Alentejo – Europe’s Golden Treasure

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Alentejo is a golden land. A delight for the eyes and for the soul. Here you’ll find time to breathe and this flat and golden land will put your mind in a genuine mindfulness mode. A land for Wine Lovers, foodies and nature enthusiasts.



Alentejo the Golden Land

Wine is a source of local pride. Along with the olive oil production and sumptuous meals that go on on for what it feels like a ritual developed and perfectioned for centuries.  And it is. There is no such thing as a quick meal in Portugal, even if you are going for finger food or in portuguese Petiscos, the portuguese tapas.In Alentejo time stands still. The golden land extends to where the eyes can see and the blue sky is cut here and there by a secular cork tree. The weather is sunny and warm during the day, great for a morning walk or bike ride along the vineyards and in the afternoon, enjoy a glass of wine at the wine cellar or visit Convento do Espinheiro, a former convent of the fifteenth century which is filled with sacred art, tiles and frescoed ceiling.In late June, when summer is reaching its peak, you’ll be under the most amazing night sky as the dark covers Alentejo landscape in a sultry black silk velvet cape.  And trust me, in  L’AND Vineyards Wine Luxury Resort. the meteor shower has a different feeling to it. The ambiance of peace and relaxation will be a constant and you will be in a seamless bond with nature, even in your own room at night, as the stars will fall right above you in a memorable moment, while you are lying in a white, fresh linen bed.  


Alentejo Wine Region

Now that you rested the night in a sky view suite enjoy a complete breakfast to gather energies to explore the region and as you are a Wine Lover, return to the main theme of your stay.Wine is a central item to the portuguese culture, grown with that, portuguese people in general have a fair knowledge of how wine is made and food pairing is commonly something we care about on everyday life, as wine is not only reserved for special occasions.The portuguese wine is widely matured the ancient way in concrete stills or wooden barrels, the way wines have been made for centuries but don’t be fooled, in Portugal winemakers are always looking forward to develop the quality of wine and to introduce the best innovative processes.Some of the Portugal’s signature grapes, the likes of Aragonez, Alicante Bouschet and Touriga Nacional are widely used in Alentejo, a DOC region divided in subregions within, each producing  distinctive flavors and some of the most consensual and consumed wines in Portugal.

One of the days of your tour will be dedicated to exploring the Vineyards, discover the new sustainable planting techniques, the biological Vineyards and pioneering initiatives in the field of sustainability. And to complete the tour a visit to the Historic Center where you can contemplate archaeological pieces with about 5000 years of the Perdigões Archaeological Complex. At the end of the visit you will enjoy a Gastronomic menu at Esporão Restaurant. Lunch in Portugal isn’t just a meal it’s a special moment and an opportunity to pause for a few hours, yes hours.It is a celebration to all that’s sine qua non condition to life:Food, wine and friends to share the previous two with.

“There’s no such thing, as a short lunch. (…) Why would you want to cut that short?”- wrote Ben Groundwater, and as Portuguese how would I disagree?


Portugal a land of history and pleasant time

Alentejo covers almost a third of Portugal, and although is only one hour drive from Lisbon, the Portuguese capital and biggest city, it i not crowded with tourists and you will be able to enjoy incredible places just as they really are. Chapels covered in human bones, complete roman temples preserved in time,  dolmens and menhirs, as well as the biggest chromeleque in Europe. Soak in the traditional small village vibe and join the particular slow pace of life here.

In fact Portugal with about 92,000km2  is about the size of a medium state in the USA, so it is easy to discover Portugal in a relaxed and pleasant 14-day tour. Going from the lavish Douro Valley wine tours to the yacht sailing in beachy Algarve.



Even if have just one day to discover it, your experience in Portugal won’t be complete without the Alentejo experience. The warm and friendly people, the food, the earthy wines where you can really feel the secular terroir. The traditional cheeses, the food is grown locally, the farms following the biological rhythm.The roman heritage preserved and live right in the middle of contemporary life.The allure of Alentejo is beyond words, it is about the warm feeling of the sun inside your heart and the comfort of delicious prized delicacies cooked with love and soul. It is about Portuguese wines, a labor of time and love.  


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