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Remember our Wine Harvest in Douro contest? Just as a quick reminder, we offered two lucky people the opportunity to visit Quinta da Pacheca and take part...

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Travelling is always a good idea! To discover new cultures, new people, new places and new flavours. For anyone travelling to Portugal here are a few travel...

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Portugal is mostly known for its beaches, mild weather and excellent wines. But nowadays, Portuguese cuisine is becoming one of the main reasons thousands...

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When thinking about Alentejo, you probably picture large golden fields and whitewashed small houses with blue-painted wooden windows, maybe a small castle...

Topics: Wine Tours, Alentejo, Wine & Food

Wine Tourism in Portugal Wine Harvest Contest has just ended and now it is time to announce the winner of this great wine harvest experience in the Douro...

Topics: Wine Tours, Wine harvest

Since always, wine has taken a special place at the Portuguese eating table, as well as the noble codfish, that is part of the richness of the Portuguese...

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Porto was recently elected by USA Today readers as the Best Under-the-radar Romantic Destination.

According to the world-renowned website "Known not only...

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Congratulations are in order to Portugal and everyone that works everyday to make our country stand out and offer the best travel experiences for those...

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