The Ultimate Travel Itinerary: 3 days in Lisbon

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Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is a place full of life, history, architecture, food, and, of course, breathtaking wine. With unforgettable corners, vibrant colors, and renowned cuisine, Lisbon promises to be a place not to be missed in Portugal.

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In this cultural and urban destination, you will find warm people, and an unforgettable wine and gastronomic experience. Full of luxury shops, extensive beaches, and castles worthy of a fairy tale, this promises to be the ideal trip for your next vacation, find out why! (if you prefer longer trips, see the available options here).

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Dia 1: The height of Lisbon culture

On the first day, you will arrive in the city considered by many to be one of the best destinations in Europe, and you will be accompanied throughout the journey by an English-speaking Chauffeur with a Deluxe vehicle.

Start your journey at Hotel da Estrela, a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World, it is a small charming hotel in the heart of Lisbon. The Hotel occupies the former palace of the Counts of Paraty (Condes de Paraty), where the interiors created by Miguel Câncio Martins bring back the spirit of old schools, offering a truly original experience.

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Then get ready to enjoy the wonderful views of the city with your private driver. The Portuguese capital has immense cultural diversity, and these are the places we advise you to visit:

St. George's Castle


The castle is located on the top of one of Lisbon's seven hills and it offers a unique view over the city. Built by the Moors to stop the invading Christian forces, it was taken in 1147 by the first king of Portugal, Afonso Henriques.

Santa Justa Lift


Located in the middle of Lisbon's downtown, this neo-gothic elevator rises above the surrounding rooftops to provide another unique view of the city. Built in 1901 by an apprentice of Gustave Eiffel himself, it became a national monument in 2002, after celebrating its first centenary.

Sé de Lisboa (Lisbon's Cathedral)


Located near Alfama, one of Lisbon's most emblematic neighborhoods, you can find this imposing Romanesque cathedral. It was built in the 12th century but it also suffered from the devastating earthquake disaster. It was rebuilt in a blend of architectural styles.

Arco da Rua Augusta / Rua Augusta Arch

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The Rua Augusta Arch is one of the most distinctive architectural elements of downtown Lisbon. Located at the end of Rua Augusta, the Arco gives access to the grandiose Praça do Comércio. But there is more to see beyond its facade. It is possible to climb to the top of the Arco where you will be able to admire an extraordinary view over the Tagus River and the historic center of the city.

20190517220952_lisboa_avenida_da_liberdadeAvenida da Liberdade, seen from above

Take advantage of this day to stroll along Avenida da Liberdade, the city's most famous shopping street. Here you will find renowned luxury stores such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Onofre, Armani, Zadig & Voltaire, and Tod's, among others.


Dinner will be served at the By The Wine restaurant, It is one of the best places in Chiado to have a glass of wine at the end of the day and, without a doubt, the most attractive place. José Maria da Fonseca's “flagship store” combines two concepts: winebar and wine store, with all the company's products and brands. The decoration is the most impressive, with bottles covering the ceiling (those who took a long time to count them say that there are 3267 bottles).


Day 2: Wine tour of the capital


Start the day at Quinta da Chocapalha. The estate, which is just over half an hour from Lisbon, is a common project to enhance the wines of the Lisbon region, you will enjoy a visit to vineyards, new cellar, barrel room, and 3 wine tastings including top range, accompanied with cheese, sausages, and toast.


The trip continues on its way to Quinta do Gradil, which for several years has been confused with the best that the Lisbon region produces. Young wines, of impeccable quality, excellent price-quality ratio, and with the bonus of being able to visit the estate from the capital with a trip to Vilar (Cadaval), just over half an hour by car. In fact, since 2018 the historical heritage has been recovered and valued, including the restoration of the unmissable yellow palace, chapel, and outdoor spaces, in a significant investment. 

mathias-wichmann-grKziVsagXs-unsplash (1)MAAT Museum 

Enjoy the calm end of the day to get to know the Belém area, you will be able to enjoy a visit to some of the most infamous places in the city:

The Monument of Discoveries


In Belém, walking on the riverside path from the Tower of Belém, you'll get to see what is also one of the most iconic Lisbon monuments. It was conceived in 1939 to celebrate the Portuguese Age of Discovery during the 15th and 16th centuries.

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Jeronimos Monastery


Also built in honor of Portugal's Age of Discovery, this monastery is a stunning historical and cultural monument. Built in the 16th century, it was commissioned by King Manuel I to honor the great Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama and his epic voyage to India in 1498. His tomb can be found inside Santa Maria Church.

Day 3: Magic and Mystery, in Sintra


You will start the day with a visit to the Adega Regional de Colares. Between the Atlantic Ocean and the Serra de Sintra, in a handful of tiny lands a kilometer or two from the sea, the remarkable varieties of Colares resist the elements and the presence of man. It is at the Adega Regional that a handful of small producers gather to bottle their wines and share ancestral techniques. You will have the unique opportunity to visit the winemaking and stage facilities, with an explanation of the process, followed by wine tasting in the main cellar (Nineteenth-century building) and winery shop.


Magic and mystery in Sintra. Sintra certainly deserves to be part of your trip to Portugal, and that's where we'll take you to finish the 3-day tour on a high note. The city is famous mainly for its medieval castle and palaces with projects that border on the magical, conceived from the aspirations and delusions of royalty and the elite who spent their rest days there.


Sintra is much more than a historic and charming village. The village of Sintra is known for its charm, castles, palaces, pillows, the bucolic atmosphere that surrounds the historic center, and tourists.

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