See How to Enjoy Portugal in the Summer

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After all, when is the best time to go to Portugal? The reality is that there isn't, our country manages to steal our charm in all its seasons. However, to get the most out of each tour walk, take a look below at the diamonds of the summer season. 

See How to Enjoy Portugal in the Summer

Cities, beaches, or wineries, all these points are worth visiting at any time of your visit to the country. But if you want to make sure you get the best beach day or the harvest season, then check out our tips. In high season, good weather is guaranteed but there is also a lot of movement.

Nazaré beach

See How to Enjoy Portugal in the Summer

Nazaré became world-famous for the giant waves that form in the Nazaré Canyon. However, this city in Portugal offers other attractions that give even more reasons to visit. In addition to the waves, the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora de Nazaré, at the top of the mountain, also stands out. There is also the Suberco viewpoint, which offers a spectacular view of Nazaré beach and the city.


See How to Enjoy Portugal in the Summer

Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal and the oldest city in Western Europe, it even predates Rome by centuries. 300 years ago Lisbon was a gilded city at the center of a world empire until it was struck by disaster. It was destroyed by an earthquake followed by a tsunami. The city was reconstructed and found its way back to the top cities in the world. Today, Lisbon is one of the best travel destinations in the world and it's easy to understand why: great beaches nearby, the cathedrals and monuments, the labyrinth cobblestone-covered streets, the seven hills that provide unique views over the city, the Tagus river, the food and wine, the welcoming people...the list goes on and on.

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See How to Enjoy Portugal in the Summer

Algarve, the exuberant destination, with glorious climate, stunning coastline, and one of the best beaches in Europe hides a secret: there is much more than just sun and incredible beaches. The gastronomic and wine offer is complete, memorable, and unmissable. In this superior beach destination, you will find a graceful, elegant, and distinguished wine experience. 


See How to Enjoy Portugal in the Summer

Sintra is a tourist city in Portugal that is usually visited on day trips from Lisbon. The destination is marked by magnificent palaces, castles, and wineries scattered among the mountains of the region. Of particular note are the Sintra National Palace, the Pena National Palace, the Moorish Castle, and Quinta da Regaleira.

Costa Vicentina

See How to Enjoy Portugal in the Summer

It's been a long time since the Costa Vicentina stopped being a secret and became one of the favorite places to spend the summer holidays. By car or on foot, go touring this part of the Portuguese coast and try to find empty beaches.

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See How to Enjoy Portugal in the Summer

It is not news to anyone that the Peneda-Gerês National Park (PNPG) is one of the favorite places for all Portuguese people to spend their holidays or even for a weekend getaway. No matter how many times you visit Gerês, there are always new things to see and do.

Douro Valley

See How to Enjoy Portugal in the Summer

The Douro is known for hosting the famous Douro wines, popular green wines, and fun sparkling wines that gain strength in an already consolidated trend! The Douro will bewitch you with its unforgettable wine, its delicious traditional cuisine, and breathtaking viewpoints. Man was inspired to create it, and today, it is one of the greatest wonders of Nature, currently a UNESCO heritage site.

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See How to Enjoy Portugal in the Summer

The Douro promises to be one of the most unforgettable trips that you will be able to enjoy, and therefore become one of the destinations not to be missed. Get ready to walk through spectacular multicolored terraces of vineyards that give life to one of the most special, enduring, and delicate wines in the world. Delight yourself with the slopes of this Iberian river that tastes like wine and discover some of the reasons to book a trip to the Douro!

Take a boat trip on the Douro

See How to Enjoy Portugal in the Summer

How long has it been since you took a boat trip? The cool breeze hit her face in the light lull of the waters. The Douro in summer is known for its high temperatures, so a boat trip is really a great option to escape the heat.
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The Azores

See How to Enjoy Portugal in the Summer

If you haven't put the Azores archipelago on your list of places to go once in a lifetime, put it. With sapphire blue and emerald green lagoons, breathtaking geography, fertile lands, in addition to volcanic craters, the set of Lusitanian islands also has hydrangeas, colorful azaleas, 15th-century churches, and majestic mansions. With impressive natural beauties, the Azores can - and should - be included in your tourism and even housing plans in Portugal.

Porto Santo 

See How to Enjoy Portugal in the Summer

Porto Santo belongs to the Madeira archipelago, being the second inhabited island of the archipelago. It is located 500 km from the African coast and 1000 km from Europe, just an hour and a half by air. For many, Porto Santo is known for its yellow sand (hence the name “Ilha Dourada”) and crystalline waters that invite you to bathe in the sea and sun throughout the year. 

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