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Christmas is coming and the New Year's Eve takes no longer. In early 2020 The wine show will bring a new focus to Portugal. As Portugal will be the backdrop for the new The wine Show series, broadcasted all over the world. Do you want to discover it all in first hand? Come spend the New year’s eve in Portugal.

2020 is the year to discover this Europe’s hidden-gem, Portugal. A small country located next to the Atlantic Ocean and with defined land borders with the neighbor country, Spain, to East.  

Portugal has a secular history, connected the maritime expansion and influenced by cultures from all over the world. Nowadays you can say that Portugal is a safe country, Portuguese people are friendly and we, as people, are as open to technology and innovation (the most famous example is Web Summit in Lisbon happening from 4th-7th November 2019) as we are deeply connected to some traditions. Mostly wine and food traditions, as for us, all meals are like rituals you can’t ignore. Quick tip: Don’t be caught scoffing a sandwich on your way, culturally we just can’t understand that.

Here meals can take hours, and sometimes connect lunch to dinner particularly at Sundays and for sure during the holidays season.

In Portugal you will also find the oldest wine region in the world, Douro Valley. Which is also a UNESCO protected site. There are about 17 of them. Here’s the list.

Douro Valley is one of the wine regions featured on the wine show, along with Alentejo, the land of the wines that made James Purefoy cry.


Discover Quinta Nova in Douro Valley

 Quinta Nova harvested its first grapes centuries ago, about 250 years ago to be more precise.

The winery is one of the oldest in the Douro region, what makes it one of the oldest in the World. Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo, produces Port wine since ever and it is one of the most emblematic Port wine producing estates.

Besides its tradition, Quinta Nova is also very innovative and combines the best of both worlds. It maintains the small traditional winery fully working and as a vital part of the winemaking process. At the Quinta Nova winery both the wooden barrels and the steel vats live together, aging the awarded wines of Quinta Nova. This is also one of the most awarded accommodations in Portugal.

Here you can enjoy a sip of Port on the porch overlooking the Douro Valley and the Douro River, just like The Wine Show hosts, Joe Fattorini, Mattew Goode, Mattew Rhys and James Purefoy did last Summer, along with the well-known guests Amelia Singer and Jancis Robinson.

Read more about the best wineries in Douro Valley.

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Alentejo Wine Region

The Alentejo region is one of the most consensual wine regions in Portugal. Full-bodied reds, rich in tannins and aroma of wild red fruit and whites distinguished by its aroma of tropical fruits are produced in vineyards that spread in plains as far as the eye can see.


Elected by USA TODAY readers as the best wine region to visit in the world and considered the Tuscany of Portugal this is one of the largest regions in Portugal.

Any Quinta in Alentejo is a delight, Alentejo’s days are warm and the nights are perfect for cozy fireplace moments. If you are willing to spend the New Year’s Eve in a cozy mood, here is the place to be.

In Alentejo, Quinta da Cartuxa, Monte da Ravasqueira, Herdade da Malhadinha Nova or L’and, are some of the best accommodations choices in Portugal. Discover the best wine tour in Alentejo. Discover the best wineries and wine and food tours in Alentejo.

You can also request a free quote for a special new year's eve in Alentejo.




Lisbon and Porto the big cities

Yes, the two big cities apart from 300km are together in this post.

Lisbon has a vibrant feel all year round and Porto does not fall short on options for great vacations. Spending the New Year ’s Eve in Lisbon is like living in another era. The city is a museum at open sky and is full of wine&food options, from wine bars to classy fine dining restaurants and everything in between.

The New Year ’s Eve in Portugal also means outdoorsy time, music concerts on every street and fireworks everywhere you face. It is a moment of joy and celebration you will never forget. Besides that, Portuguese winter may be considered of mild temperatures. The temperature typically varies from 47°F to 83°F and is rarely below 40°F or above 94°F

The Portuguese capital has so much to offer in the last night of the year, and the best way to live it fully, is to plan your new year's eve in Lisbon in advance with the help of experts.

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Arvore Natal Lisboa


Spending the New Year ’s Eve in Porto is like entering a tale. A small city, decorated with lights peacefully standing by the Douro River where people gather around both margins of the Douro River to watch the celebrations and the main attraction, the fireworks above the Luiz I Bridge. You can submit a request for a unique new year's eve in Porto and step in 2020 in the best way.



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