Winery of the Week: Quinta do Vesúvio

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Immersed in a tapestry of history, fascination, and recollections of bygone harvests, Quinta do Vesúvio stands as one of the grandest properties in the Douro Superior, celebrated for its wines that have achieved a legendary status globally. Functioning as a dynamic estate, Quinta do Vesúvio is equipped with a devoted viticultural team and a time-honored winery that springs into action with each harvest. Moreover, it serves as the cherished abode of the Symington family.

Winery of the Week Quinta do Vesúvio

A curated tasting awaits you amidst the barrels in the historic winery, featuring the finest Douro DOC wines and Vintage Ports from Vesúvio. Following this, savor a traditional Douro lunch on the house's balcony, offering panoramic views of the river. This is a unique chance to indulge in the rich history and exquisite wines of Quinta do Vesúvio.

Winery of the Week uinta do Vesúvio

Experience an exclusive opportunity as we open the doors for private day visits to this extraordinary Quinta, guided by a dedicated expert. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the estate house and chapel, explore the winery where grapes are traditionally foot-trodden in granite lagares, and traverse the scenic vineyards that sprawl across seven hills.

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Operated by the 4th and 5th generations, the family business is deeply entrenched in a dedication to the people of Portugal, the surrounding nature, and the artistry of its wines. Managing a portfolio of 26 estates nestled in the Douro Valley, encompassing a vast expanse of 2,255 hectares, with 1,024 hectares dedicated to vineyards, the Symington family assumes a substantial responsibility as the largest vineyard owner in the region.


Quinta de Vesúvio, a spectacular estate under the ownership of the Symington family since 1989, stands as one of the premier properties in the Douro region. Encompassing a total of 326 hectares, with 133 hectares dedicated to vine cultivation, the estate boasts a diverse array of microclimates. The contrasting elevations, spanning from 100 to 496 meters, coupled with low yields and limited rainfall, contribute to the creation of wines with unparalleled structure, complexity, and exceptional aging potential.

vesúvio experiences

Quinta do Vesúvio has been a distinguished producer of exceptional wines since the 19th century, solidifying its prestige over the years. The estate proudly upholds the time-honored practice of "foot treading," a method employed since 1827 in granite lagares. Remarkably, Quinta do Vesúvio stands as one of the last properties in the Alto Douro to maintain this traditional approach, particularly in the crafting of its renowned Vintage Port.


Beyond its acclaimed Ports, Quinta do Vesúvio expanded its offerings by introducing its first DOC wines, namely Quinta do Vesúvio and Pombal do Vesúvio, in 2007. These wines swiftly garnered international acclaim, further enhancing the estate's reputation.

Situated in the Douro, Quinta do Vesúvio distinguishes itself with captivating and unforgettable beauty, surpassing the charm found in any other part of the region.

Experiences to enjoy at Quinta do Vesúvio 

Quinta do Vesúvio - Exclusive Experience

  • Private Experience;
  • Jeep ride through the vineyards;
  • Guided visit to the centenary wine cellar;
  • Tasting of DOC Douro wines and Vintage Ports;
  • Regional lunch on the terrace;

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