Portuguese Cuisine is one of the Best in the World

Post Date 14-Dec-2023 09:58:22

Portugal boasts one of the world's finest culinary traditions, with its exceptional gastronomy recently earning recognition on the TasteAtlas platform. In a notable achievement, Portuguese dishes secured the fourth position among 100 countries in the gastronomic rankings.

Portuguese Cuisine is one of the Best in the WorldAdegaMãe

The rating is determined by the scores assigned to individual dishes from each country on the platform. According to the findings, Portuguese gastronomy achieved an impressive overall average score of 4.61 points.

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The top three positions in this ranking were secured by Italian, Japanese, and Greek cuisines, in that order. Additionally, Mexico, Spain, France, and China were also recognized among the countries celebrated for having some of the finest dishes in the world.

Portuguese Cuisine is one of the Best in the World (2)Sublime Comporta

At the lower end of the ranking, countries such as New Zealand, Ghana, Wales, and the Dominican Republic are positioned. In the TasteAtlas awards, there was also a review of the best dishes, with picanha emerging as the top-ranked dish according to the platform's assessments. Notably, Alentejo-style pork is the sole representative of Portugal on the list of 100 best dishes, securing the 25th position.

Portuguese Cuisine is one of the Best in the World (3)Herdade do Esporão

It is a common sentiment among the Portuguese to proudly extol the excellence of their country's gastronomy, often asserting it as the best globally. However, the acclaim goes beyond national borders, as many foreigners find themselves enamored with Portuguese delicacies upon visiting the country.

Now, this widespread recognition has transformed into a formal distinction, as the gastronomic platform Taste Atlas has ranked Portuguese cuisine as the fourth best in the world. 

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