Why customized tours are a travel trend

Posted by: Mariana Pinto

Post Date 12-May-2016 12:17:59

In a fastest and constantly changing world, the internet, one of the main contributors to this change, brought us infinite possibilities along with empowerment. People now ask exactly for what they want, and if they don’t get it, they can search for a better alternative.
Customized Holidays - Travel Trend 

Consumers are now more demanding. They can simply search for the same offer in dozens, or even hundreds, of retail and reservations websites with simple mouse clicks in a matter of minutes. The information is everywhere, and consumers are more educated than ever. The time when they had to accept whatever the market had to offer them is over. This market change has been imposing itself over the past couple of years and it has affected almost every industry. Naturally, tourism isn't an exception.
Customized Tours Trend

Many tourism companies report sales focus are shifting to respond to the increasingly exclusive and private custom trip requests.

This forces tourism companies to quickly adapt if they want to take advantage of this opportunity. It implies creating new systems, new synergies between partners,  and preparing the staff to help customers, in the most effective way, in the choosing process of all the options available. The effort, in this kind of customized tours offers, is much bigger for both parts but, at the same time, more fulfilling.

This customizing process starts by understanding the wants and needs of the family, or group, and filtering down the possibilities to a plan that fits them.
It is true that no one knows better than the clients themselves what they want, but as a tourism company ourselves (but not too biased!) we recommend you take a look at the travel consultant's suggestions. You see, with all their experience and knowledge, they know exactly what are the most enjoyed and appreciated experiences and you definitely won't be disappointed.
Customized Holidays - Happy Family

Clients that choose tour packages give us an extremely positive feedback for those experiences but, it is also true clients that created a customized tour with the help of our staff, show even higher levels of satisfaction.

 The advantages are clear, clients go when they want to go, where they want to go and with whom they want to go with. These customized tours also guarantee the client an exclusive and unique experience in which creation they participated in. The final result is a unique and fitted trip.
Customized Holidays - Nelson Carvalheiro Alentejo Tailored Experience

Wine Tourism in Portugal has been, since the beginning, on the lookout for this trend, that today is a certainty, and, as a response, created tailored experiences and tours in Portugal, that before were simply inexistent, inaccessible to most travelers, or difficult to find.

 Each traveler, or traveler group, has specific interests around which they build their vacation, it can be food & wine experiences, historical tours, adventure and sport, among others. The growing trend is definitely on a flexible itinerary with a strong theme behind it. And we have it all! If we don't, we'll certainly make our best effort to create the tour that fits your needs. The top priority is you!

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Mariana Pinto

Written by: Mariana Pinto

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