The Top 3 Cruises for 2019 - Douro River insiders' tip

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A wine cruise in Douro is full of unforgettable moments. A pleasant surprise for those who enter this experience to discover the secrets of Douro Valley by river. From Porto - Portugal's second major city - full of historic streets, shops and monuments, to the heart of magical Douro Valley, a Unesco protected site, covered with vineyards. A cruise in the Douro River is a must-do experience for those visiting Portugal. 

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Portugal is not a secret anymore. Small, pitoresque yet trendy, larger cities like Lisbon and Porto are getting the attention from travellers anywhere in the world. 

Douro Valley not a secret either, but it is still a hidden-gem with more to discover each time you visit it. Douro Valley is accessible by car, train and our favorite, Douro River cruises. In comparison to other popular rivers in Europe, such as the Rhine, Danube or Seine Douro River has this advantage of sitting right in the midle of a Unesco proteted site. From here you can spot the Quintas, the vineyards, and feel the micro changes in climate and landscape as you sail it on. 

So whether you are more into a calm and relaxing sailing cruise or into a sophisticated yacht, Douro River cruises offer a wide range of experiences for every taste and every mood.

1- Douro River Romantic cruise

From short escapes of one or two hours to romantic meals or nights on board, aboard sailing boat Libertu's you will get a totally exclusive experience sailing the Douro River. This is the perfect river cruise for those who are looking for moments of pure relaxation with one's partner and a perfect gift for Valentine's day. Or a wonderful moment of fun creating new memories for a small group of friends, while enjoying the most beautiful wine landscapes with a glass of some of the best Portuguese wines in your hand. Book now your sailing cruise in Douro.

Book your Romantic Cruise in Douro

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2- A Smooth Cruise Along Douro River

On board of this cruise you can discover the best scenery of the Douro River and its most picturesque corners while enjoying different programs and services, such as show cooking or lunch and dinner on board. From a two-hour tour with wine tasting to a five-day exclusive cruise, this tour takes you through the oldest demarcated wine region in the world, docking in the most famous wine hotels, farms, and wineries along the river. Book now your cruise in Douro.

Ready for spending 3 days in this gorgeous location? 

Book your Tour in Douro

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3- Douro's Luxury Cruise

PipaDouro provides entirely original luxury cruises in the Douro River redefining wine tourism and offering an amazing wine experience. Aboard luxury boats with the charm of the 1950s and 1960s you can choose from a two-hour to a full day cruise including wine tastings, tours to the best vineyards in the Douro, and lunch or dinner on board, fulfilling every clients needs and expectations. Book a luxury cruise in the Douro River.

Looking for a diferent experience, what about an historical ride in a secular train? 

Discover the Douro Valley by Train

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Douro is waiting for your visit!

Book your cruise in the Douro River and have an unforgettable day in Douro. 

Book your Tour in Douro

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