5 Outstanding Restaurants in Porto for Food Lovers

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If the first thing you plan while preparing your trip is to make a list of the restaurants that you need to try, we feel you. This is pretty much at the top of every traveler's must-do list, whether visiting any place in the world.

In the last few years, Porto has been increasing its popularity as a fantastic destination to discover the best that the Portuguese gastronomy has to offer, especially after the legendary Antony Bourdain has grace with his presence for an episode of his series. To help organize your culinary tour, we’ve put together a list of the most spectacular restaurants that you should definitely try in this beautiful city.


Food and Wine Tour in Porto


DeCastro Gaia


DeCastro Gaia is one of the restaurants that definitely stands out in this lovely city. Located at Porto Cruz space, is considered to offer irreverent gastronomic proposals, you will feel and taste innovation, diversification, and modernity in each dish, plus, your palate will be tested to a whole new level. The ambiance of the restaurant is informal but at the same time refined, and has amazing views to the Douro river. At the helm is Chef Migues Castro Silva creating and combining the traditional Portuguese wine (Porto cruz wines) and food with sophisticated techniques.




The awarded Michelin Chef Rui Paula was born in Porto and since then has been recreating the classic Portuguese cuisine and its flavors, and also, through the richness of Porto's cuisine. Dop is located at the center of this amazing city and within the walls of the Palace of arts. This historical building was once the porch of the former St. Domingos Convent and headquarters to prestigious financial entities. This creative and sophisticated spot lives up to the expectations of anyone how visits and experiences. It has a colorful menu rooted in both tradition and modernity and is smartly paired with a comprehensive wine list.



Barão Fladgate


Located at Taylor's Port Cellars and named after John Fladgate, the celebrated 19th century Port shipper and partner of Taylor’s who was awarded the title of Baron for his services to viticulture, Barão Fladgate offers gorgeous views to the Douro river and the city. This incredible restaurant is known for its incredible cuisine, which consists of the best of the Portuguese flavors mixed with the best of the international influence. In each dish, you will eat fresh local ingredients that are expectational paired with a wine list. It is featured a wide variety of labels from the main Portuguese vineyards, and of course, is filled with fantastic choices of both wood-aged and Vintage Ports.


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Pedro Lemos


Located in Foz, in a house classified as architectural heritage, is also one of the most prestigious restaurants in Porto. In 2014 was consecrated with a star in the Michelin guide becoming the first in the city. The environment of the space is elegant and modern, and in addition to the dining room, it has a wine cellar and a terrace, where you can enjoy the warmer days. The cuisine at Pedro Lemos is based on fresh products and seasonality, moreover, the Chef Pedro Lemos believes that each gastronomic experience is only complete when accompanied by good wine, and the wine cellar of the restaurant is a reflection of that.




This great restaurant is located at Rua das Flores, this street is one of the most beautiful, lively, and culturally diverse streets of the city of Porto. In the past, the beautiful building was once a drugstore. The decor of the room is relaxed with vintage elements that preserve the memory of space, and the wood details, the tiles, and the architecture itself will not let you forget that you were in an emblematic building. The cuisine is based on the traditional portuguese food blended with Iberian inspiration. Obviously, this gastronomic experience is only completed with the fantastic wines of choice of Traça Restaurant

Travel allows you to discover and indulge in the cuisines of the world. The Portuguese gastronomy is considered one of the best in the world, so prepare yourself to be blown away by these unique flavors.



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