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The famous and incomparable Condé Nast Traveller said that "wine tourism is very fashionable in Portugal.", we couldn't agree more.

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The best trips are those where we set out to discover, and what is better than discovering one of the best products we have in Portugal? More tourists come to Portugal for its wines and gastronomy, so today we bring you some of the best places (and routes) according to the different regions in Portugal in wine tourism.


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0072Quinta do Soalheiro

The Vinho Verde region is best known for the Alvarinho variety, however, this wine does not refer to a colored wine, which can be white, red, or sparkling. The wines produced in this region are young, with high acidity and freshness.



0025Quinta do Soalheiro

One of the pioneers in the production of Alvarinho in Portugal, Soalheiro, located in Melgaço, a city in the north of Portugal, is protected by mountain ranges that help the grapes of this variety mature. The weather, terroir, and sun are the secret to the quality of this wine.





douro grapes

The Douro region, with a usually dry climate, with cold winters and very hot summers, has unique characteristics that are beneficial to the longevity of the vines and allow for more concentrated musts of sugar, color, and tannins. These particularities give the Douro wine a great aging potential and a unique complexity and richness.




Quinta da Pacheca is a well-known estate in the Douro Valley, you may have heard about the barrels you can sleep in, however, this farm is a box full of surprises. With a production of Port, Douro, and Moscatel wines, it is one of the mandatory stopovers for wine lovers in this demarcated region. The estate offers tours for visitors to have the opportunity to learn about the history of Pacheca and the processes of wine creation. The best? It culminates with a taste of some of the estate's wines!




Located in the majestic area of Douro, Quinta de la Rosa is also one of the mandatory stopping places. The estate, a pioneer in the creation of wines in the region, is said to be "famous for its top-of-the-range wines and ports". In addition to wine production, Quinta de la Rosa also has a hotel and restaurant. The wine tasting at the farm is accompanied by a gastronomic experience.






This vineyard takes advantage of the wonderful characteristics of the Douro to produce wines applauded by the most demanding public. Fresh whites, reds with personality, soft olive oil, and a novelty: GIN! A gin created with Douro origins is one of the many products you can try on your visit to the estate.



Enotourism[6] (1)

Currently, with a production of 1,500,000 bottles of Douro and Porto wines of different categories, the estate is intended for production, and more recently tourism with the creation of the hotel. The winery offers a ton of possibilities, one of them being wine tastings, where it is possible to discover the estate that has recently undergone a refurbishment. Douro wines, port wines, and olive oil are some of the regional products you can find at Quinta do Crasto!



_DSC5588 (2)

Quinta do Vallado is a well-known estate in Portugal. Working since 1716, and previously owned by the infamous Dona Antónia, it is one of the largest and oldest in the Douro. Similar to the destinations mentioned above, Quinta do Vallado also has hotel units, the rural hotel, and the Casa do Rio. Following current trends in wine tourism, the farm, and its production are already sustainable.


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The Port Wine Route follows the hills of the Douro, the incredible area shown above, running through the mountains to the city of Porto. On the route we will only include wines that you can taste in the city of Porto, however, it is possible to look for this Portuguese wonder throughout the Douro Valley. The arid region of extreme heat and the secret of production that goes through the addition of wine spirit to the wine's maturation process is what makes it so special.



Caves Ferreira 4-1

Caves Ferreira offers the possibility to return to the Portuguese tradition begun in 1716 by Dona Antónia Adelaide Ferreira, one of the most outstanding names in the history of Port wine. The cellars have a wide selection of vintage wines (which we strongly advise), and it is possible to taste special wines produced in 1815. Newer wines continue to age in dark humid areas that help their maturation process!




The origins of the Cálem cellars date back to 1859, and it was the export to Brazil conceived by its immeasurable creator that opened doors and gave it the name we know today. "From the beginning until today, Cálem wines age in Gaia, in the warehouses of what is the most visited of the Port Wine cellars. There they benefit from the exceptional temperature and humidity conditions unique to their location", explain the cellars.






Celebrating its 40th anniversary, Churchill's invited the Portuguese illustrator Kruella d’Enfer to bring an explosion of color to beautify the walls of its garden and lodge. Created to bring a twist to Port wine history this cellar is special since it's the last remaining independent British port house.  






Space created to celebrate the life of Port wine and as an emblematic place destined to taste this Portuguese wonder, Espaço Porto Cruz explores many traditional offerings with a focus on the promotion of Port wine.


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Alentejo is one of the most beautiful regions of the country, requires a long narrative, with a continued presence and attention in time and space, something that cannot be revealed here at all. The region breathes a history steeped in periods of turmoil and peace. The region occupies more than one-third of the mainland area, is one of the largest wine regions of Portugal, enjoying a warm and dry climate, with an excellent "terroir", that propelled numerous investments in the wine sector, resulting in the production of some of the best Portuguese wines and, consequently, in the international recognition of Alentejo wines.




Cartuxa wines are the perfect representation of the terroir and wines of the Alentejo, based on a culture of work, land development, and sustainable development. The winery is equipped with some of the best equipment for wine production and annually distributes 3 million bottles of wine. An excellent place for wine tourism in Portugal, Cartuxa is another mandatory stop for wine lovers.




Adega Mayor extends over 350 hectares of holm oak forests, riverside galleries, and agricultural fields. The wines produced a promise to be able to awaken our senses. The winery has a wide range of wine tourism services, production, and a variety of olive oils and wines.




Hotel, restaurant, winery and spa, Adega de São Lourenço do Barrocal has it all. Designed by architect Souto de Moura, this emblematic place kept its traditional lines, being built in a vault. It is possible to carry out the wine tasting in the middle of the hill, enjoying the best that the terroir provides.



Panoramic of the Ancoradouro House (1)

The Malhadinha Nova estate, similar to the other places mentioned above, is a place in full, full of options for wine lovers. The estate comprises a hotel, villas, spa, among others, and, of course, the cellar. In production since 2003, Malhadinha Nova was born from the alliance between science and terroir. Here nothing is done by chance, and you can taste wonderful wines aged in oak barrels.




The vineyards mold to the Alentejo landscape, that's why L'and vineyards created their wine club. With limited membership, this club aims to promote the wine culture. With a limited production starting at 120 bottles per year, the wine club grants access to unique wines with special conditions/advice on cellar management.



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