Last-Minute Trips To Portugal To Extend Your Summer

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There are those who say that what is good ends quickly, and that is why summer is passing in front of our eyes in an instant. However, the offers at this time of the year, in the almost beginning of the fall, are immense in Portugal. Discover how you can enjoy these last days of summer sun under the Alentejo sun, on the beaches of the Algarve, or drinking wine while looking at the vineyards of the Douro!

Porto & Douro

Porto and Douro are two of the most awarded European destinations and one of the favorite stops for tourists in need of weekend getaways or unexpected vacation choices! The Douro Valley is the oldest wine region in the world, and probably the most beautiful in the world, the city of Porto is a real painting adorned with tiles, colors, and lots of food!

7-Day Premium Tour in the Douro with Private Yacht Cruise

quinta Nova

This is one of those tours created specifically by us, designed so that you can have the best experience while in Portugal! This tour was designed for the most demanding and exclusive customers, it is a 7-day tour, which we promise will surprise you every day: the scenery is scenic and architectural, the tastings in the cellars are wonderful, and the food is incredible, prepared by the best chefs! (or as we say in Porto, eating and crying for more).

5-Days Premium Tour in the Douro

The vintage house pinhão

You will spend 5 days in the heart of one of the best and most beautiful places in Portugal! Guided tours of some of the most famous cellars and wine farms in the iconic region! This is just the beginning, click here to find out more!

3-Day Tour in the Douro with a Cruise in the Douro River


If you are a wine lover you don't to read more, this is the ideal tour for you, in fact, we made it for just for you. It will be a 3-day tour in the heart of the Douro, with guided tours of some of the best farms in this iconic region, a private sailboat cruise, and more!

1-Day in the Douro Wine Region with Lunch in The Vineyard


A full day spent in the Douro interiorizing that summer is coming to an end! But the best part? It's just that we can think of this information while drinking an incredible Port and Douro wine, with a dreamy scenic landscape!


Alentejo has a lot to offer: Fantastic beaches, endless plains, unique cuisine, so much to see, experience, and taste.

8-Day Tour in Alentejo a Wine, Food and Cultural Tour

Herdade da Malhadinha Nova

Designed to show the best that the region has to offer and to visit, this tour is picturesque and designed for connoisseurs of wine and gastronomy. In a hot and dry environment of terracotta plains, on an 8-day tour, you will meet some of the best wine producers in Portugal, walk through unique landscapes, and discover its people and traditions.

6-Day Premium Tour in Alentejo


Luxurious, 5-star accommodations, 6 days of pure perfection! Alentejo is all about scenic plains, endless horizons, and its great wine and gastronomic culture. 


5-Day Heritage & Food Tour in Alentejo

15428415009049f_1920 (1)

Discover the best of the culture, cuisine, and wines of the wonderful Alentejo region. Considered by several press entities “the best wine region in the world to visit”, the region breathes a history immersed in periods of turmoil and calm.

3 Days Wine and Food Tour in the Alentejo Region




This tour was designed thinking about those who wish to become wine connoisseurs of the Alentejo wine and food. In the warm and dry environment of the plains, we will take you on a three-day wine tour where you will visit some of the best Portuguese producers.


The Algarve tends to be a dream destination in all seasons of the year, there's not much we can say about it. It is a place that, due to its weather conditions, its beaches, and its hotels and restaurants, is a great choice

3-Day Wine Tour in Algarve


Good gastronomy, beaches that are desirable all year round, and excellent wines are some of the factors that make the Algarve a destination that attracts tourists throughout the year, as even now they had the opportunity to read. This tour explores just that: all the Mediterranean influences of this beautiful destination, wine farms in the Algarve, and, of course, taking you to visit and enjoy its wonderful landscapes.

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