This Portuguese Restaurant is the 31st Best in the World

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Avillez's Belcanto has been ranked as the 31st-best restaurant in the world, while Spain's Disfrutar takes the top spot. Disfrutar, located in Barcelona, has been named the best restaurant in the world according to the “50 Best Restaurants in the World” list, with Portugal's Belcanto dropping from 25th to 31st, as announced by the organization.

 Belcanto José Avillez

In the 22nd edition of these awards, held on Wednesday in Los Angeles, Spain's Asador Etxebarri (Atxondo - Basque Country) secured second place, improving from fourth place last year.

 Belcanto José Avillez

Previously, José Avillez's Belcanto in Lisbon had climbed 21 spots to reach 25th place in the list of the world's 50 best restaurants. Holding two Michelin stars for its "excellent cuisine, worth the detour," Belcanto was ranked 46th in the 2022 edition. The restaurant first entered the top 50 list in 2019 at 42nd place, maintaining this position in 2021 (with no list published in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic).

 Belcanto José Avillez

Belcanto remains the only Portuguese restaurant on the top 50 list, as well as the sole representative from Portugal in the extended list of the world's best restaurants, ranking from 51st to 100th. This year, the podium of The World's 50 Best Restaurants features some new entries. The Spanish restaurant Disfrutar, run by chefs Mateus Casañas, Oriol Castro, and Eduard Xatruch, claimed first place, replacing the Peruvian Central, operated by Virgilio Martinez and Pía León, which reached the top spot after 10 years on the podium.

About Belcanto

Since 2012, José Avillez has been showcasing his most creative cuisine at Belcanto, earning his first Michelin star after just a year. The second star followed shortly in the 2014 Guide, making it Lisbon's first two-star restaurant. In early 2019, Belcanto moved to a new location right next door to the old one, near Largo de São Carlos.

 Belcanto José Avillez

At Belcanto, chef José Avillez’s menu “recreates, reinvents, and elevates the traditions of Portuguese cuisine,” served in a sophisticatedly decorated restaurant with elements ranging from the romanticism of old Chiado to futuristic themes. The price might be a deterrent for some, but the experience is expected to be worth it.

 Belcanto José Avillez

The restaurant space is divided into three rooms: the main dining room and the Chef's Table. In any of these, you can order from one of two tasting menus. To book an experience, contact us. 

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