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Elegant and unspoiled, Alentejo is an ideal destination for lovers of culture, wine, and cuisine. From day trips to week-long tours, follow us along Alentejo Wine Routes and their many wineries.

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This sun-baked land deserves far more attention than it gets. After all, this region was considered "the best wine region in the world to visit," by the newspaper USA Today, as well as named "the new Tuscany" by The New York Times.

Alentejo's slow-paced vibe is a big draw for visitors seeking to unwind. Away from the busy coastal resorts, it's a timeless, uncrowded, wildly beautiful place, and has confidently taken its place as an area of outstanding wine production. 

Upper Alentejo Region and Évora

Situated within one hour's drive from the capital, Alentejo seems a million miles away from the hectic hubbub of Lisbon. If you find yourself looking for a tour with a wine-loving twist, our tours in Alentejo are great options right at the doorstep of the capital city.

If you are spending the week or even if you don't have that much time, you can still enjoy the wonders of the Alentejo wine region. Why not take a one-day tour directly from Lisbon and get a glimpse into what this wonderful region has to offer? Or maybe you are willing to fully enjoy the pleasures of the Alentejo, taking time to dive into the culture and heritage of Portugal in an 8-day or a 6-day tour. 

Our tours start with a pick-up in Central Lisbon, and all the way to the end of the tour, a private driver will drive you and guide you around, allowing you to quickly move around, especially in the mainly rural, sparsely populated area of Alentejo. There are some off-the-shelf tours that will guide you through the musts and bespoke places and experiences, but there is another lovely way to discover the region: booking a custom tour.

A custom tour will include the emblematic places and experiences that best suit your tastes and will make you finally cross things off your travel bucket list. If you don't know Alentejo, we might have some suggestions that will amaze you. What will you find in the so-called Tuscany of Portugal? Our team will always be available to plan and book the perfect vacations in Portugal. Here are some unmissable places that you can mix and match with the help of our travel consultants. 

Mix and Match the bespoke options with the help of our Travel Consultants

Ride through glorious countryside to Herdade do Esporão for a visit and delicious lunch. This is a family-owned winery originally founded in 1267, which includes vines, olive trees, a beautiful water reservoir, as well as archaeological monuments, and an in-house museum. Esporão has several different brands within their portfolio - from wines to olive oils - all available to taste and buy (and splurge) at the wine cellar shop. At the restaurant, with amazing views over the water reservoir, there are two tasting menus with the option of wine pairing.

In the Upper Alentejo Region, we may also suggest João Portugal Ramos and the beautiful Adega Vila Santa. Five minutes west of the beautiful town of Estremoz, it offers several different wine-tasting experiences, as well as a handful of lunch programs available for two or more people. All of them include a tour of the winery and cellars and the lunch menu varies from one to the other, but it is always rooted in the flavorful Alentejo cuisine. If you're looking for something special go with the cooking workshop or spend the day with the winemaker.


The off-the-shelf tours: How long are you planning to stay?

What if you head to the picturesque village of Arraiolos?

Famed for its exquisite handwoven rugs and miniature clay village "Aldeia da Terra". Nearby Monte da Ravasqueira is just one of the many traditional wineries that have opened their doors to curious wine enthusiasts. Enjoy a tour of the vineyards and wine-producing facilities, followed by a visit to the spectacular private carriage collection. Combine it with a tour to the bespoke Adega da Cartuxa and this will be the perfect one-day tour in Alentejo. Adega da Cartuxa is world-famous and beloved overseas for its wines.

The Cartuxa winery's history back to 1540 when it was founded by Ignacius of Loyola, who later became a saint. The winery and the wine state have a long interesting history deeply connected to the main figures that developed the country throughout the centuries, and it is ready to be discovered and tasted on site. The Cartuxa Convent is also recognized as one of the best and the most particular accommodations to stay in Alentejo. In this day tour you will tour the Adega da Cartuxa and taste delicious regional products along with a wine tasting experience.

Monte da Ravasqueira; ALentejo Wine Route

With a few more days in the Alentejo Region, you'll be able to further explore this region and visit some of the many picturesque hilltop towns, such as Marvão, Elvas, Vila Viçosa, and Monsaraz.

In our 3-day all-inclusive tour in Alentejo, we've rounded up the region's top restaurants, wineries, and places to stay. 

You'll spend the first night at the exclusive wine resort L'AND Vineyards where you'll have dinner at the modern in-house restaurant, that has been since 2014 on and off a Michelin Star restaurant. before snuggling into bed, right under the stars - quite literally, as you'll have a skylight window right above your head. 

You'll start the following day with a visit to nearby Monte da Ravasqueira and Adega da CartuxaWhile there, you will have the opportunity to taste some of its best wines - as well as sample some olive oil - paired with charcuterie, cheeses, and locally produced jams.

In the afternoon, you'll discover Évora city center - a UNESCO Heritage site and Alentejo's main city and university town. You'll spend the night at local Convento do Espinheiro - a Luxury Collection Hotel & Spa awarded first place among the best resort hotels in Spain and Portugal, according to T + L's readers in 2017. 

On your third day, and before returning to Lisbon, you'll head further south to Herdade do Esporão, near the beautiful medieval town of Monsaraz.

Read more about Alentejo's bespoke wineries, and discover now the most emblematic places.

Restaurante Esporão; Herdade do Esporão Alentejo Wine; Alentejo Tour

Lower Alentejo Region and Beja

This big fertile region - a third of the country by area - is traditionally divided into two different areas: Upper and Lower Alentejo, of which Beja is the capital. Wheat fields alternate with vineyards, olive groves, and forests of cork oak - after all, Alentejo is the largest producer of cork in the world. The attractions lie further apart and can be difficult to see without a car.

Our 6-day private tour in the Alentejo Region will allow you to travel further south, to this beautiful area. Known for its well-preserved medieval castle, Beja is Alentejo's second city and a great base for exploring the region. It is especially popular among those heading south to the Algarve, often making their way from Lisbon to the southern coastal towns, stopping at some villages and wineries along the way.

On this tour, you'll make your way down to the beautiful Herdade do Sobroso homestead, where you'll spend a few nights and amazing days exploring the property, and the sprawling vineyard and indulge in some of the excellent wines and foods made on-site. There's also a wine-tasting course, perfect for anyone with an interest in wine, which will allow you to learn about big-picture concepts over some very fine wine.

The Alqueva Reservoir is a short 10-minute drive away. Located on the border of Portugal and Spain, it's the biggest man-made lake in Europe and the views are absolutely breathtaking. Water sports are also available and make for a fun adventure.

Discover the 6-Day Luxury Tour in Alentejo

Herdade dos Grous; Alentejo Tour; Alentejo Wine

With our 6-day tour in Alentejo, you'll have an extra day to explore the region and visit a few more wineries and locations in the area. 

The wild and remote beauty of nearby Herdade de Malhadinha Nova’s luxury retreat down south in Alentejo’s Beja region is perfect for those looking for a secluded hideaway. Led by Michelin-starred chef Joachim Koerper, Malhadinha restaurant offers seasonal menus inspired by the Alentejo cuisine, made with locally grown and fresh ingredients.

Fifteen minutes away is the charming country estate Herdade dos Grous. This beautifully secluded country estate spreads across over 1700 acres of gardens, olive groves, and vineyards. Enjoy a carefully prepared meal at the in-house restaurant accompanied by quality wines. Grous also offers guided tours of the producing facilities followed by a wine tasting session, as well as the opportunity to spend the day with the in-house enologist where you'll learn about winemaking and viticulture.

If you're in search of inspiration, these pre-made tours can give you an idea of what the options are and how they would work out - logistically and budget-wise. But, if you can't find what you're looking for, bear in mind that we can customize any of our tours to your taste and add any experience you'd like to include. 

Herdade da Malhadinha Nova; Alentejo Tour

These are ready-to-book tours, designed to be enjoyed off-the-rack. However, if you're looking for something different, we’d be happy to tailor-make you a trip from scratch.

Custom trips, as opposed to off-the-shelf programs, are only limited by your imagination. No one better than you know what you want, but our staff has the experience and knowledge to show what is available and what is possible.

You can tick off your must-do experiences in the space of one trip by booking with us. You'll work with one dedicated consultant, who will not only take the time to listen to your requests but also discuss different options with you.

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