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The harvest is one of the most awaited moments in Portugal's wine-growing regions, for farmers and visitors alike. Take a look at our programs below and enjoy a day harvesting grapes in our vineyards in Douro or Lisbon.

Quinta da Pacheca; Harvest in Douro;

September and October are the months for the vindima, the Portuguese word for the grape harvest. The exact date of the grape harvest though is decided year by year, depending on the weather and changes drastically from one vineyard to another. In both the Douro Valley and Lisbon Wine Region it's set to start next week and the country’s winemakers are delighted.

But it isn't just for local farmers. It is one of the most popular experiences among visitors as well, who long to take part in this traditional event. Wineries throughout the country open their doors and welcome an enthusiastic workforce of wine lovers and enthusiasts. Here are our programs for Harvest 2018, along with some tour suggestions that pair well with the season.

Grape Stomping at Quinta da Pacheca - from €30 per person 

Located near Port wine town and cruise center of Peso da Régua, Quinta da Pacheca is one of the oldest and most traditional estates in the Douro Valley, dubbed as one of the first properties to bottle wine under its own label.

Their harvest program is well-known among wine enthusiasts and offers 2 different options. One is a shorter duration program, which includes a visit to the estate - available in Portuguese, English, French, and German -, followed by a wine tasting and fun stomping session. There's also the possibility of extending the program and have dinner at the property at the end of the day. The dinner buffet includes some well-known Portuguese staples such as the much appreciated Cod Fritters, Regional Charcuterie and Cheeses, and different cuts of meat.

They also offer a full-day experience complete with grape picking, traditional harvest lunch, and grape stomping. Available from mid-September until the end of the month it will book fast.

 Hot tip

Many of those who visit the valley, pair it with a city break in Porto, the nearest big city. Our three-day tour in the Douro Valley - starting at €325 per person - would be a great compliment to your travel plans, allowing you to explore an entirely different region in a short period of time.

If you're looking for a longer duration tour that combines both locations, our 7-day tour in Douro and Porto will give you the opportunity to explore both places in one sitting. The journey upriver is absolutely jaw-dropping, and it only gets better as you head further into the countryside. While there, you'll have the opportunity to visit many of the region's famous wine-producing estates, dine at Michelin-starred restaurants, and spend the night at the best of the best.

Quinta da Pacheca; Harvst Experience; Douro Harvest

Day in the Vineyards at Quinta do Vallado  - from €75 per person 

Established in 1716, Quinta do Vallado is one of the oldest wine-producing estates in the region and encompasses 158 acres, some with vines more than 70 years old. Their regular tours run twice a day – morning and afternoon - in both Portuguese and English and include 5 wines or more, which allows you to try a comprehensive portfolio of wines, from tawnies to reserve and vintage Ports as well.

Starting in early September, their harvest program is available both in the morning and early afternoon. The first option starts right at 10:30 AM with a light breakfast and a short briefing on the day ahead. You'll then be handed your "harvest kit" - which includes scissors, a bucket, a hat, and a t-shirt - and head out to the vineyards. For one hour you'll be out in the vineyards enjoying the fresh air and working along with the others. The good news is you could hardly wish for a better view!

After that, you'll take a tour of the property's ultramodern winery and cellar, followed by a wine tasting session and grape stomping experience. At last, you'll enjoy a traditional harvest lunch.

The second option starts at 12:00 PM with a tour of the winery, followed by a wine tasting, grape stomping session, lunch, grape picking, and finally a nice regional snack at around 05:00 PM.

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If you'd like to extend your stay in the region, take a look at our 3-day tour with a river cruise or even our 5-day tour which won't leave any stone unturned. You'll have the opportunity to stay at the best hotels, visit the most emblematic wineries and restaurants in the area while crossing some things off your bucket list on the way.


Quinta do Vallado; Harvest in Douro

Traditional Harvest Day at Quinta das Carvalhas  - from €85 per person

Located in the picturesque town of Pinhão, Quinta das Carvalhas is the biggest vineyard in the Douro Region, situated on a privileged position overlooking the river. The town is one of the most visited in the region and makes a fine base for exploring the many surrounding vineyards.

Their one-day harvest experience is available on Saturdays only - from late September to mid-October - and is one of the most exciting and unforgettable experiences in the valley. It includes a visit to the beautiful Quinta das Carvalhas, along with the traditional grape picking and stomping that make the harvest such a fun experience for visitors. Lunch is also included - paired with in-house wines, of course - as well a visit to nearby Quinta do Casal da Granja, where you'll stop by at the amazing winery and sorting table for a unique experience.

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With our 2-day getaway in the Douro Valley, we can help you plan the perfect weekend in the region and make the most out of a short break there. Two days in the Douro can only ever be a teaser of what it has to offer, but there's still plenty you can do. 

If you're looking for something different, we’d be happy to tailor-make you a trip from scratch. Tell us your plan and we'll do the rest!

Custom trips, as opposed to off-the-shelf programs, are only limited by your imagination. No one better than you knows what you want, but our staff has the experience and knowledge to show what is available and what is possible.

You can tick off your must-do experiences in the space of one trip by booking with us. You'll work with one dedicated consultant, who will not only take the time to listen to your requests but also discuss different options with you.

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