5 Things to Do in Portugal in the Summer

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The summer brings new possibilities and activities only available, or more enjoyable, in this season. We gathered some suggestions for you to live some of the best experiences Portugal has to offer in the summer.

5 Things to Do in Portugal in the Summer - Algarve Beaches

There are many things to do in Portugal in the summer and an article would never be enough to mention all of them. In this article, we gather some of the indispensable experiences when visiting Portugal.

  1. River Cruises

The Douro has been highlighted as one of the best cruise destinations in the world. A Douro cruise is a journey through Port wine country, It offers the perfect experience for wine enthusiasts and travelers who want to enjoy a peaceful river trip and admire marvelous and unique landscapes.

Wine Tourism in Portugal provides several experiences that include Douro river cruises.

One of these tours drives you from Porto towards the Douro region to visit some of the most charming and quiet places in Portugal. You can visit the Douro terraces and the luxurious environment of the region, and enjoy lunch in one of the oldest wine estates in Douro, the Quinta da Pacheca.

Heading to Pinhão, the highlight of the tour arrives, a relaxing sailing cruise in the Douro River with Porto wine tasting. A Douro river cruise is a mandatory experience for anyone visiting Portugal.

5 Things to Do in Portugal in the Summer - Douro River Cruises

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  1. Adventure & Nature

Portugal is also known for its natural beauty and many visitors take the opportunity to explore it in a more adventurous way, through hiking, bike rides, or even by water.

The greener area of Portugal is located in the north, the Vinho Verde region, and for that reason, it has become the most wanted region in the country for nature explorers. For the adventurous, Wine Tourism in Portugal offers an experience that includes descending the River Lima in Kayak and returning toward Quinta do Ameal by bike, through Ponte de Lima. To recover strength and relax after all the exercise, there's a visit to the wine cellar with wine tasting accompanied by regional products with a view over the vineyard.

5 Things to Do in Portugal in the Summer - Adventure & Nature


  1. Food & Wine

While Portuguese cuisine is still not as famous as the cuisine of other European countries, it keeps conquering and surprising the most unassuming visitors. As for the wine, the world knows well Port wine but other Portuguese wines are also gaining ground.

Menus usually include traditional dishes with grilled fish and meat, stews, and casseroles, and the unavoidable salted codfish (bacalhau). Food is always very well paired with the best wines, such as the refreshing vinho verde, perfect for hot summer days, or a rich and fruity Alentejo red with a meat dish.

In conclusion, to truly experience Portugal is to taste its food and wine. We have a selection of the best Portugal food and wine experiences, and restaurants, for you to fully enjoy your visit in the summer. From a wide range of food and wine tastings, there's a choice for every taste.

5 Things to Do in Portugal in the Summer - Food & Wine

  1. The Beaches

Summer means sun and beaches, and Portugal has the best beaches in Europe and some of the best ones in the world! For many European travelers, Portugal is the number one choice for summer vacations and despite the high number of quality beaches, Algarve beaches lead the preferences.

When you get there, you can also take the chance to explore and get to know a little bit more about the region. While enjoying Algarve's golden beaches take a short break to visit one of its famous Wine Estates and to discover the heritage of one of its most important cities, Silves.

We planned the perfect Algarve short break for those who want to know a little bit more about it and still have time to enjoy the sunny beaches. So, if you are planning on visiting Portugal in the summer, make sure to visit as many beaches as you can, you will be amazed and stunned by the beauty and quality they offer.

5 Things to Do in Portugal in the Summer - Algarve Beaches

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  1. Wine Tours

Portugal is one of the best wine destinations in the world. In 2014, the Alentejo region was elected the World's Best Wine Region, and now, other regions found their place on this list, such as Douro. Portugal has become a destination of choice for wine lovers, travelers, and enthusiasts.

As a specialist in wine tourism, Wine Tourism in Portugal offers the best wine tours in one place, at a distance of a few clicks. Whether you choose to visit the Alentejo region, Douro, Lisbon, Porto, or Vinho Verde, there are wine tours available for every wine region in Portugal.

5 Things to Do in Portugal in the Summer - Wine Tour

There are plenty of activities to do in Portugal in the summer. The best way to enjoy Portugal to the fullest is by planning a vacation with someone who knows the country and perfectly understands your needs and traveling desires, such as a local travel consultant. Click on the image below and start planning your summer in Portugal. It's easy and free. See you soon.

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