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The Alentejo is considered a big fertile region, a third of the country by area, and is known as Portugal's gastronomic soul. In the last years, the food has become sophisticated, but still maintaining the roots of the Alentejo's gastronomy in which is rich with ingredients such as sheep's cheese, black pork, salt cod, wild mushrooms, and asparagus. Moreover, each town has its own specialties, such as peppery olive oils or egg-yolk based desserts. It's this rich individuality that makes Alentejo special – and the fact that it produces almost half of Portugal's incredible wine. So, let's find out some of the best restaurants in Alentejo.



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Degust'ar restaurant has its own unmistakable personality, which is enhanced by its impressive high-vaulted ceilings, white shades, a contemporary feel, and fantastic twenty-first-century decor. Located in the heart of the historic center in the building of the sixteenth-century Sepulveda Palace, particularly in the hotel M'AR de AR, it still retains many of the original architectural features for which this UNESCO World Heritage city has earned its fame. António Nobre, the head Chef of this unique restaurant, offers a regionally inspired contemporary menu that is complemented by a good selection of tapas and “petiscos”. Moreover, it is possible to have your meal in their unbelievable outdoor Terrance and a fantastic feature for the wine and food lovers is that the wine cellar fills the restaurant’s main walls. This wine cellar is composed of hundreds of bottles on show within their specially created glassed-in storage display, here you will find a large selection of the local Alentejo wines and of course other fine wines. Moreover, the restaurant has a sommelier that will select a suitable wine to match your chosen dish.




Located at the incredible and stunning old winery of the Convento do Espinheiro Hotel, Divinus offers an unforgettable gastronomic experience, both for the environment and the food, which is a true delight for the palate. The head Chef Hugo Silva creates food that is based on Mediterranean cuisine with flavors of Alentejo. Furthermore, the restaurant has a unique wine tasting that takes place in the Cistern Wine Bar, in which dates from the 15th century, where is possible to taste several wines from the Alentejo region, all suggested by the Sommelier


Herdade do Esporão


Herdade do Esporão is well known for its 702 ha of vineyards, olive groves, and other crops enhanced by the Organic Production Mode, and of course its premium wines. The restaurant is also a must that every visitor should stop by. With an astounding and inspiring view of the vineyard, this amazing space has a new approach and philosophy, where less is based on the author's cuisine. The three incredible chefs, Carlos Teixeira, Bruno Caseiro, and Filipa Gonçalves, put all their creativity into the cooking mixed with unique cuisine, that is in harmony with nature, combining modernity, and tradition. In the end, is delivered, unique and dumbfounding dishes, where you will taste the ancestral roots of Alentejo's cuisine, that are well presented and are indeed blended with contemporary touches.


L'and Vineyards


This awarded restaurant was idealized by the Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan and has a unique and modern design. The first thing that you will notice when entering the restaurant is the lighting concept, this is as much an art installation piece as it is a functional lighting solution. Plus, you will also notice, that the back wall of the restaurants is a showcase of L'and wines that are served in the restaurant, and that also translates into a decorative wall. The head Chef José Tapadejo creates dishes that represent the Alentejo region in all its fullness, but also with a touch of influences from the countries where he has passed. Besides this, every dish will be carefully paired with the L'And wines and other premium wines from an extensive wine list, since its sommelier enjoys surprising each guest in every proposal of the menu. 




Basilii, at Torre de Palma hotel, represents the Alentejo's gastronomy with a touch of modernity and sophistication. Chef Filipe Ramalho cuisine pays homage to the region in a space that has an elegant and modern decoration adorned with design objects, Nordic furniture, and antique pieces. The cooking of this restaurant consists of the rhythm of the seasons and the surrounding nature, guaranteeing the freshness and quality of each and every ingredient. All this, due to the fact that the restaurant only works with local, fresh, and seasonal produce, and a wonderful fact is that the restaurant has his own organic garden, where vegetables and aromatic herbs grow in abundance, which was specially created to supply Basilii's kitchen. Also, the new menu is completed by a wonderful tasting in an interactive format, which includes a visit to the winery and is complemented by delicacies of the Alentejo region.


São Lourenço do Barrocal


São Lourenço do Barrocal restaurant has a philosophy that consists of "From Farm to Table", in which the typical dishes of the region are served with a contemporary touch. The head Chef José Júlio Vintém, puts in each dish, the Alentejo as the main ingredient and is always accompanied by the best seasonal products from local and organic places, including their organic garden. Besides, all the menu is designed to pair in perfect harmony with the delicious house wines. The decor of the restaurant is very inviting since the decor consists of a family environment because most of the displayed objects came from the family house in Reguengos de Monsaraz.

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