15 of the best restaurants in Portugal to visit

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Portugal is becoming an emerging destination largely due to its burgeoning culinary scene, which boasts a multitude of exceptional restaurants drawing global crowds. From Michelin-starred establishments to laid-back, wine-focused dining experiences, here are the restaurants across Portugal that we highly recommend to anyone exploring the country (listed in no particular order).

15 of the best restaurants in Portugal to visit (10)Casa de Chá da Boa Nova 

What culinary delights should you sample while in Portugal? For both non-vegetarian travelers keen on exploring Porto and vegetarians, given the availability of animal-free alternatives, the francesinha is an absolute must-try – a hearty sandwich brimming with a medley of meats such as ham, beef, and pork, crowned with a fried egg, melted cheese, and immersed in a special spicy tomato sauce known as francesinha molho. For vegetarians, there's a wide array of vegetable and meat alternative proteins available. It's a dish best enjoyed when hunger strikes with full force. However, Portugal offers a plethora of gastronomic experiences beyond sandwiches and Port wine tastings. 

Bomfim 1896 Pedro Lemos 

15 of the best restaurants in Portugal to visit

Chef: Pedro Lemos 
Cuisine: Traditional Portuguese cuisine 

On the banks of the Douro River, adjacent to the quaint village of Pinhão, Quinta do Bomfim has been stewarded by the same family for five generations, crafting some of the most esteemed ports of the 20th century. Since 1896, Quinta do Bomfim has been synonymous with Dow’s Port, cherished and cultivated by the Symington family across the years. The restaurant, Bomfim 1896 with Pedro Lemos, draws inspiration from the rustic charm of traditional Douro family kitchens, characterized by large chimneys and wood-fired ovens. Embracing the spirit of camaraderie and communal dining, the kitchen takes center stage, offering a captivating view of culinary artistry infused with the distinct aromas of dishes cooked in wood-burning ovens and stovetops. Reflecting the rich heritage of our region and its culinary traditions, Bomfim 1896 with Pedro Lemos presents an extraordinary culinary experience paired harmoniously with an exquisite selection of our finest wines.


15 of the best restaurants in Portugal to visit (1)

Chef: David Jesus 
Cuisine: Vegetarian Cuisine

Seiva transcends mere dining; it's an immersive encounter that fosters a profound connection to the earth in a mindful, lively, inventive, and genuine manner. Within its walls, every aspect of the menu is meticulously crafted with a foundation rooted in plants, allowing diners to savor the unadulterated, authentic flavors of the natural world. 

Sem Porta

15 of the best restaurants in Portugal to visit (2)

Chef: Tiago Maio 
Cuisine: Seasonal Cuisine

Sem Porta's architectural design draws inspiration from the iconic rice-storing structures native to the region, reflecting a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Mirroring the essence of Comporta itself, the interior decor exudes a refined yet laid-back ambiance, setting the stage for an unparalleled dining experience. At Sem Porta, culinary artistry takes on a seasonal approach, emphasizing communion and reverence for nature. The Chef meticulously selects regional ingredients, forging partnerships with local fishermen and wineries to procure the freshest, organic produce available. This commitment to sustainability and locality infuses every dish with an authentic taste of the land and sea, ensuring each meal is a celebration of the vibrant flavors of the region.


15 of the best restaurants in Portugal to visitCopyright: carlos vieira

Chef: Vitor Matos 

Embark on a culinary odyssey led by the Michelin-starred Chef Vitor Matos and the talented Chef Rita Magro, recipient of the prestigious "Young Chef" award from the MICHELIN Guide in 2024. Prepare to tantalize your taste buds as you delve into the surprise menus, where each moment unfolds distinctively and unforgettably. Embrace the spirit of adventure and allow your curiosity to lead the way as you discover a fresh perspective on the art of dining.



Chef: Henrique Sá Pessoa
Cuisine: Traditional Cuisine with influences from around the world

Henrique Sá Pessoa, a Chef at the Hotel boasting 2 Michelin stars and acclaimed by critics, spearheads their gastronomic offerings. His menu exudes refinement, drawing inspiration from authentic and traditional Portuguese cuisine, infused with influences from the Chef's global culinary journeys.


DSC02339-800x450Creator: afonso 

Chef: Carlos Teixeira 
Cuisine: Modern and Traditional local (Alentejo) Cuisine

Established in 1997 within the picturesque Herdade do Esporão estate, the restaurant seamlessly blends with the natural surroundings, offering a dining experience close to the source of all their ingredients – nature itself. Featuring a terrace with panoramic views of the vineyards, the restaurant's architecture and decor showcase local materials, prioritizing authenticity and the comfort of their guests. The cuisine embodies a modern interpretation and preparation, with a focus on the Alentejo region, Portuguese flavors, and seasonal produce. Their commitment to sustainability is evident in the kitchen practices; we prioritize organic ingredients sourced from their vegetable gardens and local and national producers with whom we maintain year-round partnerships.

Mesa de Lemos 


Chef: Diogo Rocha
Cuisine: Sustainable Gastronomy

Celso de Lemos envisions, believes, and brings to fruition. Thus, Mesa de Lemos is driven by the desire to offer the region a distinctive restaurant where Portuguese identity reigns supreme. This unique project is founded on sustainable gastronomy, with a focus on seasonal flavors and an unwavering commitment to ingredients, many sourced directly from Quinta de Lemos. 

Dona Maria Restaurant

15 of the best restaurants in Portugal to visit (3)

Chef: João Vieira
Cuisine: Traditional Gastronomy

Dona Maria restaurant pays homage to the esteemed Donas Marias, from the skilled home cooks to the queens and princesses who have left their mark on our history. Our mission is to revive the finest traditional recipes from Porto and the Northern region of Portugal, drawing inspiration from illustrious dishes found in the “Livro de Cozinha da Infanta D. Maria de Portugal” and cherished memories of times past. These regional delicacies are presented in all their glory through thoughtfully crafted pairings with the treasures from their extensive wine cellar. 

The Yeatman Gastronomic Restaurant

15 of the best restaurants in Portugal to visit (4)

Chef: Ricardo Costa 
Cuisine: Imaginative Cuisine with traditional flavors 

The Yeatman Gastronomic Restaurant in Porto offers a setting of timeless comfort, where discreet and subtle service seamlessly merges with a heartfelt reception. Striving to provide the most captivating dining encounter in Porto, Gastronomic Restaurant, under the guidance of Chef Ricardo Costa, delivers imaginative cuisine that skillfully interprets and presents the traditional flavors of Portugal with a modern twist. Showcasing the vast array of fish and other fresh produce available in Portugal and the rich diversity of regional specialties, our restaurant celebrates the country's culinary heritage with creativity and finesse.

Casa de Chá da Boa Nova

15 of the best restaurants in Portugal to visit (5)

Chef: Rui Paula 
Cuisine:  Fine Portuguese Dining  

Perched atop the cliffs, overlooking the sea, Casa de Chá da Boa Nova restaurant in Leça da Palmeira stands as Rui Paula’s most ambitious endeavor. This establishment has firmly established itself as a premier gastronomic destination in the northern region of Portugal. "By Seas Never Before Sailed" is a menu crafted to evoke memories of our past while embarking on a journey to discover the future. Inspired by the poetry and melodies of Luís de Camões, guests are invited to choose their preferred mode of embarkation on this culinary voyage.


15 of the best restaurants in Portugal to visit (6)

Chef: Hans Neuner
Cuisine: Fine Portuguese Dining  

Drawing its name, heritage, and philosophy from the vast expanse of the ocean, the restaurant pays homage to Portugal's seafaring history and the spirit of exploration. Centuries ago, Portuguese explorers set sail into the unknown, uncovering fresh flavors and inspirations from distant lands. Inspired by the boundless freedom of the ocean, the culinary creations celebrate various facets of the Portuguese gastronomic legacy, traversing the globe to explore an eclectic array of flavors and influences. Each dish invites its guests to embark on a new journey of creative exploration, guided by the spirit of adventure and discovery that defines our maritime heritage.


7f0ad192-f0b9-4e5c-b199-70875fd48e72Copyright: 100%FOTO

Chef: Vitor Matos
Cuisine: Fine Traditional Portuguese Dining  

ANTIQVVM epitomizes unparalleled experiences. Nestled within the historic Solar do Vinho do Porto, boasting breathtaking views of the Douro River, this establishment embodies the seamless fusion of an exceptional wine selection with Chef Vítor Matos's daring reinterpretation of cuisine. A daily menu beckons patrons to indulge in classic Portuguese dishes infused with a modern twist, showcasing the finest seasonal ingredients and culinary trends while inviting diners to rediscover the unique flavors through Chef Vitor Matos's "Sensory Moments." In ANTIQVVM, tradition intertwines with innovation, where the legacy is rich yet the hallmark is continual renewal.


15 of the best restaurants in Portugal to visit (7)

Chef: Bruno Caseiro 
Cuisine: Regional Gastronomy

Once a stable for horses, this space has undergone a remarkable transformation into a modern and sophisticated restaurant, while still retaining echoes of its historical past. Chef Bruno Caseiro, who honed his skills during his time in England, joined forces with Filipa Gonçalves, serving as executive chef and pastry chef respectively, to craft this exceptional dining experience. At Cavalariça, the focus lies on contemporary cuisine with an international flair, utilizing locally sourced ingredients and presenting dishes designed for communal enjoyment. Signature offerings at Cavalariça include delicacies such as cured meat croquettes with clam mayonnaise and mustard, and grilled brioche served with chicken liver parfait and orange chutney, showcasing a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation on every plate.

O Palco 

15 of the best restaurants in Portugal to visit (8)

Chef: Marco Almeida 
Cuisine: Regional Gastronomy

Each act of this gastronomic spectacle begins with rehearsals by local producers and culminates in a magnificent show on the main stage. Staying true to what the land has to offer, and convinced that this is not a show by a single individual, o Palco, shares every moment as a result of the dedication, curiosity, and joint effort of Marco Almeida and his team. The culinary extravaganza at Palco is unforgettable, distinguished by the rich flavors that stem from the exceptional performances of our main artists: the ingredients themselves.

LAB by Sergi Arola 

15 of the best restaurants in Portugal to visit (9)

Chef: Sergi Arola 
Cuisine: Exquisite Cuisine

LAB by Sergi Arola is a fusion of haute cuisine with an innovative culinary experience, set in a modern and sophisticated environment. The quality and freshness of the seasonal ingredients, combined with an innovative touch in every detail, result in a gastronomic adventure that transcends time, where each tasting is a true celebration. With a breathtaking view of the magnificent golf course, the restaurant offers an intimate and exclusive setting, ideal for memorable moments. At LAB by Sergi Arola, enjoy exquisite cuisine, with 3 different tasting menus, as well as an impressive selection of wines made up of more than 550 references.

Portugal's emergence as a premier destination owes much to its burgeoning culinary landscape, boasting a plethora of exceptional restaurants that attract global crowds. From Michelin-starred establishments to laid-back, wine-focused dining experiences, the country offers a myriad of gastronomic delights waiting to be savored. Whether indulging in the hearty francesinha sandwich in Porto or exploring the refined traditional Portuguese cuisine at Mesa de Lemos, each culinary journey promises to be an unforgettable experience. As you traverse the country, let your taste buds be your guide, embarking on a delectable adventure that celebrates the diverse flavors and rich heritage of Portugal.

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