Best Places For Shopping in Lisbon

Posted by Wine Tourism in Portugal on 28-Oct-2016 21:00:00

Lisbon, Portugal's sunny capital city, has long turned out to be a shopping destination for those who visit it. There are several districts devoted to shopping where locals and tourists can buy clothing, jewellery, shoes, and much more for all tastes so besides sightseeing, visiting museums and tasting the best food and wines, shopping stands out as one of the top things to do in Lisbon.

shopping in lisbon

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Travelling to Portugal? How to Pack Wine in Your Suitcase

Posted by Wine Tourism in Portugal on 09-Apr-2015 11:03:00

Wine travel is a fantastic experience. To taste different varieties of wine, to visit wonderful and idyllic vineyards, getting to know the producers and the history of some of your favourite wines. And of course, when you finish your trip you end up buying one or two bottles of that fantastic wine you tasted and want to continue tasting after you get home. But luggage is not always handled by you and others may not be (and probably won't be) as careful as you are with your suitcase. So, the big problem is: how to pack wine bottles in your luggage so that your clothes don't get spilled all over and ruined?

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