19 Best Restaurants with a Tasting Menu in Portugal - Part II

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This is the second part of "19 Best Restaurants with a Tasting Menu in Portugal". In the first part, you have learned about some of the best restaurants in the north and center of Portugal, in which the incredible food and delicious wines have the same importance during the development of each meal. Let's keep unveiling this incredible journey of flavors and wine through Alentejo and Algarve.


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Herdade do Esporão - Alentejo

Herdade do Esporão

Herdade do Esporão restaurant is based on the simplicity of the flavors, the seasonality, and the freshness of the ingredients. The restaurant proposes a unique cuisine, in harmony with nature, combining modernity and tradition. In fact, in this restaurant, you will get the chance to enjoy in each dish the ancestral roots of Alentejo's gastronomy that are mixed with a contemporary approach. Since 2018, the restaurant has had a new approach and philosophy, where less is based on the author's cuisine. Moreover, the kitchen is led by three amazing chefs, are Carlos Teixeira, Bruno Caseiro, and Filipa Gonçalves. Of course, let's not forget that while enjoying these incredible dishes you will also enjoy during the meal the famed wines of Herdade do Esporão.


Herdade do Grous - Alentejo

Herdade dos Grous

The Herdade dos Grous Restaurant is a fantastic place with a spectacular terrace that offers a fantastic panoramic view over the property and the vineyards, since it sits on a lake, in the rolling terrain of Alentejo, near the village of Albernoa (south of Beja). Plus the interiors consist of rustic wood furniture, on terra cotta tile floors that consist of the traditional decor of the Portuguese Quintas, but there are also very elegant details, in the décor with sparkling crystal that will offer you an elegant dining experience. Chef Rui Prado is in charge of the kitchen and he thrives to serve typical Alentejo food with a gourmet touch, that is prepared with locally produced and farm-grown produce and of course all paired with the award-winning wines from the winery


L'and Vineyards - Alentejo

L'And Vineyards

L’and Vineyards is an incredible Restaurant with a contemporary design. Idealized by the Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan, the recessed shelves of its interiors are sculpted into the back wall, allowing for the display of decorative items as well as a showcase for the fantastic bottles of L’And wines served at this space. You will also notice that there is an abundance of chromatic glass lamps in bronze, silver, and gold, in which, this lighting concept is as much an art installation piece as it is a functional lighting solution. Further, while enjoying the dishes of this restaurant you will enjoy influences from Norway, where Chef José Tapadejo has been, but also the Alentejo in all its fullness. Besides this, every dish will be carefully paired with the L'And wines and other premium wines from an extensive wine list, since its sommelier enjoys surprise in each and every proposal of the menu, making this gastronomic experience to be as completed as possible.


Divinus, Convento do Espinheiro - Alentejo

Divinus Restaurant

Divinus restaurant is located in the old winery of Quinta do Espinheiro used by the monks who inhabited the convent. This restaurant offers an incredible Mediterranean cuisine with flavors of Alentejo, and the atmosphere of the space is refined and elegant. Besides this, the wine tasting takes place in the Cistern Wine Bar, a cistern dating from the 15th century, where is possible to taste several wines from the Alentejo, suggested by the Sommelier of Convento do Espinheiro. Enjoy this gastronomic experience full of history, flavourous, and delicious wine.


Basilii, Torre de Palma - Alentejo

Basili Restaurant

At Basilii Restaurant at the Torre de Palma Wine Hotel, the Alentejo's gastronomy has gained a  touch of modernity mixes with a sophisticated representation. At the helm of this amazing restaurant is Chef Filipe Ramalho who invites to taste a cuisine that pays homage to the region in a space whose name refers to the aromatic basil herb (or basil). Space has an elegant and modern decoration adorned with design objects, Nordic furniture, and antique pieces, plus Basilii's menu always follows the rhythm of the seasons and the surrounding nature, guaranteeing the freshness and quality of its ingredients. This is guaranteed by working with local, fresh and seasonal produce, and of course, the hotel has an organic garden, where vegetables and aromatic herbs grow in abundance, which was specially created to supply Basilii's kitchen. Moreover, the new menu is completed by a wonderful tasting in an interactive format, which includes a visit to the winery and is complemented by delicacies of the Alentejo region.


Herdade da Malhadinha Nova - Alentejo

Herdade da Malhadinha Nova

The Malhadinha Restaurant - Wine & Gourmet is integrated into the winery building. The space offers a selection of exquisite dishes with irresistible flavors and aromas, which is privileges the earth's products in modern interpretations to accompany the excellent and amazing wines of the estate. The space has a modern environment and design furniture and the kitchen is led by Michelin star Chef Joachim Koerper in collaboration with Resident Chef Rodrigo Madeira and traditional cook Vitalina Santos.


Degust'ar, M'ar de Ar - Alentejo


The restaurant Degust'Ar, present at the M'Ar de Ar Aqueduto hotel, is a marvelous space decorated by the Dutch cabinet Riviera Maison, revealing itself as a modern and intimate space with allusive details. António Nobre is the chef responsible and he contributes with his imagination and art to the dissemination of Alentejo cuisine, exploring with mastery all the aromas and products of the region, besides the restaurant incorporates a reception area with a bar and a wine cellar with numerous references of the many spectacular wines of Portugal. The atmosphere of Degust'Ar is sophisticated, comfortable, and intimate. 


Ocean, Vila Vita Parc - Algarve

Ocean Restaurant

The Ocean restaurant is a fine-dining restaurant that is inserted in the luxury hotel Vila Vita Parc. While enjoying the meal in this restaurant you will also be presented with a magnificent view of the ocean. In an elegant and caring environment, where you will live memorable gastronomic experiences, based on appealing gourmet menus prepared every week, to which is added a remarkable and unique selection of wines. The restaurant was awarded two Michelin stars (2012) and the kitchen is led by the Chef, Hans Neuner.

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