Discover this Memorable 5 day Tour in Lisbon, Portugal

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Lisbon is the metropolis city, the capital, contemporary and traditional, with passionate and enthusiastic corners, captivating smells, and an unmeasurable beauty. The truth is that Lisbon is one of the most sought-after places in Portugal, so you don't have to look any further, today we bring you one of the most authentic tours you can enjoy in the capital!

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Day 1 - Behold, Lisbon

Discover this Memorable 5 day Tour in Lisbon, Portugal

After the trip, landing in Lisbon will give you peace of mind and a homely feeling. It will be your home away from home. With a stay in one of the best hotels in the city, this tour is complete and distinctive. You will be staying at the Pestana Palace Hotel, a classic and luxurious hotel that is an old palace that mixes Italian and French features, built-in 1904 by a baron. Stunning gardens surround the mansion classified as a National Monument. An unmissable luxury.

Discover this Memorable 5 day Tour in Lisbon, Portugal

Dinner will be served downtown at the Sommelier Lisbon Wine Restaurant. Wines and tasting are the keywords of this modern and bold restaurant! It is a place where you can relax, share ideas, have fun, and get to know some of the best wines, which will add to a unique meal.

Day 2 – Lisbon: cosmopolitan and passionate

The private driver will meet you at the entrance of the hotel, and head towards the first destination of the day, Chiado. On one side is the famous Praça do Comércio and on the other, Avenida da Liberdade and Baixa. Old cafes and bookstores, elegant shops, theaters, and historic buildings make this area one of the most popular neighborhoods in the Portuguese capital.

Discover this Memorable 5 day Tour in Lisbon, Portugal

Lunch will be in the heart of Lisbon, the ideal space for fans of national cuisine and wine lovers. By The Wine is a wine bar that also works as a shop and provides you with a memorable and peaceful experience. The quality of the wines – all national – is undeniable and each one of them perfectly accompanies the snacks that are shared to support the relaxed atmosphere that we live in here. Among several gastronomic options, there is homemade Algarve bread, several options of cheese boards, and various sweets.

Discover this Memorable 5 day Tour in Lisbon, Portugal

After lunch, get ready for a tour of the city, where you can soak up all the sordid details of Lisbon. The streets of the capital are among the most beautiful that you will visit in your life, (even though you may have already walked the avenues of Paris or London.)

Discover this Memorable 5 day Tour in Lisbon, Portugal

Praça do Comércio, or Terreiro do Paço, are some of the greatest attractions. Lose yourself in the colors, paths, and streets of Lisbon, always with the company of our guides, who will guide you in directions and tell you the most relevant details and secrets of the capital.

Discover this Memorable 5 day Tour in Lisbon, Portugal

After returning to your hotel, stop in the elegant neighborhood of Chiado, where Café a Brasileira is located, and sip on Bica - Portuguese espresso - to admire the impressive Art Nouveau interior of brass and wood, a favorite place for intellectuals and artists (including Fernando Pessoa and Almada Negreiros) since the beginning of the 19th century. Finally, you will visit the Museu Nacional do Azulejo, located in the Convento da Madre de Deus, founded in 1509 and its collections allow a journey through the history of the tile, from the 15th century to the present day. The National Azulejo Museum is one of the most important national museums due to the uniqueness of its collection, the Azulejo, an artistic expression that differentiates Portuguese culture.

Prepare your palate for the meal we have prepared for you at dinner. Located in one of the best spots in the city, the Eleven restaurant has Joachim Koerper in charge of the kitchen, and, with age, it becomes more and more consistent. Each menu that it presents is a tribute to the flavors, textures, and even the colors of the products used, also reflecting increasingly the influences on the other side of the Atlantic. The restaurant already has a Michelin Star.

Day 3 - Lisbon wine tour

Discover this Memorable 5 day Tour in Lisbon, Portugal

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On this day, the tour was made to water the trip, focusing on the wine complement. Quinta de Chocapalha is the first stop. It is located on the outskirts of Aldeia Galega and spreads across the sunny Alenquer, a region bounded northwest of Lisbon. This visit begins with a short walk with the families, where the story of Tavares da Silva will be told and the entire viticulture process that is practiced on the farm will be explained. The well-known Sandra Tavares da Silva is responsible for the Enology Department and will accompany you on the journey. Visit the vineyards, the new cellar, and the barrel room and enjoy 3 wine tastings, including range tops, accompanied by cheese, sausages, and toast.

Discover this Memorable 5 day Tour in Lisbon, Portugal

Discover this Memorable 5 day Tour in Lisbon, Portugal

You will then head to Quinta do Gradil, less than an hour away from Lisbon, and in a landscape dominated by the silhouette of the Montejunto mountain range, the Quinta was aligned and created the conditions to become a reference destination for wine tourism. History, sophistication, surroundings, offering, and great natural wines an irresistible “cocktail”.

After the experience, we head to the medieval village of Óbidos. The medieval village is one of the most picturesque and well-preserved in Portugal, it prospered after being chosen by the royal family. You will feel like you are in a fairy tale as you ride in a carriage that will take you back in time. A magnificent day between palaces, wineries, and medieval villages, ending with a classic toast of Óbidos ginjinha.

Day 4 - Architecture, Art, and Cuisine, in Belém

Belém is the neighborhood that most represents Portugal's Age of Discoveries. To understand better, let's go back to the 15th century and imagine a busy port, in the middle of a popular area, from where ships and caravels leave for great voyages (adventures) in the Atlantic. Wherever you look, wherever you walk, the past comes to you. As he visits the neighborhood's cultural heritage, he becomes more fascinated because the facts are intertwined. The history of the Jerónimos Monastery is intertwined with that of the Belém Tower, which overlaps that of the Belém Pastry Factory and so many other stories from the neighborhood…

Discover this Memorable 5 day Tour in Lisbon, Portugal

The Portuguese School of Equestrian Art regularly holds public shows and exhibitions at the Henrique Calado Ride in Belém. You will have the opportunity to see the warm-up and riding exercises, performed by riders in period costumes, respecting the rhythm, health, and physical needs of each horse. This ensures that you are properly trained to the highest standards required for the level achieved at EPAE Galas and Performances. It will accompany the preparations for the exercises and choreographies of Portuguese Equestrian Art at the Henrique Calado Riding School along with the musical accompaniment that together recreates all the charm and refinement of the Portuguese court of the 18th century.

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Discover this Memorable 5 day Tour in Lisbon, Portugal

Continue your tour towards Sintra. Lunch will be served at the Incomum Restaurant. This gastronomic space, owned by Chef Luis Santos, has many creative suggestions to offer. An elegant and refined atmosphere, all this in a contemporary and relaxed welcoming space with a specialized team always ready in the art of good service and hospitality.

Discover this Memorable 5 day Tour in Lisbon, Portugal

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sintra has everything for a perfect day out! Fall in love with Sintra much more than the historic and charming village. If fairy tales became real, Sintra would be the land of enchantments where they would happen. Less than an hour from Lisbon, Sintra competes with world-famous destinations in the category of the most romantic cities in Europe.

Day 5 - Last day in Portugal

Enjoy the leisurely pace of the last day in Portugal! Enjoy a good breakfast before being taken to the airport by a private driver.

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