4 Incredible Ideas to Gather Your Team for the Holidays

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Post Date 03-Nov-2020 17:50:44


At a time when we are all called to reflect on interpersonal and professional relationships, where social distance means social responsibility and many companies are in telework, the usual Christmas dinners and New Year's Eve gatherings will have to be rethought.
So for this year-end, we have the perfect solution for you and your company: online wine tastings accompanied by wine experts, Christmas gift vouchers to enjoy in the future, private workshops with award-winning Sommeliers, and so much more!

A Business gift is a way of recognizing important relationships, and these unique and impressive gifts will really make your company stand out. So, find out the perfect wine related gift through these ideas.


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Online Wine Tastings


An incredible private wine tasting experience, where the wine specialists will guide you through their own wines at your pace. Trought the taste, you will be guided by the wine specialists with a complete sensorial experience where you will learn the wine region, the winery's history, the winemaking process, and all the wine tasting techniques and materials to fully indulge in their wines. You can choose your style and the wines will be delivered at the requested address. In the selection, you will find the finest Portuguese wines, a curated selection of the most awarded and unmissable. The whole experience was carefully planned to maximize your tasting experience according to your wine knowledge, so let the wines seduce you to visit Portugal soon and enjoy the private commented tasting.


A Wine Event as a Teambuilding


A team-building event is something that the employees are waiting for since is where they feel very valued and appreciated, and there is something that they won’t soon forget. Some suggestions as a wine event consisting of food and wine pairing, host a chef’s dinner, a visit to wine cellars, a vineyard experience, or just relax with a wine tasting event in the afternoon. Your employees will walk away happy, and with plenty to share their positive experience. What better way to reward your company top-of-mind?


A Sommelier at the Office


A Sommelier is a person who is responsible for all aspects of wine service as well as food and wine pairing at a restaurant. Plus, it is a well-trained and knowledgeable wine professional with a lot of experience, and he or she must have passed a certification course for sommeliers. Being this said and if you have conditions in the company, like a fantastic meeting room, a sommelier can go to your company and prepare all the wine service with a food pairing and help with all the doubts and curiosities of each wine. Furthermore, if you don't have a meeting room we can rent one for you and your team.


A Wine Gift as a Voucher


Wine gifts are a perfect stand-alone gifting option and can be gifted as a voucher. How? You can personalize your voucher, with the name of the person, the company logo, and many other options. Plus you will choose, whether you learn that your employees are new to the world of wine or are established wine connoisseurs, the wide range of options means there is something appropriate for everyone. Do your best to find out what kind of wine your gift recipients like to enjoy, and start to build a memorable and thoughtful gift, such as an opportunity to attend a wine class, to visit a beautiful estate and learn its history, a unique wine cellar and so much more.


Wine gifts are memorable, and can keep people talking about your thoughtfulness for an extended period of time. What type of wine gift would speak to employees?


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