6 Awesome Reasons to Visit Portugal

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Are you planning on visiting Portugal anytime soon? If you're not, you should. And we are about to give 6 reasons to visit Portugal this summer. If you already have your ticket, read on. Maybe you'll find some things to do in Portugal that you weren't aware of. If you are still deciding where to go this summer, come and discover the amazing diversity of experiences Portugal has to offer.

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1. Discover breathtaking landscapes

From castles on top of high mountains to beautiful gardens and parks, from an endless coastline to secluded beaches between the rocks, Portugal landscapes of infinite beauty will take your breath away.

2. Get lost in the vineyards

Portugal is one of the most famous wine destinations in the world. From north to south we find different wine landscapes from vines on the slope of a hill in Douro to plane fields of vineyards in Alentejo.

reasons to visit portugal, douro vineyards, quinta das carvalhas

3. Go outside and enjoy nature and outdoor activities

Portugal offers countless outdoor activities. From surfing in some of the best waves in the world to hiking in the wild or golfing in the lush green golf fields, Portugal is perfect for the wellness seeker.

best beaches in portugal

4. Discover great cities with busy nightlife and shops

For those who enjoy the city movement, Portuguese cities offer a wide range of sightseeing opportunities where visitors can experience and feel the true culture and heritage of the country. Lisbon and Porto were considered some of the best capitals to visit in Europe and are getting more and more museums, modern cuisine restaurants, luxury shops, boutique and design hotels.

5. Taste the delicious Portuguese food

It is impossible to talk about Portugal without mentioning Portuguese food. Its gastronomic panorama is growing and becoming more and more important worldwide. Portuguese and foreign chefs are taking over Portuguese cuisine, using regional and local ingredients and flavours to reinvent Portuguese food.

portuguese food, best restaurants in portugal

6. Enjoy the sunny and warm weather

Weather in Portugal is among the many things we can brag about. For most of the year temperatures are mild and smooth making Portugal a perfect travel destination anytime of the year.

Portugal’s mild, year-round climate, along with its historical attractions, cultural heritage, new and classic museums and  fresh wine regions make Portugal a memorable place for travellers to explore. Can you think of more reasons to visit Portugal? Share them with us!

If you want to visit Portugal but you are not sure where to start or what to do and visit, we can suggest you a custom tour according to your exact preferences! Just check the link below:


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