How to Plan a Short Break in the Douro Region

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Douro is Portugal's most famous and one of the oldest wine region in the world, and when it comes to wine tourism, it doesn't need much of an introduction. Summer is usually better for long stays but autumn and winter are the perfect seasons for a relaxing short break.

Short Break in the Douro Region

Travelling is one of the best things in life but sometimes planning a trip can get tiresome. If you don't want to spend hours, or even days, in front of the computer searching for the right escape, relax, grab a glass of wine and sit back while we present you with some great suggestions.

One Day Short Break in Douro

This suggestion is perfect to combine with a visit to the best European destination 2019, the city of Porto. On a one day trip, you get a glimpse of what makes the Douro wine region so great.  On this tour, you get a Private Driver to pick you up in a deluxe vehicle Mercedes at the lobby of your hotel in Porto to take you to the Douro Valley. It also includes a visit to one of the oldest wine estates in Douro, the Quinta da PachecaAfter the wine experience you will enjoy lunch at the The Wine House Hotel, with a little touch of luxury This is a warm and relaxing place with a view over the Douro and the vine terraces, completed by the comfort of typical fireplace. Sounds good, doesn't it? 

Right after lunch, you will be visiting Quinta do Crasto, which is located on the right bank of the Douro river. This  guided tour to Quinta do Crasto, includes a tour to the vineyards, to the cellar and barrels warehouse where Premium table wine and Port wines are ageing. After the visit, there is a tasting of 5 wines presented by an representative of Quinta do Crasto. 

To complete this amazing day, you will be taken to enjoy a relaxing moment with a sailing cruise in the Douro River, while you taste Porto wine. Do you need any more convincing? You can know more and book this short break in the Douro region by clicking this link.

Short Breaks in Douro - One Day


Two Day Short Break in Douro

On this two day getaway suggestion, you'll be able to enjoy some of the most beautiful and unique landscapes in the world.

This tour starts in the afternoon at the famous wine estate, Quinta Nova Nossa Senhora do Carmo, one of the oldest wineries in the Douro region, producing Port wine for the estate and for many other plots of farmers and neighbouring estates, given its large size, where you will be taken on a wine tour through the property.  After a pedestrian circuit with 3 different routes through the wine estate, you will enjoy dinner at Conceitus restaurant, where the menu appeals to the senses and emotions, in a relaxed and curious way. 

Two Day Short Break in Douro - Conceitus Restaurant

 You'll be staying at Delfim Douro Hotel, one of the best located hotels, on top of a mountain with panoramic views, for those who want to discover the Douro region.

Two Day Short Break in Douro - Delfim Douro Hotel

 On the second day, right after breakfast, you'll discover Quinta do Vallado, on the other side of the river. For nearly 200 years the Quinta do Vallado was primarily engaged in the production of Port wine, subsequently marketed by Casas Ferreira. Here, a wine tour will take you through the winery and wine cellar and conclude with the wine tasting. You can know more and book this two-day short break in the Douro region by clicking this link.

Two Day Short Break in Douro - Quinta do Vallado

Three Day Short Break in Douro

If you wish to enjoy a little bit more of what the Douro region has to offer, then this three-day short break is for you.

It starts with your pick up at your hotel or Porto airport that takes you directly across the stunning Douro Valley to Quinta da Pacheca restaurant for a different experience. Here you will have a Cooking Workshop, assisted by the Chef of Pacheca Wine House Hotel. Learn and taste the richness of the entrances and tidbits of Portuguese gastronomy while interacting with the Chef and conclude with the tasting of the dishes you have just prepared. During the afternoon you will be guided through the Quinta da Pacheca, while you learn about its history, the vinification processes, the vines, the old winery and the wine cellar, ending with a wine tasting. That night you will be staying at a Wine Hotel or a Luxury Resort, you can choose from the options available.

Three Day Short Break in Douro - Quinta da Pacheca

On the second day, you will wake up to the beautiful landscape of the Douro Valley and recharge your batteries with a fantastic breakfast in the Hotel. Your private driver/guide will take you to two of the most important Quintas in the Douro Valley, Quinta do Crasto and Quinta Nova. At the first winery you will enjoy a wine tour through the estate, concluded with lunch at Conceitus Restaurant, which presents you with a great view over the valley. 

In the afternoon, you will discover the second winery, Quinta Nova, "one of the 9 must-see wineries in the world", according to American Airlines. Quinta Nova Nossa Senhora do Carmo is a place of extreme beauty in the heart of the Douro. Here, you will also enjoy a guided wine tour through the vines, winery dated from 1764 and the underground cellar. The visit ends with a tasting of 3 wines at the wine Shop.

Three Day Short Break in Douro - Quinta Nova

On the third and final day, your drive you'll take to Pinhão, right after breakfast at the hotel. Once there, will have the opportunity to visit the "crown jewel" of Real Companhia Velha, the largest Quinta in the Douro region - Quinta das Carvalhas. A property of immense beauty and grandiosity whose oldest written reference date back to 1759. This is one of the most emblematic Douro properties and it is considered by many the "Douro image" because it allows a view of the territory and of the most beautiful Douro has to show. Nowhere else you can see so much in so little time. The mountain of Carvalhas, at 550 meters of altitude and from where you can enjoy a landscape in 360 degrees, is the site of "excellence" for the observation of the property and Douro. 

Three Day Short Break in Douro - Quinta das Carvalhas

To conclude your short break, right after a free lunch, you will enjoy a magnificent exclusive cruise on the Douro River. The Libertu's sailboat provides a unique experience with moments of intimacy with nature as it travels through history to the times when the Rabelo boats moved through the force of the sails. You can know more and book this three-day short break in the Douro region by clicking this link.

Three Day Short Break in Douro - Douro River Cruise

Portugal, despite is small size, offers an immense variety of travel possibilities. If you wish to know more suggestions for short breaks in Portugal, access our Travel and Wine blog where you can find advices, reviews, and vacation options for all travelers. 

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