Welcome to Portugal: Once in a Lifetime Porto And Douro Experiences

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Portugal has a special charm, from Porto and its colorful corners full of history to the Douro and its hills demarcated by UNESCO: there is a lot about Portugal to demystify. This tour has unique features that we promise you will only be able to enjoy with Wine Tourism In Portugal: Cuisine dishes prepared by some of the best national chefs, awarded with Michelin stars, stay in luxury hotels and villas, national art workshops, visits, and wine tasting to cellars and wineries (and at certain times of the years it is also possible to experience special events such as the harvest, among many others)! It doesn't stop there, keep reading that this is proof that Portugal is the perfect country for your next vacation.


Discover Douro

It's the first day in Portugal, pointed out by Condé Nast Traveller, USA Today, among other famous travel magazines, as a heavenly destination. Douro Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, we can only wish a good trip: Welcome to Portugal and enjoy the scenic 2-hour road trip to the Douro Valley. 

Hotel Six Senses Douro Valley
Six Senses Douro Valley

Six Senses Douro Valley is your first stop. This hotel feels like something out of a movie, touched by the romance of 19th-century architecture, and is married to contemporary interiors that reflect the inimitable style of the Six Senses.

Chefs table six senses
Chef's Table at Six Senses Restaurant

Then, you will enjoy a unique experience at Chef's Table at Six Senses Restaurant. The gastronomic journey is marked by a personal harmonization between wine and food! The 10-course meal is prepared and delivered by the Chef, right before your eyes. Follow the process and complete the experience with selected wines to accompany. This is the greatest gastronomic option of the Six Senses Douro Valley that is celebrating the region, signed by world-renowned chefs.

Discover the best national flavors

The landscape of the Douro is nothing like it. Recharge your batteries and have a fantastic breakfast at the hotel.

Quinta da Pacheca

It's the day to discover the Quinta da Pacheca, the first to bottle wine with its own brand, you will have a guided tour of the vineyards and winery with tasting of Douro and Porto wines. After the visit, you can enjoy the delicacies prepared by the chef at Quinta da Pacheca at the Wine House Hotel, through a traditional cooking workshop, where you can interact with the chef, learn and develop your knowledge of Portuguese culture through gastronomy! Enjoy the meal you just made with the beautiful view from the 'Quinta'!

Then a break in Lamego! The culture, architecture, heritage, historic center are worth a visit. Be sure to visit the Museu de Lamego, an impressive collection of ancient art and artifacts, including a completely rebuilt chapel with gilt dots, displayed within the walls of an 18th-century episcopal palace.

quinta do Vallado

The next stop will be at Quinta do Vallado. The winery that combines state-of-the-art technology with high-quality architecture is one of the outstanding places to visit in the Douro Valley. Most of the vineyards at Quinta do Vallado are built on slopes with schist soils, facing south and west, allowing for optimal maturation of the grapes, benefiting from the Mediterranean climate.

Renowned Quintas in the Douro Valley

Quinta do Crasto Quinta do Crasto

The visit to Quinta do Crasto and Quinta Nova is one of the highlights of this Tour. The first stop of the day is at Quinta do Crasto. Among 1,500 wineries nominated worldwide for the Best Vineyard in the World, Quinta do Crasto was selected as the 4th best winery in the world.

Quinta do Crasto Quinta do Crasto Pool

Enjoy a traditional lunch prepared with products from the property. The meal starts with appetizers normally served in the pool area (designed by the architect Souto Moura, winner of the Pritzker Prize in 2011) a water mirror with breathtaking views. The recipes are from the family and the dishes are carefully harmonized.

Quinta Nova Luxury Winery HouseQuinta Nova Luxury Winery House

After this excellent experience, you will visit the Quinta Nova Luxury Winery House "one of the 9 must-see wineries in the world" - distinguished by American Airlines. Precisely 250 years before the first grapes were harvested. This is, without a doubt, one of the oldest wineries in the Douro region, producing Port Wine for the farm and for many other farmer lots and neighboring farms, given its large size. You will be able to visit in detail the entire wine production, the vineyard, the 1764 winery, the underground cellar and end your visit with a tasting of Reserva wines.

Scenic Boat Tour From the Douro To Porto 

Douro à Vela Boat

You will enjoy a private Douro River Cruise in a sailboat. Douro-à-Vela offers you a new way of discovering the Douro, a region of heritage, landscapes, and wines that are unique in the world. Feel like a true sailor from ancient times on board the sailing ship Libertu's. Experience a moment of joy and connection with nature.

DOP, Rui PaulaChestnut and spice pie, DOC Restaurant

Your lunch is waiting at DOC Restaurant. Led by Michelin Starred Chef Rui Paula, with modern and creative gastronomy, with Douro flavors. It’s a place of enormous beauty, blending the grandeur of the vineyard-covered mountains and the serenity of the Douro river and the riverside villages, only awakened by the passage of the train. DOC serves as a window on this breathtaking scenery, making every meal a unique and special moment.

Quinta das Carvalhas
Quinta das Carvalhas - Real Companhia Velha

After lunch, we will take you to Real Companhia Velha's crown jewel and the largest wine-producing estate in the Douro region, Quinta das Carvalhas. The Vintage Tour is a visit to the Vineyards accompanied by the Quinta das Carvalhas Agricultural Engineer. Join this tour and appreciate direct contact with nature in the vines, Mediterranean forests, and gardens, alongside the people who work them. We offer the chance to see the Douro through the eyes of a local and to relish the greatness of the region with a detailed explanation of everything happening at the Quinta. The tour finishes at the wine shop for a tasting of the top Wines of Carvalhas partnered with a platter of cheeses and finishing with a glass of Port.


Yeatman Hotel Yeatman Hotel

A great place to start, the Yeatman Hotel. Located in Gaia, it offers one of the best views of the city of Porto and is close to all the classic Port wine cellars. The hotel room's balcony will bring you everything you need to recharge your batteries, we promise that the view is unforgettable.

Torre dos ClerigosClérigos Tower

A certified private guide will show you all the highlights of the city from the historic center, telling you all the highlights of this wonderful city! One of the places to visit in Porto that could not be missed is the Clérigos Tower, considered by many as the city's landmark with a height of 76 meters, it was the tallest building in Portugal, and it is still the tallest tower in the country.

Lello BookstoreLello bookstore

This tower, located near the infamous Lello bookstore, considered by Lonely Planet to be one of the three most beautiful bookstores in the world, was the inspiration for J.K. Rowling to write Harry Potter. On the other side of Avenida dos Aliados, there is the São Bento Railway Station, where you can see its twenty thousand painted tiles, depicting historical landmarks. Continue to Santa Catarina Street where Café Majestic is located.

DOP-TamborilDOP restaurant

Enjoy dinner at the DOP restaurant, signed by chef Rui Paula. This restaurant, located in the Palácio das Artes, in the heart of the historic center of Porto, classified as World Heritage, has a Michelin star. Cosmopolitan space, with good taste and great gastronomic choices. The menu is premium harmonized with the best house wine.

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Port Cellars

alejandro-pinero-amerio-N2kCEDjAAHY-unsplashView From Gaia Peer, Rabelo Boat, Ribeira Porto

Wake up at the beautiful Porto landscape and enjoy a fantastic breakfast at the Hotel.



Caves Ferreira

Take your time to enjoy the fabulous hotel. By the riverside, within a 15-minute walking distance from the hotel, you will visit one of the oldest Port Wine Cellar in the world – Ferreira Cellars. Go back to the origins of the Portuguese soul and traditions and discover more about the Dona Antónia, the woman, in the man times, who gave Ferreira its name and prestige. For small groups, a private visit to the "Hall of Belongings of D. Antonia" and Ferreirinha Museum. Commented wine tasting of five Port Wines Ferreirinha in the "Old Bar", a tasting room with characteristics of the XIX century.

Grahams Cellar


Then, head to the award-winner Graham's Port Lodge, from the Symington family. Graham’s is still a working cellar. No visit to the Lodge will pass without hearing the sounds of the Coopers’ hammers or seeing the lodge collecting samples for the tasting room. The building currently houses over 2,000 pipes (oak casks) and 40 tonnes and balseiros (large oak vats) of aging Port wine, as well as extensive cellars of Vintage Port, aging in bottle. Here you will have a private tasting in a vintage room. You will have a Tour and Tasting of Graham’s Six Grapes, 30 Years Old Tawny, and Vintage 2000.

Caves Cálem


48316057357_9bc4a0617a_o (1)

Return to the riverbank, you will have a different and enriching experience at Calém Wine Cellars. The Calém brand distinguishes itself in the market for the exceptional quality of its wines, consistency, and its century-old history. Its cellars have a great reputation in the wine sector and they stand out as a world reference - One of the most visit cellars in the world. The two greatest icons of the Portuguese culture came together to provide you a different and pleasant evening. You will have a guided tour of the Cálem Cellar and its ancient traditions, followed by a tasting of Port Wine: White and Special Reserve. Enjoy a Fado concert, with a male and a female voice, accompanied on the traditional way by a Portuguese Guitar and a Classic Guitar.

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