Alentejo Wine Travel Guide

Posted by Nelson Carvalheiro on 28-Apr-2016 19:11:15

During the first couple of weeks of April 2016, I was a guest of Wine Tourism in Portugalthe main wine tourism booking portal in Portugal, in the Alentejo to write de Alentejo Wine Travel Guide. My mission was to explore what the NY Times described as the “New Tuscany”, offering you the ultimate guide to travelling the Alentejo through its wine. In this guide, you will find recommendations for the best wine hotels, the best Restaurants, the Best Wineries, the Best Food&Wine experiences in the Alentejo.
Alentejo Wine Travel Guide - Herdade dos Grous with Chef Rui Prado

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10 Things that make Portugal such a Remarkable Country

Posted by Nisa Duarte on 15-Apr-2016 16:29:31

All Portuguese are having a long weekend next week, and all because there is a National Holiday, the 25 April, that this year will be at a Monday, fact that made a lot of people that work in Portugal very happy!

But, it is not the given conclusion that people like holidays that is interesting, what is really interesting and unusual is the event that is remembered by this particular Holiday: the most original revolution ever, The Carnation Revolution, the most peaceful and non violent military coup  and civil resistance movement taking down a dictatorial political regime! Since there was no blood and even though the tense vibe that was felt in the streets, all ended up being very cordially solved, and that day a peculiar image stayed forever in the nation imaginary: a lovely little boy celebrating the falling of the dictatorship by putting a live red carnation in a soldier's arm! 


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Portuguese Do It Better!

Posted by Rita Alves on 11-Apr-2016 21:08:58

Some years ago, I wouldn’t say that in a future I would be writing about Lisbon, other Portugal regions, secret spots, wine and food. Revealing what we Portuguese have to offer in this little but immense and diversified country.

Sometimes it is difficult to express the joy that I feel when visiting my tiny country and the pleasure that I have in showing it. However there is more in Portugal than Pastéis de Belém or Codfish (even when there are 1001 ways of cooking it); we have a wonderful gastronomy from North to South and to accompany a meal, Portuguese wines are mandatory. Portugal has high quality wines and beautiful wine regions, like, probably the most known one, Alto Douro Wine Region, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has breath taking views, which can be seen while walking through the hills or in a sailing boat in Douro River.

Douro Cruise in sailing boat.jpg


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Top 5 Spring Experiences to do in Portugal

Posted by Nisa Duarte on 06-Apr-2016 19:38:47

Spring is that extremely pleasant season when days start to get longer and warmer, and everything about spending time outside starts to feel very inviting... the grass and leaves turn greener, colorful and beautiful flowers blooming everywhere, birds sing louder and harmoniously than ever, and the sunshine seems magical... well at least here in Portugal!

It´s great to be outdoors even if you are doing absolutely nothing or if you are going on your daily routine, but it is even greater when you have just the perfect company, the perfect setting, and the perfect experience for this time of the year!

So, Wine Tourism in Portugal's team decided to put together for you a list of the Top 5 Experiences to enjoy in Portugal during springtime:

Spring experiences portugal.jpg

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Portos Raros em Prova

Posted by Marcelo Copello on 15-Mar-2016 17:59:40

“Bordeaux é uma bebida para rapazes e o Vinho do Porto para homens

- Samuel Johson (literato inglês, século  XVIII)

Há muitos anos escrevi que as duas mais belas regiões vinícolas do mundo são a Toscana e o Douro. Afora a indelicadeza aí contida (admito) com as demais regiões do mundo de Baco, cada uma com sua particular beleza, dentre as duas regiões citadas minha balança pende cada vez mais para o Douro, não apenas pelo cenário deslumbrante, mas pelos vinhos. Enquanto a Toscana se internacionaliza, ainda com inúmeros grandes vinhos, mas já com um incomodo contingente de "genéricos", o Douro mantém-se Douro. Seus vinhos são a pura expressão daquela paisagem dramática.


Em visitas às caves de Vila Nova de Gaia, pude provar uma fantástica coleção de Portos raros (remontando a 1935!), das casas do grupo Sogevinus (Kopke, Cálem, Burmester e Barros), é líder mundial na categoria Colheita.

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2016 the Year of Wine Tourism in Portugal by Nelson Carvalheiro

Posted by Nelson Carvalheiro on 02-Feb-2016 17:01:51

Believing that wine is one of Portugal's greatest exports, Wine Tourism in Portugal set out to harness, in one single portal, the very best of the wine travel reality in Portugal. Half way along the road, they picked me up to advise one of their private tours, while sharing my ideas and vision on how to transform the present wine tourism in Portugal reality into something desirable for the international wine motivated consumer.

Almost a year later and after important wine territorial journeys that allowed me to gain precious insight on what travelling through Portugal through wine is all about, I can say that wine is on the brink of becoming a major tourism product for the Portuguese Market- Comparable to food (in my opinion the most important), the diversity of Portuguese landscape, the kindness of its people, the value for money and the ever-present fair weather, Portuguese Wine is something that all travellers look forward to when coming to Portugal.

Nelson Carvalheiro Wine Cruise in Douro 

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