Portugal: much more than Fado, Good Wine and Food!

Posted by Nisa Duarte on 27-Feb-2016 21:53:14

This petite country that nowadays is a destination that is getting more and more trendy, has been proving to be an extraordinary place, with extraordinary features that go beyond fado, excellent wine and food, beaches and good weather and all the unique characteristics usually it is known for!

For instances, recently we have been discovering that Portugal was the source of inspiration for many artists and creatives, especially writers! J.K.Rowling has let Porto inspire her to create Harry Potter and all the incredible details in Hogwarts iimaginary. Yann Martel’s 'Life of Pi' Author, New Novel takes place in Portugal and was based partly in the research experiences he got to experience in Lisbon and Trás-os-montes. And a few days ago we were unfortunately remembered by Umberto Eco’s death that Portugal will also forever live through the work of this internationally renowned italian writer and philosopher!

Umberto Eco Foucault's Pendulum

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The Newly Discovered Algarve, full of History and Wine!

Posted by Nisa Duarte on 18-Feb-2016 17:40:58

Have you ever visited the Algarve, the charming coastline of southern Portugal? Well, if you haven't, without a doubt, you should! But either if you had that chance or not, you most certainly have already heard about its gorgeous unusual cave beaches, splendorous weather, luxurious Resorts, Marinas and numerous top quality Golf courses!

It is only normal, since those features are the ones for which Algarve is broadly known across the globe. Andy Symington, a Lonely Planet Writer described the coast of the Algarve as "a seemingly endless series of some of Europe’s finest beaches (...) seriously spectacular stretches of sand: the climate and atmosphere are Mediterranean, but (due to the Atlantic) good waves and water sports are available alongside more sedate, family-oriented paddling zones. There are more than 150 beaches to choose from".  And as a result of that, all sorts of Resorts and Villas offering accommodations, and activities like sightseeing cruises in all kinds of boats and yachts started being available for all the world travelers that came across this secret charming Mediterranean paradise.

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Portugal, Renovating Journeys and Literary Inspiration!

Posted by Nisa Duarte on 14-Feb-2016 19:51:50

The High Mountains of Portugal could be the name of a fantastic wine tour, or even better, a novel’s title…

But wait... it is! That is exactly the title of Yann Martel’s New Novel! 'Life of Pi' Author talked with Travel+Leisure about Travel as a way to re-center yourself and about Portugal and the research he made in Lisbon and Trás-os-montes!

Yann-Martel-High-Mountains-Portugal-BOOKQA0216.jpgiImage Credits: Emma Love

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Topics: Wine & Food Culture & Heritage Getaways Inspirational journeys

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