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You are visiting Europe a far destination about which you would like to discover as much as possible. What to do in Europe? One of the must-dos is definitely a wine tour. Even if you are a non-drinker. Visiting a wine country often includes a wine-tasting tour, sure. Although there is more to it than the wine itself. Let me tell you why…


 Yes, Douro Valley is known for its wine tours and wine tastings, Sure, here is the Porto wine (Port wine, the one and only), and nowadays, some of the best table wines in Portugal are produced in Douro Valley as well. The best wineries in Douro Valley and the Porto wine cellars are ready to make your trip memorable even if you are not a Wine Lover. The Port wine cellars have a certain magic to them.

Located in the Douro River south bank just facing the historical Porto city’s center and its colors. The port wine cellars are secular, and by visiting you will be able to feel the environment in which the trading of wine occurred back in the day.

With the earthy scent of the floor and the humidity of the air next to the river, it will be a wine tour that will take you out on a journey dated from immemorial centuries.

Chances are at the end of your 3-day tour or 5-day tour you might (or might not, it is totally fine) end up changing your opinion about wine and wine tasting. But let’s start slow, no promises, only facts.


1 The breathtaking Nature and a special climate

Douro Valley is a UNESCO-protected site, rich in natural diversity, and the best place to relax. You will probably have no internet connection at some points, and believe me, this will be a positive thing. No worries you will Instagram those beautiful photos later while enjoying the starry night at your comfortable hotel suite. During the day, you are just making memories for a lifetime, having this quality time amongst nature and those you love.

7-Day Private Tour in Douro and Porto


2 The best Cruises in Europe

 Experience entering into the Douro Valley through a river cruise, feel the change of scents, notice the differences in the landscape, and observe the vineyards and their colors.

There is a wide range of cruises you can choose from, and here you can find only the best cruises in Douro Valley.

Douro à Vela 2-2

3 History and culture at the open sky

Our Douro Valley tours and Porto city tour will take you to secular, historical places. Full of mysteries and stories to tell. Led by locals our tours are private tours or in small groups. This way you will be able to ask all the questions and have a real conversation with the person guiding the tour. This will make your experience and memory treasure. Are you a fan of scenic landscapes? Here is the bestseller for that purpose. The historical train in Douro Valley.

Lisbon is Portugal's capital, vibrant, and trendy. Its history has centuries to be told some of them just at open sky. Everything in Lisbon is artistic, secular, and worth a visit. Lisbon's wineries and Lisbon wine tastings are full of history too. If you are in Lisbon don't miss the Cultural and wine tour even if you are on a short schedule. 

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4 Picnics in the vineyards in Douro Valley and Alentejo

Picnics in the vineyards are awesome. Why? How is the weather in Portugal? Well, sunny and pleasant for about 350 days per year. Just perfect for a moment outside in a scenic spot right in the middle of the vineyards. A basket is full of delicious goodies will be handed out to you so you can savor the traditional Portuguese food and wine.  Where to find out more about this picturesque journey?


5 The authentic experience of Douro Valley (ask the locals)

Your Douro Valley stay will most likely be in one of the best Quintas in Douro. A Quinta is a secular manor house, full of history. Located in the property are also the vineyards, the winery, and often the organic vegetable garden where the cuisine picks the ingredients fresh for the daily meals.

Imagine you book a 7-day tour in Douro, Eventually, in this wine country you will be inspired to go wine tasting, if so here is How to choose the right wine tasting. 

Worry not, it's OK if you don’t know the fancy wine vocabulary (you can learn it here, just in case), but it's OK if you don’t know which wine you prefer. It’s OK if you don’t change your mind, but believe me, the wine tours are still worth it for all the environment.

Those guiding the tour will not use a lot of technical wine vocabulary and will answer all your questions, as they are usually the agricultural engineers, the owners, local wine savvy, or someone in charge of running the wine business for years and years… Besides the wine, these people have great stories to tell. Be ready to learn about history, culture, fun facts, and all the ingredients for a memorable time gathered around the same table. So typical of Portugal! 

What is the best time of the year to visit Douro Valley? 

7-Day Private Tour in Douro and Porto

6 Top-notch Accommodation and Experiences

In the Douro, you will find premium accommodations, boutique hotels, luxury five-star hotels, and secular Quintas that have developed into some must-stay places in Portugal. Like the French Chateux, they have this aura and authenticity.

When booking from Wine tourism in Portugal, the tour will consist of a diverse itinerary, so you appreciate your vacations to the fullest. Including spa massages, private cruises, cooking workshops, wine-maker for-a-day experiences, and the whole range of wine tasting and wine and food pairing, from picnics to Michelin star meals and chef’s table experiences.

What is luxury travel? Well, this is certainly luxury travel.

Book now Quinta da Pacheca Barrel room, in the heart of Douro Valley, before it's too late. 

Wine Barrels Quinta da Pacheca

Now it's time to stop thinking about it and to finally put a “Happy feeling” into your new year. Book now your dream vacations. Yes! We recommend you book it in advance while the best places are still with some availability. So you can enjoy the most of your 2019 spring break! 

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