These are the best beaches in Portugal

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Portugal is known for its wine, vineyards, culture, cuisine, and architecture, but let's not overlook its breathtaking beaches. The coastal beaches are a feast for the eyes, from expansive sandy shores to the distinctive azure waters. While we know that Portugal boasts the world's finest beach, numerous must-visit coastal gems are waiting to be explored. Here's a list of exclusive beaches that shouldn't be missed.

Praia da Angra da Cerva, Vila Nova de Milfontes

Angra da Cerva beach is a stunning yet secluded spot, tucked away in its untamed beauty. Accessing the beach isn't a walk in the park. Situated approximately 2 km north of Vila Nova de Milfontes fishing port, the journey entails trekking along sandy paths, which can be quite exhausting.

If you're planning a visit or a day trip to this hidden gem, make sure you're well-prepared. Pack sturdy footwear, a hat for sun protection, plenty of water, some snacks, and, of course, sunscreen to ward off sunburn.

Pessegueiro Island Beach, Sines 

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Nestled along the canal connecting the inland to Pessegueiro Island, this beach is a natural sanctuary steeped in history. Throughout the centuries, it has served as a haven for boats navigating the challenging Alentejo Coast. Not only is it a favored refuge for seafaring vessels, but it's also a longstanding habitat for local birdlife, serving as both a dormitory and nesting site for countless species over the ages.

Accessible by boat, Pessegueiro Island boasts a wealth of archaeological treasures, particularly dating back to the Roman era. Perched on the adjacent cliffside stands the imposing Pessegueiro Fort, a 17th-century stronghold that adds to the area's rich historical tapestry.

Praia da Baía de Porto Covo, Sines

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Situated along the picturesque coastline of Portugal's Iberian Peninsula, Praia da Baía de Porto Covo Beach graces the municipality of Sines, embraced by the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. Found to the south of Porto Covo village, this beach boasts a charming stretch of sand, its dimensions shifting noticeably with the ebb and flow of the tides.

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Nestled within a narrow bay, the shoreline extends inland for over 300 meters, while a gentle stream meanders into the bay's eastern edge, nestled amidst the trees. Serving as a tranquil harbor for small fishing vessels, this beach embodies the essence of coastal tranquility and local maritime life.

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Praia da Samoqueira, Sines

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Visitors deem it among the world's most exquisite beaches, thanks to its divine, enveloping scenery. Nestled intimately amidst cliffs, it unveils emerald waters against a paradisiacal backdrop.

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Caves, islets, natural pools, and a freshwater waterfall adorn this mystical landscape, casting a spell of enchantment. Words falter; photos pale in comparison to the grandeur of experiencing a day within this awe-inspiring vista.

Praia da Costa de Santo André, Melides

These are the best beaches in Portugal

Adjacent to Santo André Lagoon and nestled within a Nature Reserve, Costa de Santo André Beach unfurls as a lengthy expanse of sand, with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the tranquil lagoon waters on the other. Enveloped by golden dunes, this beach, renowned for its vigorous waves, holds great appeal for surf enthusiasts. For those seeking a more serene aquatic experience, the lagoon offers excellent conditions for windsurfing and canoeing. Alternatively, one can opt for a stroll, soaking in the splendor of the surrounding landscape and observing the diverse bird species that call this area home.

Melides Beach, Melides 

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Melides Beach sprawls along the extensive stretch of sand that lies between the sea and Melides Lagoon. Easily accessible by road, with ample parking facilities, this beach offers a comprehensive array of amenities, including conveniences like volleyball nets. The scenic 4-kilometer road leading to the beach winds its way through pine forests and rice paddies, offering a picturesque journey. Along the route lies Melides, a quaint Alentejo village characterized by its charming white houses and tranquil streets, inviting visitors to explore its timeless beauty.

Beach Galé-Fontainhas, Melides

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Galé-Fontaínhas Beach boasts a unique allure, distinguished by its fossil-rich cliff formations dating back approximately five million years. This natural wonder offers a captivating landscape, distinct from the flatter, dune-adorned beaches typically found in the northern reaches of Grândola council.

Tamariz Beach, Estoril 

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Situated along the Atlantic Ocean coastline of Portugal's Iberian Peninsula, in the municipality of Cascais, lies Praia do Tamariz Beach, an idyllic oceanic escape in the northern hemisphere. Nestled adjacent to the iconic Casino Estoril and overlooking the scenic Jardim do Estoril, this beach boasts a vast expanse of sand framed by two distinctive piers. To the west, a smaller pier juts into the sea, while to the east, a more substantial 100-meter-long pier extends gracefully into the ocean.

Praia da Calada, Encarnação

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Situated along the captivating coastline of Portugal's Iberian Peninsula, in the municipality of Mafra, lies Praia da Calada Beach, caressed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Also recognized as Praia do Porto da Calada Beach, it boasts a vast, shell-shaped expanse of sandy shores. Nestled within a picturesque cove, flanked by towering cliffs, this beach offers a tranquil sanctuary sheltered from the wind.

Praia de São Pedro de Maceda, Ovar

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São Pedro de Maceda beach remains a hidden gem, known only to those familiar with the forested route that leads to its unspoiled sands. Here, the expanse of sand beckons, inviting visitors to lay out their towels and bask in the sun, far removed from the bustling urban promenades. Nestled between the sea and the forest, Maceda Beach offers ample space for beachgoers to unwind, with vistas extending to neighboring shores such as Cortegaça to the north and Furadouro to the south. Amidst the verdant woods nearby, the presence of the Maceda air base adds an occasional touch of activity, with planes soaring overhead from time to time.

Praia da Calheta, Madeira 

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The tranquil, soothing waters of this beach create an ideal atmosphere for enjoying quality time with friends or family. Nestled in a charming enclave, it boasts a variety of nearby restaurants and bars, allowing visitors to indulge in local cuisine. Immerse yourself in the rich local culture by exploring nearby museums and art centers.

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Although it spans only approximately 100 meters, this small beach leaves a lasting impression on visitors, drawing them in with its undeniable charm and allure.

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Praia Ponta do Sol

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Let's acknowledge this beach as one of the warmest in the Madeira region, making it an ideal spot for sunbathing. For those seeking refuge from the cold, it's a haven of warmth and relaxation.

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The surrounding area offers ample opportunities for activities like hiking and various sports, seamlessly blending with the beach experience. Additionally, the region boasts a delightful array of cafés, perfect for unwinding after a day of exploration. And let's not forget the vibrant scene of bars and restaurants that add to the area's charm. For diving enthusiasts, this beach area is also a fantastic destination, promising unforgettable underwater adventures.

Moínhos Beach, São Miguel Island

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Situated along the picturesque north coast of São Miguel Island, Praia dos Moinhos beckons with its striking black sand and crystalline waters. This enchanting beach features an underwater islet, offering ideal conditions for snorkeling when the weather is fair. Do your mask and snorkel and embark on an underwater adventure, exploring the vibrant marine life beneath the waves. Alternatively, unwind with a refreshing drink at the beach bar, soaking in the tranquil ambiance as you listen to the soothing sounds of the sea.

Each of these beaches offers its unique charm and beauty, waiting to be explored and enjoyed. Whether you're seeking relaxation, adventure, or cultural immersion, Portugal's coastal treasures have something for everyone

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