The Best Wineries for a Unique Experience in Portugal

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Every year we try to collect the most desirable and hottest places in the country, to increase your travel hunger. This year, after postponed trips and dreams on hold, it's finally time to buy your trip to Portugal! Today we bring you the 2022 Hot List of wineries in Portugal, and it is here that we will present a compilation of the most unmissable places in the country. 


Caves Ferreira

The Best Wineries for a Unique Experience in Portugal

At Caves Ferreira, you travel back to the origins of the Portuguese tradition. In this cellar, you will learn more about the history of Port wine and the Douro region and discover one of its most iconic figures - Dona Antónia Adelaide Ferreira. The tour includes tastings of some of the best Douro wines and visits to the Old Bar, an iconic tasting room that dates back to the 19th century. More wine tastings at Caves Ferreira.

Caves Sandeman

The Best Wineries for a Unique Experience in Portugal

Caves Sandeman is located in Vila Nova de Gaia, in an 1811 granite building overlooking the river and facing Porto's historic center. In this tour, you will discover more about Sandeman wine tradition and the aging process, and you will have the opportunity to taste some Ruby and Tawny wines in the contemporary room or in a private room where you can also admire our antique bottle collection. More wine tasting at Caves Sandeman.

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Real Companhia Velha

The Best Wineries for a Unique Experience in Portugal© Real Companhia Velha

Real Companhia Velha is probably the most original wine tasting tour in Porto. With a century-old tradition and the most important role in the history of Port wine, the guided tour of the centennial cellar of Real Companhia Velha begins with a video that portrays the process of Port wine-making in the Company. The tour continues across the main aging warehouse to the "Vintage Museum" and ends with a tasting of Port wines of exceptional quality. Take a look at all the available Port wine tastings at Real Companhia Velha.

Espaço Porto Cruz

The Best Wineries for a Unique Experience in Portugal© Espaço Porto Cruz

Espaço Porto Cruz offers much more than a wine tasting tour - it is an experience all in itself. Designed as a place for information, exhibitions, and leisure, it offers new experiences around Port wine combining it with artistic creations in areas such as fashion, art, and gastronomy. The tours at Espaço Porto Cruz include wine tastings and visits to the multimedia center, chocolate workshops, and chocolate and cheese tastings. Moreover, you will enjoy the best sunset view over Porto historical center and the beautiful Douro River from the Porto Cruz terrace. Check all the wine tasting tours at espaço Porto Cruz

Churchill's Wine Cellar 

The Best Wineries for a Unique Experience in Portugal© Churchill's Port Instagram

Churchill's is a Port Wine Cellar in Vila Nova de Gaia, known for its elegance and style, serving as a backdrop for the best Churchill's has to offer - its wines. For those keen to enhance their knowledge of the Douro Region and the history of Churchill’s, the visitor center provides a perfect platform. Here you can also enjoy tailor-made tastings of Churchill's the Douro and Port Wine and Port in the Tasting Room, which has a spectacular view of the Douro River.

Caves Cálem

The Best Wineries for a Unique Experience in Portugal

Caves Cálem at Gaia waterfront is one of the most famous and most visited cellars for wine tours in Porto. Visits to Caves Cálem include a guided tour to the cellar and its ancient traditions, followed by a tasting of Port wine - white and special reserve. On this tour, you can also enjoy another wonder of the Portuguese culture - a fado concert - which will grant you a different and pleasant evening with two of the greatest icons of the Portuguese culture: wine and fado

Caves Burmester

The Best Wineries for a Unique Experience in Portugal

The Burmester Museum and Wine Cellar are built in a privileged place overlooking the Douro River and the historic Luis I Bridge. It was created with the clear ambition of making the history of the brand Burmester known to the public. The tours at Caves Burmester include a guided visit to the Cellar Museum, where you can learn about the peculiarities of Port Wine, and ends with tastings of three excellent Port wines paired with the best chocolates

Caves Graham’s

The Best Wineries for a Unique Experience in Portugal

Graham's port lodge and tasting room is an impressive location, with high ceilings and big windows through which the lodge’s stunning view of the city can be fully appreciated. Here you can relish the range of Ports available to taste, while your expert guide talks you through your wines. Graham’s has a wide range of different tasting options, from Classic to Premium, Vintage, and Tawny Ports. It is an unparalleled tasting experience! If you wish to learn more about Graham's, you can book a tasting in the private Vintage Room. With its quiet atmosphere and professional tasting conditions, you can relax in an armchair with a glass of fine Vintage Port or a rare Single Harvest Aged Tawny, which will make for a memorable experience.

Caves Taylor's

The Best Wineries for a Unique Experience in Portugal

Taylor's port wine cellars and lodges stand on a commanding ridge across the Douro River from Porto, affording outstanding views of the city, which has also a fantastic modern museum circuit. The story of the brand and port is told through an audio-guided visit available in eight languages that includes an array of educational films, images, and exhibits about the Douro Valley and the work in the wineries. The visitor is allowed to choose from a range of port tastings including a choice of many different Tawny or Vintage Ports, accompanied by classic pairings such as roasted almonds, cheese, and chocolate. The visitor has also the option to take a masterclass led by in-house wine professionals where they'll learn about vintage or a tawny port. 

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Quinta da Pacheca

The Best Wineries for a Unique Experience in Portugal© Quinta da Pacheca

Quinta da Pacheca is one of the oldest estates in the Douro with unforgettable experiences, such as a winery-guided tour, wine tastingfood tasting with chocolate and regional products, and wine courses, among others.
The first reference to the Quinta is in a document dated the 17th April of 1738, where it is called "the Pacheca" because its owner was then D. Mariana Pacheco Pereira. But it was only in 1903 that D. José Freire de Serpa Pimentel decided to develop his growing interest in enology, acquiring the property to devote himself to the wine production. In June 2012, the majority of the capital was acquired by Maria do Céus Gonçalves and Paulo Pereira, a Portuguese entrepreneur based in France. The Quinta became part of a modern, consistent, and dynamic business group, opening up to new development and an incredible cycle.

Quinta da Roêda

The Best Wineries for a Unique Experience in Portugal©Aniek van Heeren via Croft Port's Instagram

Founded in 1588,  Quinta da Roêda is the oldest firm still active today as a Port wine producer. The company is renowned above all for its Vintage Ports as well as for its range of wood aged reserves and tawnies, time-honored styles refined by skill and experience passed down the generations. Accepted to be one of the finest of the Douro Valley estates, Quinta da Roêda forms a vast sweep of terraced vineyards located near the village of Pinhão. The estate was acquired by Croft in 1889 and was extensively renovated by the firm, with replanting continuing throughout the first half of the 20th century. CROFT PORT is one of the most distinguished of all Port houses. Quinta da Roêda offers unique experiences such as the Picnic Experience, Roeda Experience, and a unique wine tour for all wine lovers.

Quinta das Carvalhas

The Best Wineries for a Unique Experience in Portugal

Quinta das Carvalhas is one of the most emblematic properties in the Douro region and it is considered by many the "Douro image" because it offers unique views over the beautiful Douro landscape. There is nowhere else can you see so much in so little time. The mountain of Carvalhas, at 550 meters of altitude and from where you can enjoy a landscape in 360 degrees, is the site of "excellence" for the observation of the property (and the Douro). Visiting the Quinta das Carvalhas is seeing the Douro from the inside. Here you will find one of the best Douro wine tours, the vintage tour, that takes you on a visit to Quinta das Carvalhas accompanied by an Agricultural Engineer with an explanation of the whole scenario that the Quinta can offer you.  A wine tasting will be offered at the end of the tour that includes a tasting of great wines such as the Douro DOC Red wine, Douro DOC White wine, and Superior Tawny Port Wine.

Quinta de La Rosa

The Best Wineries for a Unique Experience in Portugal

Quinta de La Rosa is located in a family-owned estate in the Demarcated Region of the Douro, with privileged views and location. Quinta de la Rosa has a fantastic and complete refurbishment in its Port and table wine production facilities, in which its major improvements were in the new and unique cellar. There, you can find guided tours to the wine estate, wine tasting experiences, and lunch or dinner.

Quinta do Crasto


Quinta do Crasto offers one of the best views in the Douro region. It's located on the right bank of the Douro river and it has been the family estate of Leonor and Jorge Roquette for over a century. Its origin dates back to the early 17th century as its first known references are from 1615. Quinta do Crasto's current management is betting on the modernization and evolution of the business while respecting the family tradition and values that distinguish Quinta and its wines. One of the greatest distinctions was obtained in 2008. The magazine Wine Spectator, an international benchmark of the sector, distinguished Quinta do Crasto Reserva Vinhas Velhas 2005 as the third-best wine in the world that year. This estate offers you distinguished experiences such as a wine estate guided tour,  a visit to the vineyards, and cellars, port wine tasting, and meals with a stunning view.

Quinta do Panascal

The Best Wineries for a Unique Experience in Portugal

Quinta do Panascal was, in 1992, one of the first properties in the Douro to open its door to visitors. It is located in the charming Távora river valley in the heart of the Douro region and is the most important property of the prestigious company Fonseca named by James Suckling, as the "Bentley" of Port wine. The Fonseca Vintage Port wines are "thoroughbreds”, the result of knowledge and mastery with passion and creativity. As its bicentennial approaches, Fonseca is still known as a company in which Port wines are produced by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Several factors make the Panascal vineyard exceptional and therefore it is a must-see for both Port wine connoisseurs and newcomers. You can access a wide range of wine experiences at Quinta do Panascal, like the audio-tour along the vineyards and the traditional wineries that are considered one of the most original and educational tours in the region, allowing visitors to enjoy the beautiful landscape and the direct contact with the vineyards.

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Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo

The Best Wineries for a Unique Experience in Portugal© Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo

Precisely 250 years ago, the traditional winery Quinta Nova, was harvesting its first grapes. This is one of the oldest wineries in the Douro region, producing Port wine for the estate and many other plots of farmers and neighboring estates. This estate has also a small traditional winery, called the "The Wine Studio". This winery has stainless steel vats and wooden barrels of four and two tons, all with temperature control. Some of the experiences available include wine and food tasting, winemaker for a day, and one day in the harvest.

Quinta do Seixo

The Best Wineries for a Unique Experience in Portugal© Quinta do Seixo

Quinta do Seixo offers a stunningly breathtaking view over the Douro river. It's located in Cima-Corgo, in the heart of the Douro Region, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Following the Douro river from Régua to Pinhão, you can easily discover this old Quinta of the 17th century and its cellar of contemporary design. The view from Quinta do Seixo is breathtaking throughout the year, with a constant change of color and light. A magnificent landscape, shaped by man in shale terraces, a surprising contrast with the brightness of the Douro river and the view of the picturesque village of Pinhão nearby. The vineyard, with over 100 years, is a true heritage of many traditional Douro grape varieties that still resist the hardest conditions and temperatures, producing unique and top-quality wines. Many visitors are attracted by its stunning view but also by its vast experiences provided there. From a picnic in the vineyards, a guided visit to the wine estate, to various wine tasting experiences.

Quinta do Vallado

The Best Wineries for a Unique Experience in Portugal

Quinta do Vallado had a new cellar built-in 2009 that combines the latest technology with a high-quality architecture making this estate one of the places to visit in the Douro Valley.  With high-quality architecture, Quinta do Vallado provides the best conditions for Wine Tourism. During the tour to the cellars, you will get information about all the production processes of Port and Douro Wines of the Quinta. You can try many different wines in the wine tasting experiences available: Moscatel Galego, White Reserve, Rosé, Touriga Nacional, Port Twany 10, and 20 years; among other wine and food experiences.

Quinta de Ventozelo

The Best Wineries for a Unique Experience in Portugal

Quinta de Ventozelo is not just the view of the Douro River, or the neatly aligned vines, that surprise. It is also the stunning, penetrating silence and the unmistakable richness of scents that fill the lungs with every step. The magnitude of what one feels when visiting the farm inspires you to discover this place in depth. Gran Cruz’s strategy since then has been to enhance the property’s huge potential. This not only includes developing the richness and diversity of its wines but also focusing on olive oil and wine/nature tourism. In its total engagement with the Estate and its terroir, the main focus has been to emphasize and preserve its simplicity and authenticity.

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Adega Regional de Colares, Sintra

The Best Wineries for a Unique Experience in Portugal

With its rolling hills and awe-inspiring palaces, the historic resort town of Sintra - 30 minutes outside Lisbon seems to come straight out of a fairy tale. The wine industry is also thriving as a result of the region's unusual wine, born of vineyards that grow in sandy soil on the coast, trained low to avoid the incessant wind that blows off the ocean. Local Adega Regional de Colares offers the opportunity to chat directly with the winemaker about one of the world’s singular wine regions and its wines while enjoying them. 

AdegaMãe, Torres Vedras

The Best Wineries for a Unique Experience in Portugal

About 40 minutes from Lisbon, it is an easy drive along the freeway into gorgeous wine country. AdegaMãe is a young winery, housed in a beautifully designed modern building, impressive in its simplicity and style, that fits in with the scenery and provides stunning views of the vineyards and surrounding hills. This family-run winery provides knowledgeable and enthusiastic tours about the history of the Adega and the process they use for wine-making, as well as a handful of wine tasting experiences.

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Quinta do Gradil, Cadaval

The Best Wineries for a Unique Experience in Portugal

About one hour north of Lisbon is Quinta do Gradil. Dubbed one of the oldest wineries in the area, it once belonged to the family of Marquis of Pombal, the man responsible for rebuilding Lisbon after the devastating 18th-century earthquake. The setting is fabulous, with amazing views of the vineyards. During the tour, you'll learn about the history of the location with a visit to the ruins of the palace and the chapel and sample wines from Quinta Gradil. The in-house restaurant serves a good range of upmarket local cuisine paired with their own wine, served by the bottle or by the glass. There is also a shop on site to stock up on after your visit.

Quinta do Sanguinhal, Bombarral

The Best Wineries for a Unique Experience in Portugal

This traditional wine estate has been in the same family for 4 generations. Located just outside the small town of Bombarral, Quinta do Sanguinhal has a rustic, almost idyllic charm to it. Part of the tour takes place outside in the beautiful gardens leading to the vines. You'll be shown through the barrel room where fortified wines are still made, and the antique distillery before a tasting session in the old pressing room. The tasting features seven wines as well as a selection of regional products - including some heavenly custard tarts -, and you may also combine it with lunch.

Quinta da Bacalhôa, Vila Nogueira de Azeitão 

The Best Wineries for a Unique Experience in Portugal

Travel an hour south of Lisbon and you’ll discover Quinta da Bacalhôa. An innovative winery, palace, and museum, with an astounding collection of contemporary sculptures and African art, Bacalhôa developed over the years a wide range of wines. The property stands on a former royal estate dating back to the 15th century, complete with a formal miniature maze, a large pond, and vines all within its walls. The tour ends with a wine tasting session.

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José Maria da Fonseca Winery, Vila Nogueira de Azeitão

The Best Wineries for a Unique Experience in Portugal

Also not far from the charming village of Azeitão, seek out the original headquarters of the José Maria da Fonseca CompanyThis family-owned company, run by the 6th generation, is the oldest producer of Muscat, the sweet dessert wine, as well as the famous Periquita table wine. The tasting includes a visit to the manor house museum and aging cellars, and at the end, you are brought to the wine shop, where select products can be tasted and bought.



Adega da Cartuxa

The Best Wineries for a Unique Experience in Portugal

This winery is located in the city of Évora, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, right in the heart of Alentejo. Here will find experiences such as a guided tour of the wine cellar, and food and wine tasting of some of the best Alentejo wines and regional products. Cartuxa has undergone several renovations and expansions over time, preserving the richness of its architectural and historical memory. The Cartuxa Cellar - Quinta Valbom is now one of the stage centers of the wines produced by the Eugénio de Almeida Foundation. The Adega Cartuxa got its name from the 16th century Mosteiro da Cartuxa (Cartuxa Monastery), which is situated right next to the winery and is part of the Eugénio de Almeida Foundation's patrimony. Excellence, quality, and individuality in a style of their own are the values recognized by consumers of the Cartuxa brand.

Adega Mayor

The Best Wineries for a Unique Experience in Portugal

In the beautiful and untouched landscape of the Alentejo plains of Campo Maior, the architect Siza Vieira created an original building, a horizontal whitewashed volume. The Adega Mayor wines have obtained unanimous recognition from critics having conquered over 100 awards worldwide. Adega Mayor is an architectural reference worldwide that distinguishes and elevates the wine heritage of the region of Alentejo, in fact, it is a unique place in the Portuguese scene, and a tribute to the architecture of wine and life. You'll be able to enjoy great experiences such as guided tours, food and wine tasting, wine workshops, and even regional picnics.

Herdade da Malhadinha Nova

The Best Wineries for a Unique Experience in Portugal

A traditional and sophisticated winery with unique characteristics that are perfect for the production of distinctive wines of the highest quality. Located just a few meters away from the vineyard, the cellar of Herdade da Malhadinha Nova takes advantage of the sloping terrain which allows the entire wine-making process by gravity. The grapes arrive packed in small boxes of 12 kg and are unloaded directly into the modern refrigerated wineries where treading perfectly blends the traditional winemaking methods and technology in order to get the full potential that Nature offered the grapes in the vineyard. You can book a guided tour to its unique cellar, have regional food tastings, and taste great Alentejo wines.

Herdade do Esporão

The Best Wineries for a Unique Experience in Portugal

The Herdade do Esporão presents itself as an Estate steeped in history, producer of outstanding quality wines. The Esporão vines are located in the heart of Reguengos de Monsaraz, where wines are more balanced and seductive, simultaneously thriving and pleasant, luxuriant, and with good aging potential. If the vines are the lung of the Herdade do Esporão, the cellar is the heart that beats to the rhythm of the harvest and as the result of the work defined by the calendar and by the enology team. Book unique experiences such as a tour to Herdade do Esporão's Historic Heritage, a guided winery and cellar tour, a blind wine tasting, a bicycle tour with a picnic, or a bird watching experience.

Herdade dos Grous

The Best Wineries for a Unique Experience in Portugal

The architecture of the cellar fits perfectly and harmoniously with the typical landscape of Alentejo. The Herdade dos Grous cellar adopted a dominant renovation character in the production of wine. The cellar, which was built in 2005, uses the latest technology together with the traditional methods of winemaking. All the grapes that arrive at the cellar are selected manually on a table and the wine is produced by the gentle macerating of each grape variety, in order to ensure its excellent quality. You can book a guided tour to the wine cellar, wine tasting experiences, and have dinner at the wine cellar, definitely one of the most exquisite experiences in the Alentejo.

L'AND Vineyards

The Best Wineries for a Unique Experience in Portugal

The culture of wine and vineyards is one of the essential features of the L'AND identity. All owners and L'AND Vineyards hotel guests will become exclusive members of the WineClub, a privileged space for the promotion of wine culture and the sharing of experiences, such as the access to the Cellar for producing wine, the harvest of the shared vineyard, enology courses, wine contests, and events or order bottled L'AND wine with customized labels. This incredible hotel offers guided tours to the vineyards and cellar, taste wines, and a wine tasting and Eno-gastronomic connections course.

João Portugal Ramos

The Best Wineries for a Unique Experience in Portugal

Meet the legendary and fantastic calm of Alentejo while you taste the award-winning wines of João Portugal Ramos. The Adega Vila Santa, in Alentejo, part of the group João Portugal Ramos, invites you to enjoy the serenity of Alentejo while you taste some of the most renowned Portuguese wines. Dated in 1997, this Alentejo style Adega has about nine thousand square meters of covered area and is equipped with the most modern vinification technology, a bottling room, and cellars for the aging of wines. Here, modernity embraces harmoniously the centennial Portuguese winemaking tradition. Visitors can book a wide range of experiences like wine tastings, making your own wine, regional product tasting, tours to the wine cellar, cuisine workshops, and meals.

Herdade das Servas

The Best Wineries for a Unique Experience in Portugal

To perpetuate the history and the family connection to the world of wine but, simultaneously, designing and building a new path, the Serrano Mira brothers launched, in 1998, the beautiful Herdade das Servas. The Serrano Mira family is one of the oldest in the production of wine from Alentejo. Clay jars that were used in the production of wine and date back to 1667 are still preserved on their property. Experience and tradition are shared in the creation of wines with history, in which the "Alentejo body and soul" is reflected in a unique and unmistakable way. Visit its winery and aging cellar, experience wine tasting, and discover new wines and flavors through a blind wine tasting.

Quinta do Carmo

The Best Wineries for a Unique Experience in Portugal

The history of Quinta do Carmo dates back to the 17th century. King João IV ordered the construction of Quinta do Carmo for a lady of his royal court. There is nothing left of those times except, perhaps, the wine and the Herdade das Carvalhas, where the wine came from and where they are still produced today. The cellar, of attractive and modern lines, underwent considerable renovations concerning technology and wine production techniques. High-quality wines, such as the famous Quinta do Carmo white and Quinta do Carmo Reserva, among others, are produced here. These wines have been a huge success not only in Portugal but abroad as well. Their guided tour with wine tasting is an unmissable Alentejo experience. 

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These are unique experiences, and showcase tours, designed to be enjoyed at the highest level. If you're looking for something different, we'd be happy to facilitate a trip from scratch. Tell us your plan and we'll do the rest!


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