The Best Cruises in the Douro River

Posted by Wine Tourism in Portugal on 25-May-2018 12:32:00

Even though Douro Valley is not a secret for many travelers, the truth is that Douro River cruises tend to be off the beaten track in comparison to other popular rivers in Europe, such as the Rhine, Danube or Seine.

However, a wine cruise in Douro is full of unforgettable experiences that will surprise those who are not familiar with the Douro Valley region. From Porto - Portugal's second major city - full of historic corners, monuments, and tradition to the heart of the Douro Valley, with slopes covered with vineyards, a cruise in the Douro River is a must-do experience for those visiting Porto.

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A Picture Postcard Wine Tour in Lisbon

Posted by Sofia Amorim on 22-May-2018 12:35:00

The spectacular stretch of countryside just north of Lisbon, is famed for its many wineries and country estates. To get you started, we've rounded up the best in our wine tour in Lisbon, which combine great views with even better wine.

Quinta do Gradil

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Our favorite places to eat and drink in Porto

Posted by Sofia Amorim on 18-May-2018 12:19:00

Figuring out where or what to eat only seems to get harder - especially when you're visiting some place new. To get you started, see our full list of favorite places to eat and drink in Porto, which will make the daunting task of picking a restaurant a lot more simple. 

Porto Novo Restaurant

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A Day Trip to the Douro Valley

Posted by Sofia Amorim on 15-May-2018 12:18:00

Day tours are the easiest and quickest way to explore somewhere new while easily fitting it into a tight travel schedule. Departing from Porto, a day trip to the Douro Valley is a great option for those looking for a countryside escape, at the doorstep of the city.

Quinta das Carvalhas

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10 Wine Tours You Can't Miss in Porto

Posted by Wine Tourism in Portugal on 11-May-2018 12:12:00

Porto is Portugal's second largest city and was elected Best European Destination 2017. Every year the city attracts thousands of tourists eager to discover the ancient downtown, the typical riverside with colourfully painted houses, to get lost in century old streets, to enjoy the Portuguese cuisine and, of course, to taste wine.

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Day Trip to the Setubal Peninsula

Posted by Sofia Amorim on 08-May-2018 12:29:00

We are spoiled for choice when it comes to attractions and sites in Lisbon. But it's also easy to visit some pretty amazing places outside the city. Hop aboard for a taste of what lies outside the city limits with our day trip to the Setubal Peninsula.

Quinta da Bacalhôa



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