Douro, The European Wine City in 2023

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The Douro region was chosen for the European Wine City 2023, the city had already tried the title in 2018 and this experience resulted in a regional application, which involved the different agents of the Douro and which won this Wednesday, in Brussels, defended by the mayor of Peso da Régua. 

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Let us introduce you to the Douro, those who already know it, know how much it takes our breath away.  The green valleys, full of life, are the scenery of Nature, for us, one of the best sunsets in the world.


As a European City of Wine 2023, the Douro Heritage of Humanity will be, according to the promoters of the candidacy, “a European reference in wine, vineyards, culture and in the harmonious celebration of nature and secular work carried out by generations of Douro people”.

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The approval of the application, with the motto “All Around Wine, All Around Douro”, comes at a time when the Douro celebrates 20 years of its elevation to World Heritage status and when the local concern is “to ensure that future generations receive this Heritage of Humanity in conditions of sustainability”.


The European Wine City is an annual competition launched by RECEVIN, in 2012, and aims to promote tourism and the dissemination of European wine-producing regions, with a rotating character between the various countries that are part of the network. In 2023, the European Wine City would have to be Portuguese and, in addition to the Douro, the “Algarve Golden Terroir” applications were presented, and another from the Lima Valley.

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7-Day Premium Tour in the Douro aboard a Private Yacht Cruise


The Douro will bewitch you with its unforgettable wine, its delicious traditional cuisine, and breathtaking viewpoints. Man was inspired to create it, and today, it is one of the greatest wonders of Nature, currently a UNESCO heritage site. Without further ado, let's start by presenting this tour, 7 days in this paradise to relax. This tour, designed for true luxury lovers, is one of the best tours I've come across. Complete, diverse, and with a cruise through the wonderful valleys of the Douro River, what more can we ask for?

7-Day Premium Tour in Porto and Douro


History, Architecture, and sightseeing are only the beginning. You will have privileged access to the most authentic wineries and wine tastings. A private sailboat cruise, a hands-on cooking workshop, and multiple handpicked, superior meals are some of the experiences we prepared for you. It's a tailor-made itinerary for the wine connoisseur and well-traveled client.

5-Days Premium Tour in the Douro

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A visit to the first Port Wine bottle producers. A 5-day stay in a Wine Hotel at the heart of UNESCO's World Heritage Site. A private vintage boat cruise. A guided visit through some of the most famous wineries and wine estates of the iconic region. That's just the beginning - you'll have a lunch prepared for you by the Michelin-starred chef Rui Paula and multiple wine tastings and winery visits.

3-Day Tour in the Douro with a Cruise in the Douro River

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A 3-day stay in a Wine Hotel at the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A private sailboat cruise. A guided visit through some of the most famous wineries and wine estates of the iconic region. This is the ultimate, utmost activity for expert Wine enthusiasts.

If there was no excuse to come and discover the Douro, now there really isn't! Come and discover this wonder with us, in the front row for what is one of the greatest shows of Nature and Man.

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