Top 3 best gifts for Wine lovers

Posted by: Marisa Leitão

Post Date 29-Nov-2019 14:00:00

Christmas 2019 is coming fast in our direction. It is a moment of sharing and we selected some gifts that will make you look good and without any effort. These are the top 3 gifts for wine lovers. 

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1 - The not so classic bottle of wine

Wine lovers love… Wine. Yes, a bit uninspired. Although Portuguese wines are! Portuguese wines are some of the most inspired and awarded wines in the world.

Bold personality wines made using the perfect mix of traditional methods and the best modern science. Portuguese wines are singular in its varietals making it a pleasure for the avid explorer wine lover.

This year instead of a bottle of wine offer a wine tasting experience! Wine pairing with cheese, chocolate, roasted almonds, and all things lavishly delicious.

For a solid classic Christmas wine tasting, go for the world-famous Port wine tastings. 

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2 - A Wine Cruise as seen on the best movies

Already in high demand for Spring 2020, a private cruise in Douro Valley is the perfect way to say you care. It is the perfect recipe for any wine lover’s happiness. A private cruise in Douro River will be sailing in a      2-hour cruise experience along the Douro Valley.

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3 - Picnic in the vineyards for that special someone 

Immerse yourself in the magnificent scenery and the best food and wine in Europe. Douro Valley Picnic in the vineyards season is open! Well… It will be in Spring and Summer 2020.

Picnic in the vineyards are a must for wine lovers, spread your checkered blanket open the picnic basket and enjoy the view.  Alert: Inside your basket, delicious food and wine might be found in a perfect pairing. Savor at will.

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Plan and Book well in advance

These are just a few travel gift ideas to inspire and help you make your loved one's Christmas even more special. If you'd like to add a personal touch, you can also customize your gift and create an absolutely perfect and unique present. If you need help to create additional ideas, contact us. 

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Marisa Leitão

Written by: Marisa Leitão

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