming, and inviting Douro Wineries but we selected a few to help you plan your Douro trip.

Best Douro Wineries

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Best Time to Visit Douro

Posted by Filipe Teixeira on 23-Jun-2016 20:00:00

The Douro was the first demarcated wine region in the world and its landscapes offer such beauty and magic that it could easily be called the enchanted valley. Its beauty amazes throughout the year but there is a time period that makes a visit to the valley just perfect.

Douro Harvest Season

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Port Wine History

Posted by Filipe Teixeira on 26-Apr-2016 19:00:00

Probably one the most known Portuguese trades, Port Wine is a unique and exceptional wine.

It's much more than wine, it's part of a collective cultural heritage of work and experience, know-how and art that has been built and passed on from generation to generation.

Port Wine - Douro Valley

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Portos Raros em Prova

Posted by Marcelo Copello on 15-Mar-2016 17:59:40

“Bordeaux é uma bebida para rapazes e o Vinho do Porto para homens

- Samuel Johson (literato inglês, século  XVIII)

Há muitos anos escrevi que as duas mais belas regiões vinícolas do mundo são a Toscana e o Douro. Afora a indelicadeza aí contida (admito) com as demais regiões do mundo de Baco, cada uma com sua particular beleza, dentre as duas regiões citadas minha balança pende cada vez mais para o Douro, não apenas pelo cenário deslumbrante, mas pelos vinhos. Enquanto a Toscana se internacionaliza, ainda com inúmeros grandes vinhos, mas já com um incomodo contingente de "genéricos", o Douro mantém-se Douro. Seus vinhos são a pura expressão daquela paisagem dramática.


Em visitas às caves de Vila Nova de Gaia, pude provar uma fantástica coleção de Portos raros (remontando a 1935!), das casas do grupo Sogevinus (Kopke, Cálem, Burmester e Barros), é líder mundial na categoria Colheita.

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