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The harvest season 2019 might start early. A dry year with mild and hot temperatures during the year will most likely make it possible to be a part of the harvest process already in September. The harvest in Portugal is one of the oldest wine-related activities, and the most authentic and traditional one. The vineyards are filled with workers and excitement to pick the grapes that will make some of the finest wines in the world.

If you are passionate about wine, don't miss these wine tours during the harvest season! See our suggestions and choose the best wine harvest tours for you, to book it just ask our team. We will be available to tailor made the experience of a lifetime in Portugal. Read more about the grape picking experience.


Quinta das Carvalhas

Quinta das Carvalhas is one of the most emblematic and spectacular properties in the Douro Valley. Visit this wonderful Quinta side by side with its own Viticultural Manager: Alvaro Martinho, a passionate man who has dedicated most of his life to its vines and environment. The harvest experience includes a visit to the Quinta and the winery at Quinta do Casal da Granja. You will take part in the grape picking and have lunch in the estate, after which you will have the opportunity to tread the grapes. The experience ends with a wine tasting.


Quinta Nova Luxury Winery House

This unforgettable experience at Quinta Nova Luxury Winery House starts in the morning and includes training and delivery of material and grape picking in the vineyard. Enjoy a "4 Moments" lunch menu at Conceitus Winery Restaurant and then make a guided tour to the vineyard and winery with wine tasting. 

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Quinta do Gradil

During this wine harvest experience you will spend a day harvesting at Quinta do Gradil. You will have a welcome coffee and will take part in the harvest process, picking the grapes yourself, thus experiencing all the processes that give rise to our excellent wines.Then enjoy a tour to the winery and have a rest at lunch in the estate. In the afternoon you will have the opportunity to tread the grapes and your day will end with a wine tasting with some Portuguese delicacies.

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Quinta do Panascal

The harvest experience at Quinta do Panascal starts with an educational audio tour through the vineyards and winery, while observing the works taking place at the vineyard and in the traditional wine presses, followed by a commented wine tasting of 3 Porto Fonseca. Then you will enjoy a lunch at the estate where you will taste the best of the Portuguese food, served with Quinta do Crasto DOC wines and ending your meal with a tasting of Porto Crusted, a limited bicentenary edition.


Quinta da Pacheca

A day during the harvest season at Quinta da Pacheca begins with the cutting of the grape in the middle of the vineyards, with a straw hat, tobacconist scarf around your neck and scissors in your hand. With the sunshine comes the meal, right in the middle of the vineyard, followed by a wine tasting and guided tour to the estate. In the afternoon comes the funny part, the pressing of the grapes, served with Port wine. Join the joy of the harvest season.

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Quinta de Santa Cristina

Vinho Verde region is becoming one of the most important wine regions in Portugal and is worth a visit by any wine lover. This harvest tour at Quinta de Santa Cristina includes a welcome coffee with the delivery of the Harvest Kit (shirt, hat, tobacconist scarf, water bottle and pruning shears). After a small explanation about the harvest process, you will enjoy a guided tour through the vineyards and participate in the harvest. Lunch will be served in the vineyard, in a picnic consisting of the best regional products and wines from the estate. In the afternoon you will do a guided tour to the wine cellar with the explanation of the wine making process, followed by the treading of the grapes. To recover your batteries, taste some Quinta de Santa Cristina wine and cheese and if you like, end your day with a dinner at the estate.

Quinta de Santa Cristina - Adega

Herdade dos Grous

At the harvest experience at Herdade dos Grous, in Alentejo, enjoy the buzzing rhythm of the wine production through a walk in the vineyards and a guided tour of the wine cellar, where you will learn the wine making process. End the experience with a special harvest-inspired tasting lunch, prepared by Chef Rui Prado, where the traditional flavors from Alentejo are combined with the refinement of Herdade dos Grous wines. 

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Are you interested in being part of this century-old tradition in Douro, Alentejo, Vinho Verde Region or Lisbon region? You can also easily book these experiences with our consultants, we are online! 

Be inspired by Laura Lynch, she wrote about her first harvest experience in Douro Valley, read the article.

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