How Covid-19 is impacting our world today

Posted by: Marisa Leitão

Post Date 17-Mar-2020 16:21:42

This will be a slightly different article, as we are living in a different world today. Today we believe that we all need to be cautious, positive and act the way we can. Either staying home or working to keep life going the best way possible on the outside. We hope with all our hearts that the world will be able to find its flow again soon.


Our team will be writing to you as usual on all our digital platforms, as dreaming about beautiful places and experiences is our way to contribute right now. Also, our customer care team is available by chat, email and phone so the bookings are taken care of: rescheduled, postponed, or simply to answer any question.

We are ready to share more about Portugal, and all you can live in the Future.
There are so many new amazing memories to create in the fresh, green, friendly Douro Valley, or the gold endless sandy beaches of Algarve, not to mention the mix of history and modernity of Lisbon and Porto, and the enchanting plains of Alentejo and its slow-paced way of living.

We will be here in the future, looking forward to when you’ll be eager to discover amazing places like Portugal. Until then, follow us for content that will hopefully entertain you and make your day brighter, brighter as the Portuguese sky.

From us to you our sincere words of love and hope, and please keep informed, read about the virus only from governmental and highly trusted sources.
We also believe we will be seeing you soon, as that means the storm is over for us all. Stay safe and read us on.


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Marisa Leitão

Written by: Marisa Leitão

Marisa has been working on Digital Marketing and Advertising for the past years. Born in Lisbon and hopelessly in love with Porto, she knows the trendy places and the hidden-gems of both. Ask her about Portuguese heritage and curiosities, she knows some funny facts that you will enjoy to uncover.

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