Your 2024 Guide to Dão Wine Region

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Nestled in the central north of Portugal, the Dão region stands as a testament to the marriage of geography, climate, and tradition, creating wines with a unique identity. Surrounded by the protective embrace of the Caramulo, Montemuro, Buçaco, and Estrela mountains, the Dão region stands as a testament to the symbiosis between geography and winemaking. These natural barriers shield the vineyards from the whims of the winds, nurturing an environment conducive to the production of wines renowned for their capacity to gracefully mature in the bottle. 

Welcome to this insightful article that aims to unravel the beauty and secrets of the Dão region, offering you a deeper understanding of this enchanting destination. Join us on a journey through picturesque landscapes and discover the must-visit places that make the Dão a truly remarkable and unforgettable experience. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a curious explorer, get ready to uncover the allure of the Dão and its hidden gems.

Vinhos do dão - turismo centro de PortugalVinhos do Dão - Turismo Centro Portugal

The Dão area finds its home in the heart of the Beira Alta region, a locale celebrated for its captivating landscapes and historical significance. Here, the geographical conditions align perfectly, creating an idyllic setting for the cultivation of vines that yield wines of unparalleled character. 

Your 2024 Guide to Dão Wine Region

In this extremely mountainous terrain, where even the southern reaches boast lower altitudes, 2,200 hectares of vineyards unfold. These vineyards, perched between 400 and 700 meters above sea level, weave their roots into schist soils in the southern expanses and shallow granite soils elsewhere. This unique terroir, coupled with a climate influenced by both the Atlantic and the interior, imparts distinctive traits to Dão wines.

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Winters in the Dão region are a crisp symphony of cold and rain, providing a vital pause for the vines. Summers, on the other hand, bring warmth and aridity, coaxing the grapes to ripen slowly and ensuring that the resulting wines embody a harmonious balance of flavors.

As you explore the Dão region, you'll witness a winemaking tradition deeply rooted in the past yet seamlessly interwoven with modern techniques. The commitment to quality, respect for the terroir, and a blend of tradition and innovation converge to create wines that are not just beverages but expressions of Portugal's winemaking heritage.

Unveiling the Future: Transformative Initiatives Enhance Dão's Wine Tourism and Investments

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In a visionary move, a comprehensive plan to elevate wine tourism and attract strategic investments is currently taking shape in the illustrious Dão region. This strategic initiative aims to enhance the overall appeal of the region, making it more inviting for both enthusiasts and investors alike. 

Significant investments are channeled towards upgrading winery facilities to create state-of-the-art spaces for both wine production and immersive visitor experiences. Modern tasting rooms, guided tours, and interactive exhibits are becoming integral parts of winery infrastructure.

valverde santarValverde Santar Hotel & Spa

As the plan unfolds, the Dão region is poised to emerge not only as a haven for wine enthusiasts but also as an attractive destination for discerning investors. The melding of tradition with strategic investments promises a future where the legacy of Dão's wines is celebrated, and the region becomes a thriving hub for wine tourism and industry innovation.

Unmissable Locations for 2024 in Dão Region

Valverde Santar Hotel & Spa

Valverde Santar Hotel & Spa outside

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Nestled amidst the rugged valleys, between the Estrela and Caramulo mountains, and with the graceful meandering of the Mondego and Dão rivers, Casa das Fidalgas (now Valverde Santar Hotel & Spa) stands as an enchanting aristocratic manor house. Constructed in the 17th century, this distinguished residence is surrounded by four hectares of vineyards and three hectares of meticulously landscaped gardens.

Quinta da Teixuga

Your 2024 Guide to Dão Wine Region (2)

Situated in Vilar Seco within the municipality of Nelas, nestled in the district of Viseu, Quinta da Teixuga sprawls across a 30-hectare estate. Positioned in the heart of the Dão region, the estate is embraced by mountain ranges such as Serra da Estrela and Caramulo. This geographical setting provides optimal thermal amplitudes essential for the gradual ripening of grapes, resulting in wines distinguished by rich aromas and well-balanced acidity.

Quinta de Lemos 


The vineyards are tended by patient and experienced hands. In homage to the Dão, they have created exclusive wines made from the region's indigenous grape varieties. Quinta de Lemos has been distinguished since its inception, but it was in 2013 that it received one of the world's most emblematic awards: the Gold Medal, Portuguese Red Trophy, and Dão Trophy, for the Dona Georgina 2005 wine at the International Wine Challenge (IWC), one of the most prestigious international competitions held annually in the United Kingdom.

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Mesa de Lemos 


This unique project is based on sustainable gastronomy, serving seasonal flavors and national dishes, in which the main concern is the ingredients, many of them from Quinta de Lemos itself. The philosophy practiced here is maintaining the ingredients in their pure and natural state. Allowing to express the most genuine flavors.

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Amidst the abundance of creativity, unwavering quality, and a profound respect for each ingredient, Mesa de Lemos maintains certain constants. Notably, the culinary experience is enriched by the inclusion of Quinta de Lemos' signature wines, meticulously crafted under the guidance of our winemaker, Hugo Chaves. The estate's olive oil and freshly harvested vegetables also take center stage, embodying a commitment to locally sourced, farm-to-table goodness.


‘Mesa de Lemos’ stands as a testament to culinary excellence, having garnered prestigious awards and accolades since its inception. Mesa de Lemos achieved the pinnacle of culinary recognition with the prestigious Michelin star in November 2019. This accolade was repeated in December 2020 and 2021, underscoring the restaurant's unwavering commitment to culinary excellence. The string of accolades, including the coveted Michelin Star and the Michelin Green Star, is a resounding affirmation of Mesa de Lemos' exceptional culinary artistry and commitment to sustainable practices. 

We find ourselves immersed in the timeless beauty of its landscapes and the exquisite taste of its wines. From the elevated vineyards to the historical estates, the Dão region unfolds a narrative of tradition, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence. As the vineyards thrive between the protective mountains, and the wines age gracefully in the cellars, the Dão region invites you to savor the essence of a terroir that epitomizes the art and passion of winemaking. Here's to the Dão, where every glass tells a story, and every sip is a celebration of Portugal's enduring wine culture. Cheers to the timeless allure of the Dão Wine Region!

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