An insider's guide to the top wine hotels in the Douro Valley

Posted by Sofia Amorim on 05-Oct-2018 12:17:00

Why just visit wine country when you can spend the night? We picked six wine hotels for a top-notch getaway in Douro region. 

Quinta de La Rosa  Wine Hotel in Douro; Winery Douro; Wine Tasting

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5 Ways to Celebrate the Douro Harvest this Fall

Posted by Sofia Amorim on 24-Aug-2018 12:26:00

Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons in the Douro Valley and it brings along one of the most anticipated events: the harvest. To invoke this especially cozy time of the year, we've pinpointed some really great places to visit and things to do that are even better during the harvest season.

Quinta Nova; Fall Tours in Douro; Harvest Season in Douro

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Sleep in a barrel in the Douro Valley

Posted by Sofia Amorim on 17-Jul-2018 12:17:00

This is the perfectly quirky accommodation option for all the wine lovers out there. Quinta da Pacheca has recently launched their new lodging option, which offers nothing less than the opportunity to sleep in a giant wine barrel.

Wine Barrels Quinta da Pacheca; Tour in Douro

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Between the country and the concrete - 7 Day Tour in Douro and Porto

Posted by Sofia Amorim on 15-Jun-2018 12:29:00

If you're planning to visit one, you should definitely make time for the other. On our Tour in Douro and Porto we combine country and city on a luxury 7-day trip which will give you enough time to explore the best both locations have to offer. Simply put, they're just better together.

Douro à Vela; Douro River Cruise; Sailing Boat

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A Luxury Guide to Douro

Posted by Sofia Amorim on 08-Jun-2018 12:37:00

Your next luxury vacation spot can be anywhere in the world and whatever your wish. With that in mind, our travel experts have put together an insider's luxury guide to Douro's best hotels, restaurants, and itineraries.

Vintage House Douro

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The Best Cruises in the Douro River

Posted by Wine Tourism in Portugal on 25-May-2018 12:32:00

Even though Douro Valley is not a secret for many travelers, the truth is that Douro River cruises tend to be off the beaten track in comparison to other popular rivers in Europe, such as the Rhine, Danube or Seine.

However, a wine cruise in Douro is full of unforgettable experiences that will surprise those who are not familiar with the Douro Valley region. From Porto - Portugal's second major city - full of historic corners, monuments, and tradition to the heart of the Douro Valley, with slopes covered with vineyards, a cruise in the Douro River is a must-do experience for those visiting Porto.

douro, douro cruises, cruises in the douro river, cruises in porto

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