Top 50 World's Best Vineyards: Discover the Fantastic Portuguese "Quintas" that Made the List

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More than 500 world experts have voted to choose the wineries that provide the best wine tourism experiences, and it is already known the top 50 of the World's Best Vineyards 2020 awards.

This list, the organization informs, is decided through the voting of "more than 500 wine experts, sommeliers and travel journalists from all over the world". The top 50 of 2020, they summarise, "reveals the most fantastic experiences" in the world of wine tourism", the "best places to taste extraordinary wines and learn about vineyards and viniculture". Another feature of this international competition is that almost all of them guarantee "superb views, restaurants, and accommodation". The evaluation also includes criteria such as architecture, supply, good environmental practices, and, of course, the quality of the wines.

This amazing list is featured two top "Quintas" of Douro Region, they are Quinta do Crasto and Quinta do Noval. Quinta do Crasto, with its endless pool by the talented architect Souto de Moura, continues to score points in the World's Best Vineyards, besides it has been awarded the 8th place, and Quinta do Noval in 49th, the Douro shines twice in this selection of the best wine tourism destinations in 18 countries.


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Quinta do Crasto


Quinta do Crasto is located between Régua and Pinhão, and with a privileged view over the river, behind which the vineyards extend up to 550 meters of altitude. There are 82 hectares of vineyards based on schist soils, a number that includes the 40 old vines with an average age of 70 years, to which the iconic Vinha Maria Teresa and Vinha da Ponte, both with 110 years, and Vinha dos Cardanhos de Cima contribute. The vine consists, for the most part, of traditional Douro red varieties, the white ones representing only eight hectares on this estate, in the highest areas. With manual viticulture and as organic as possible, with the preservation of various species of flora and fauna protected, Crasto demonstrates a deep ecological awareness. Moreover, the house, which is also over a hundred years old, has a fantastic schist yard, overlooking the river, the vineyards, and after which there is a majestic swimming pool with an infinity effect, in which you will appreciate the Douro Valley landscape while taking a swim. At this estate is possible to have wine tasting or a lunch or dinner, which can be complemented with a boat ride on the Douro river, ending with a visit to Quinta's shop, with all the variety of wines and olive oil produced at the estate, which portray the true essences of the Douro region.


Quinta do Noval


Quinta do Noval is surrounded by a majestic landscape that is simply beautiful and remarkable. Composed by 145 hectares and with a privileged position at the very heart of the Douro Valley, this estate also is the only historic Port Shipper that bears the name of its vineyard. The soil is essentially made up of schistous rock, which makes all work in the vineyard particularly difficult. Besides, the vineyard is composed of noble grapes varieties of the Douro, in which this is expressed in their amazing and delicious wines and Ports. Moreover, Quinta do Noval Nacional Vintage Port is one of the most celebrated Ports in the world, making this estate a mythical Port Wine House, which not only produces the most famous Vintage Port, but it is also the only house whose top wines are exclusively "single vineyard" which means that all the harvest comes from the same amazing estate.





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