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The summer is almost arriving and besides, we all still with some pandemic blues its time to start thinking of must-go places for 2021, and one of them and according to renowned Forbes magazine the Douro Valley and its beautiful landscape and vineyards should be on your bucket list.

The centennial American business magazine, globally known for its ranks, spotlights the Douro Valley region and its vineyards among the eight not to miss destinations, especially if you are a wine lover, according to Nicole Trilivas.

“Calling all oenophiles: now is the time to start planning your ultimate wine vacation for 2021”, Trilivas furthers, while spotlighting “one of the world’s oldest demarcated wine regions”, the “unforgettable Douro”. There is a lot to hope for, from a Douro cruise to Porto wine tasting, according to Forbes contributor Nicole Trilivas. So let's find out the best summer trends experiences.


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Visits and Wine Tastings

A visit to the incredible wine estates of the region, as well, a wine tasting is always a great choice for you to experience the wine-making process and to sample the famed Port wine and the Douro table wines. A wine tasting amid the vineyard-clad hills of the Douro Valley is something that gives a unique feeling to its visitors you will sense a different atmosphere and wonder that you won't feel in another place in the world. But which consists of a wine tasting? Most of the wine tastings are paired with delicious regional specialties and also with traditional lunch. This culminates after visiting the wine estates, their history, and how the wine is made. Further, some wine tastings are outside, like the ones of the Quinta Nova estate that offers superb views of the vineyards and the river waters flowing in the background, in which the commented tastings take place. A wine tour in Douro is always perfect for the summertime.


Discover the Region

While staying in the beautiful Douro you will notice that besides visiting the wine estates, among other wine experiences, there is also a host of things to explore during your stay. You can choose for a private guided visit with a private driver in order to fully experience the Douro and also to not miss the variety of highlights and places located in the region. Some places that are recommended consist of enjoying the spectacular views overlooking the valley, such as the Miradouro de Assumadouro, Casal de Loivos, or Miradouro de São Leonardo da Galafura to stop and admire the landscape for as long as you wish.



Douro River Cruises

Nothing is better than a leisurely sunset cruise on the amazing Douro river and this is definitely one of the experiences that everyone who visits the Douro Valley news to try, it is an authentic activity that will awake all of your senses. While enjoying a fantastic Douro river cruise you will feel in the air the scent of dried spices and grass, the intoxicating landscape presents itself with towering slopes and wine terraces of many different shapes, with their plump grapes straining towards the sun. While onboard the river gracefully makes its way through what is probably the most spectacular wine region of the world - the birthplace of the port. This uplifting view will double your enjoyment of the famous wines.

Another reason to go for a Douro river cruise? From its source in Spain, the Douro flows across Portugal from east to west and ends in the Atlantic at Porto. In former times, the wine was transport in the barrels on boats all the way to the port wine cellars. Besides, picturesque vineyards adorn the river banks, and along the river, you will see enchantingly beautiful medieval towns with wonderful architecture. Amazing isn't it?



Outdoor Picnics in the Middle of the Vineyards

On warm sunny days, there are few things that can really rival a picnic in the vineyards. Imagine yourself breathing all that fresh air, relaxing in contact with nature, with a glass filled with the best of Portuguese wines? So enjoy a delicious meal with all of the incredible regional delicacies that the region has to offer and enjoy the best summer with delicious food and wine. Are you ready to discover the great picnics in the Douro? 



Wine Harvest

Although the wine harvest is not in the summer, in a certain way the harvest spirit begins during these months before the harvest that happens in September and October months, and it is consider of some of the best portuguese wine tours. This experience consists of the picking of the amazing grapes that will be transformed into delicious wines. The harvest in Portugal is one of the oldest wine-related activities and the most authentic and traditional one. The vineyards are filled with workers and excitement to pick the grapes that create some of the finest wines in the world. It is also a must experience since you can participate in the process of cutting the grape in the middle of the vineyards, with a straw hat, tobacconist scarf around your neck, and scissors in your hand. In most of the estates with the sunshine comes the meal, right in the middle of the vineyard, followed by a wine tasting and guided tour to the estate. In the afternoon comes the fun part, the pressing of the grapes, served with Port wine. 

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