A sophisticated journey of flavors: 'A Ver Tavira'

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The names of the best Iberian restaurants were revealed, and five new Michelin stars were given to Portugal. ‘A Ver Tavira’, led by Chef Luís Brito, presents a privileged view combined with an elegant and sophisticated environment. “Unlikely”, regional, and unique, this restaurant promises to be an authentic journey of flavors. We interviewed the chef, who explained to us all the details about the concept of the restaurant and what is to come after the award.

mw-960 (1)The unique view, featuring the city of Tavira at a 360º perspective

In the restaurant, the authentic charm of the view is combined with a unique gastronomic selection. "The 'A Ver Tavira' is a tribute to the city of Tavira, taking into account its geographical location, the highest point of the city, which effectively sees Tavira at 360º view, being able to glimpse its architecture of typical houses, the Rio Gilão, the Ria Formosa and the sea as a backdrop," started by explaining the Chef. 

mw-960Chef Luís Brito

"The "fine dining" concept fills my soul, it's a passion cuisine, where we can take the client to have unforgettable moments and wonderful pleasure, it's this feedback that makes me fall more and more in love with my work and concept every day", he added.

Restaurante-A-Ver-Tavira-48-1030x734Country chicken soup, chocolate mint foie gras

Chef Luís Brito doesn't hide his desire and ambition for which he has been working in recent years, to take the restaurant 'A Ver Tavira' to another level. As a result of the hard work and tireless dedication of the team, the gastronomic experience has been improved. The award conquered is the "consequence of the work that has been done at ‘A Ver Tavira’ over the past years, and is something we all dreamed of achieving,  and it was accomplished, we are all very happy," the Chef stated.


Restaurante-A-Ver-Tavira-56-1030x773Prawn, curry, ox tartar, and caviar

With a Wine Cellar with more than 400 references, a refined and harmonious decoration, and maximum bet on the use of products with above-average quality, 'A Ver Tavira' gives emphasis to detail and finds it the uniqueness that distinguishes it from many other restaurants. "We bet heavily on products of the highest quality, attention to detail, making the customer feel at home with the comfort and service they deserve. As a client, I often feel these faults, I don't want to change mentalities, but paradigms", explained the chef.

Restaurante-A-Ver-Tavira-70-1030x773Chocolate, coconut, and red fruits

To Wine Tourism in Portugal, the chef explained that the Michelin award is the result of many years of dedication and that it will bring “a lot of work”, resulting in a “more knowledgeable customer that will make us more and more involved in the attention to whom visits us. We will always try to work harder, and to be a reference in this region and in the country”, he confessed.

blackangus_2-1Black Angus, Celery, Chanterelles, Jus.

With contemporary roots acquired in the chef's experiences around the world, the menu reflects different scents, experiences, and tastings, always and above all representing the chef's personality and region.


The restaurant aims to provide memorable experiences and authentic gastronomic journeys. The tasting menus are complete, authentic, and memorable. Dare to try them, and join Chef Luís Brito in this voyage that promises to be an unforgettable one. Talk to our travel advisors now and find out how you can enjoy this wonderful experience in the heart of Tavira.

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