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Visiting Lisbon? Sure, you can find great wine bars in Lisbon city center, although if you're a true wine lover, somewhere in this Portugal Vacations you'll want a tour to the best wineries in Lisbon wine region. Portugal is a wine country by tradition and we selected 6 of the best wineries and the best wine tasting in Europe.


Lisbon is known by it colors, feel good spirit, vibrant both in history and contemporary art. Although that is true, all the top 10 things to do in Lisbon will certainly include at some point a wine tasting.

In Lisbon you can find some of the best Portugal wine tours and wineries. Although they aren't located right in the city, one of the best Portugal wine regions is the Lisbon Wine Region, which extends for a bigger area just outside town. Not only these wineries produce great wines, they also provide unmissable unique experiences for any wine lover. Are you ready to discover the best Portugal wine regions? Your Portugal vacations will start now, with this 1-day wine tour in Lisbon or a 9-day tour in Lisbon and the Lisbon Wine region. A Europe wine tour you will treasure forever.

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Lisboa - Miradouro


Architecture. The main building will totally stand out when you get to AdegaMãe, its architecture is an undeniable statement that was designed to be one with the surrounding nature and to frame the beauty of the vineyards. It is certainly not the typical winery building. Nevertheless, the wine experiences provided are just as genuine and authentic. Only 40 km away from Lisbon, AdegaMãe is also famous for its innovative wine producing technologies. When visiting, in this 1-day wine tour you will see the cellar of the future, learn about its winemaking process and end with a wine tasting overlooking the whole estate covered with vineyards.

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Adega Mãe

Quinta do Gradil

With a long and strong winemaking tradition, this winery is one of the oldest estates in the Lisbon region. Just 50 km (31 miles) outside Lisbon city center, located between the sea and the mountains, Quinta do Gradil provides several experiences that invite wine lovers to discover and taste their wines and explore the vineyards. This 1-day wine tour in Lisbon will take you visiting the mill, the aqueduct, and the chapel is included for those visiting the winery.  

Booking this experience, lunch and commented tasting in one of the oldest wines producing estates in the Lisbon region is a central part of the wine tour, as in Portugal food is as important to our culture as wine. And sharing a meal is a moment of major importance and esteem.

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Quinta da Chocapalha

Quinta de Chocapalha reveals a landscape that enchants the senses. A scenery made of contrast: The blue ocean tempering the vines and the green fields of plantations and vineyards.

With great influence from the Atlantic, this Quinta is less than 1-hour drive from Lisbon city center. Although close, its location is on a calm mountain countryside, and it will feel like you entered a different country. A Visit to the vineyards, new cellar, barrel room and 3 wine tastings, accompanied by cheese, sausages, and toasts will be part of the welcoming.

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Quinta dos Loridos - Buddha Eden

Located in Bombarral, Quinta dos Loridos, is known by its garden, home to the impressive Buddha Eden, the largest oriental garden in Europe. Came to life by the mind of Joe Berardo as a reaction to the destruction of the Buddhas of Banyan. This winery is certainly the most original winery you will ever visit. The wines available are Quinta da Bacalhôa wines, the older sister to this place. Available for tasting and for shopping at the Quinta’s wine shop.

A tip: Remember to taste the Moscatel de Setúbal, a dessert wine that is typical of Península de Setubal, where Quinta da Bacalhôa is located.

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Quinta do Sanguinhal

Here you will find not one but three secular wine estates under the same name. Lisbon winemaking is deeply rooted to the Companhia Agrícola do Sanguinhal, established in the 1920s by Abel Pereira da Fonseca. Mr. Fonseca was one of the most renowned names in the Portuguese wine business and established it to continue the winemaking tradition born in the nineteenth century.  

Here you can visit the 19th century gardens, one of the most ancient olive presses in Europe and taste different wines, and regional cheeses.

You can book your visit to all these wineries just by accessing the main wine tourism in Portugal website and plan your visit.

Customize your complete wine trip through Portugal  quick and easy with the help of a travel consultant.

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Adega de Colares

The Colares area belongs to the Lisbon wine Region, although it has its own Appellation Origin since 1908. The westernmost wine area of Europe, is also the smallest wine producer in Portugal. Adega de Colares sits between Sintra Mountain and the Atlantic Ocean what exposes the vines to the extreme conditions of a microclimate: deep sandy soils, strong, salty, winds blowing strong from the ocean and the typical Sintra’s impenetrable mists make the location humidity high at any time of the year.

Colares is the smallest still-wine producing region in Portugal. The winery was founded in 1931, but the building dates back to the 19th century. On the inside you'll find wooden barrels, casks, and vats maturing and aging more than 1 million liters of wine. It breathes that vintage feel. A secular winery atmosphere providing a truly genuine experience of a wine tour in Europe. Here you will taste “temperamental wines from the Old World” as the Adega itself describes it.

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Now it's time to book now your dream vacations. Yes, book it well in advance while the best places are still available. So you can enjoy the most of your Summer!  

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