Five things you must do in Portugal (for the traveler who has ‘already seen it all’)

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Portugal is a country that has an alluring mystery - just as you won't want to just sit back and watch. We're willing to bet that even if you've been to the country once, you haven't experienced it this way. Here are our expert-led picks for the unique experiences you really can't afford to miss.

Climb the Arrábida Bridge and enjoy the best view over the city of Porto

Five things you must do in Portugal (for the traveler who has ‘already seen it all’)

With this experience, you can see the famous monument of the Arrábida Bridge in a different format, overcoming the 262 steps that lead to the top of the arch, 65 meters above the river. On clear days, from the top, you can see part of the deck of the D. Luís Bridge, a series of towers (from the Marquês Church, the Clérigos Church, the Sé Cathedral, or the RTP station on the right, at Monte da Virgem), and even more distant mountains, such as Valongo. Every time of year offers a memorable experience, and it is possible to appreciate the world in a calm way. 

Five things you must do in Portugal (for the traveler who has ‘already seen it all’)1

The Porto Bridge Climb is entered from the bridge arch itself, next to the Douro waterfront on the Porto side. Access is made by climbing a granite staircase that is 50 meters west of the bridge (on the left side of your back is facing the Douro River). During the visit, one walks along half of the arch, between Porto and the top, then down the same steps and ending in the same place.

Premium Wine Tour in Porto and Douro

Eating food prepared directly below ground for a total of 5h on the island of São Miguel, Azores

cozido-furnas-buraco-sao-miguel-acoresGot2Globe |Marco C. Pereira - Sara Wong

The Furnas stew is one of the most emblematic and typical dishes of the island of São Miguel, in the Azores. All ingredients are placed in a pot, which is placed and buried in the ground near the Furnas boilers, and its average cooking time is five hours. 

Visit the Drowned Village of Vilarinho da Furna

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Vilarinho das Furnas was a community village that was flooded by the waters of the Dam in 1971. When the waters of the Dam come down, it is possible to see the ruins of this old village. Today, to take a walk in this place is to imagine how was the life of these people in this magical place. The vegetation and the walls that divided their land still have a strong presence to remind us that this village had its origin about 2000 years ago.

Dive into the yellow and iron-rich waters of Terra Nostra Garden on São Miguel Island, Azores

dji-0380Terra Nostra Garden Hotel

It is at Poça da Dona Beija, located in Furnas, on São Miguel Island, that you can enjoy unique moments of relaxation in hot thermal waters. An obligatory experience in your stay in the Azores.


azores-getaways-2880Azores Getaways

This is one of the most visited places by tourists, given its characteristics and magic. Below you will find all the information about Poça da Dona Beija, formerly also known as Poça da Juventude.

Taste Vintage Port in Vila Nova de Gaia Cellars


Tasting Port wine in Gaia is an experience they are more than used to, however, many cellars offer the possibility of tasting unique and vintage wines, capable of bringing out unique smells, aromas, and feelings.

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