What is Travel Deal Tuesday? Black friday?

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Modern world is full of trends and this one is perfect to satisfy your wanderlust.  The past years unveiled a new trend on the best online deals for travelers. A special day right after Black Friday and Cyber Monday where the discounts and special offers go on for one more day, the Travel Deal Tuesday.


When is Travel Deal Tuesday 2019?

Black Friday 2019 is right around the corner, and planning guarantees you’ll be able to pounce on better bargains. And if you don’t get in on Black Friday deals you will get a second chance at discounts on travel on Cyber Monday or Travel Deal Tuesday 2019.

When is Black Friday 2019? Friday the 29th November.

Cyber Monday 2019 falls on December 2, the Monday after Thanksgiving. Travel Deal Tuesday 2019 will be on the 3rd of November. 

Expect pre-sales before Cyber Monday, but note that the steepest discounts on flights and tours are usually posted on Tuesday #TravelDealTuesday, yes!

You know your holiday travel plan can get expensive if you don’t anticipate your planning and bookings. You also know that some of the best holidays are booked with about one year to 6 months in advance, or taking advantage of las minute deals. This 2 timeframes for booking get you different travel experiences:

Booking in advance

When booking it well in advance you get to choose every little detail, ticking your bucket list with great precision. Avoiding stressful crowds of fellow travelers, combining it with the best choice for accommodation and experiences for your travel personality;

Last minute travel deals

If you are lucky enough to have freedom for last minute holiday bookings, you will also get the best price related deals. Choosing from a smaller pool of options you will find packages and tours developed with the purpose of offering you the best price/experience ratio.

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Will there be deals on Travel Deal Tuesday 2019?

We are travelers on the hunt too so this year Wine Tourism in Portugal joined the movement of Travel Tuesday or Travel Deal Tuesday 2019, just like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this will be the best opportunity to book the best deals on traveling for Wine lovers.

There are some significantly cheaper times to fly during the year. These cheaper times to fly are typically on the less-popular travel days, which means you will also be more likely have a lower-stress airport experience and a better travel experience even before your arrival.

“In its guide to Travel Tuesday deals for 2019, Skyscanner says its data shows that “Cyber Monday and Travel Tuesday tend to offer cheaper flight prices than Black Friday, and for domestic flights, booking on Travel Tuesday was 2.4% more expensive than Cyber Monday, but saved 11% compared to Black Friday.” Keep in mind that Tuesdays are generally a cheaper day to book airfare in general, as well.”

There are so many options to book your flight like, Google Flights, Hopper or Kayak are some of the well-known sites for booking your flight. Besides the flight, we take care of everything else you might need at your arrival and time in Portugal.

Here some Tips for Getting the Most Out of Travel Tuesday

  • Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Travel Tuesday, can deliver savings on everything travel. From airfare and hotel stays to cruises, attraction passes and bucket list tours.
  • Sign up for newsletters. That allows you to follow the best deals all year round. Doing your homework will enable you to make smarter choices when shopping on Travel Deal Tuesday.



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