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The stunning and dreamy Douro Valley is always a good choice when it comes to choosing a place that will provide unforgettable memories or to just simply add to your bucket list! The reality of these days has put travel on hold, but nothing stops you from making plans for what will come after the pandemic.

Being this said, the renowned Forbes magazine has elected the Douro Valley as one of the destinations not to be missed this year, especially by wine lovers. The journalist Nicole Trilivas has written "An appeal to all oenophiles: it's time to start planning your 2021 wine vacations," begins the author, highlighting the "unforgettable" nature of the Douro's landscapes. So, let's unveil all the best wine experiences of this charismatic region.

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1-Day in the Douro Wine Region with Lunch in The Vineyard

Quinta do Seixo

If you have been searching for an authentic day in this region but you are short on time, then this is the perfect experience to get a little taste of what the Douro has to offer. Through this one day tour, you will visit Real Companhia Velha's crown jewelQuinta das Carvalhas. In this incredible estate, you will learn more about its wines, its history, and of course, in the end, a wine tasting of its incredible wines. After an amazing historic morning, a fantastic picnic in the middle of the vineyards, filled with delicious regional products and scenic views, awaits you. For the afternoon you will learn more about the wine culture of this region, in the estates of Pacheca and Vallado. But this you will learn more about ancestral techniques mixed with the most advanced technology in which the result is awarded and delicious wines. 


1-Day in Douro with a Douro River Cruise

tagus cruises

Another fantastic one day tour, but with an authentic activity, a must for everyone that visits the Valley, a Douro river cruise. This tour starts at Quinta da Pacheca, with a guided visit that consists of learning the history of the estate, its wine-making process and in the end experience a unique wine tasting. But that's not all you will experience in this estate, you will also enjoy a lunch that will make you travel through the essence of the traditional Portuguese cuisine. Moreover, the tour will continue in the Quinta do Seixo. In this estate get to know its vineyards, with over 100 years old, its wine cellar, and robotic Lagares, and end the visit with a fantastic wine tasting in a magnificent Terrance where you will have the chance to appreciate the incredible views of the Douro river and the famed landscapes.

After these fantastic wine experiences, last but least, the fabulous Douro river cruise. Sail away for the discovery of the territory that the river has carved and men sculpted man, a region that was the source of compelling values for humanity and that is now the place of alluring wine experiences.


3-Day Tour in Douro with a Cruise in the Douro River


This fantastic tour is perfect for those that have extra time but less than a week to spare. The tour starts at the estate of Pacheca where you will learn all the history, the vinification process, their amazing vineyards, the old winery, its wine cellar and end with a memorable wine tasting. After, end the first day in the best way by dining at the restaurant of Quinta da Pacheca where you will have delicious gourmet dishes that are paired perfectly with the award-winning wines of Quinta da Pacheca.

For the second day awaits for you a visit to the finest estates of the region. The estates are the incredible Quinta do Crasto and the fabulous Quina Nova Nossa Senhora do Carmo. In the Quinta do Crasto you will visit its very old and renowned vineyards, its winery, and the barrel cellar, in which the ending will culminate with a tasting of five delicious wines. Moreover and after the wine comes lunch! Lunch will be served at Conceitus Restaurant in which will appeal to all your emotions and senses. After the gastronomic experience, you will explore Quinta Nova. Here you will be guided through the visit, passing but its vineyards, winery, and underground cellar. Of course, like in Quinta do Crasto, you will also have here the opportunity of tasting three fabulous wines. For the third and last day of this tour, enjoy the day aboard a fantastic private cruise on the Douro river. This is your chance to learn more about Portuguese history aboard a traditional Rabelo boat.


5-Day Tour in Douro with a Sailing Cruise in the Douro River


Do you have almost a week? Great! Then this tour is for you. On this first day, all we want is for you to admire the scenic views on the trip to this charming region and rest. On the second day is when the fun begins. Start visiting Quinta da Pacheca by learning every aspect of this estate and end with a wine tasting. After, we invite you for a cooking workshop in this estate where you will learn all techniques of Portuguese gastronomy, by developing the dish with the chef and in the end savoring with delicious wine of Pacheca. Furthermore, you will disclose the secrets of Quinta do Vallado with a tour through the winery and wine cellar ending with a tasting of Vallado's wines.

The third day will be dedicated to wine experiences in the Quinta do Crasto and Quinta Nova by visiting, learning and wine tastings. You will also have a break for lunch to enjoy a fabulous meal that is composed of fresh ingredients that come from the vegetable garden of the restaurant. A great way of ending the third day? With an amazing pedestrian circuit that is composed of three different routes and in which you will have the chance to pick up some delicious fresh fruit. For the fourth and last day, you will continuously visit another fabulous estate, Quinta das Carvalhas and will have lunch in a restaurant that is owned by one awarded Michelin star Chef - the incredible Chef Rui Paula. End the day in a private and exclusive Douro river cruise that will be closed to the restaurant, in which you will enjoy and savor the nature of this region. On the last day explore and discover the city of Lamego, a city that offers culture, architecture, heritage, and a unique historical center.


7-Day Premium Tour in Douro with Private Yacht Cruise


Ready for a week? Then this is the tour that you were looking for! On the first day, you will get aboard at Douro Marina quay departing to Régua and in which you will dine at a fantastic restaurant, Castas & Pratos, and in the end, you will enjoy a goodnight sleep aboard the private Yacht. On the second day, you will wake up with the beautiful scenario of the Douro Valley and have an amazing breakfast on board. After, you will continue to sail along the Douro river until Pinhão where lunch at Quinta de La Rosa awaits for you. At the end of the lunch, you will visit the estate and have a marvelous wine tasting. For the third day you will discover Ferradosa and then Pocinho, here you will visit the Côa Museum, in which you will be transported back in time, particularly to the Palaeolithic era. For the fourth day, you will go back to Pinhão, for this time to visit Quinta Nova. In this estate, you will get to know in much detail all the wine production, the vineyards, its 1764 winery, and also the underground wine cellar culminating with a wine tasting. After the visit, dinner will be served at the restaurant's estate, in which guests never know the menu, since it changes every day depending on the inspiration of the Chef.

For the fifth day, you will get a day filled with unique gastronomic experiences. The first gastronomic experience starts at the DOC restaurant that is owned by the Michelin Starred Chef Rui Paula, in which you will taste unforgettable dishes that always contain an element of surprise. The second experience will be at the marvelous Six Senses Douro Valley, where you will enjoy a unique Chef's table experience. Through this experience, you will savor an amazing personal journey of food and wine in which all will be prepare and hosted by the Chef in front of you. For the sixth and last day, you will be back in Porto and have another fantastic gastronomic trip, this time at the Decastro Gaia restaurant. Here you will have a wine tasting that will be perfectly paired with regional delicacies and savor a cocktail and dinner on the rooftop with 360º views over the Port Cellars and Douro River.


Why book now your 2021 tour? Because by booking all your tours with us you will have flexibility in the future, plus all the COVID-19 Health & Safety Guidlines. Through these unique times, we are available to plan, reschedule, and move your trip around your needs, as always. If your new dates may no longer work with your initial travel plan, a dedicated consultant will be available to tailor and reschedule your time in Portugal according to your needs and preferences, and to assure you that you will have the best and most memorable experiences.



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