On The Douro Road: A Guide to Wine Tourism in Portugal

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The Douro, an idyllic place to watch the best show of nature created by man, promises to be an experience worthy of the bucket list for everyone who visits Portugal. Alto Douro Wine Region was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2001 and is the oldest regulated wine-growing region in the world.


The cultural landscape of Alto Douro combines the monumental nature of the Douro river valley, made of steep slopes and poor and uneven soils, with the ancestral and continuous action of Man, adapting the space to the agricultural needs of the Mediterranean type that the region supports.


No place has lived up to expectations like the Douro – but there's more to the region than stunning views and unforgettable wines. Here, we celebrate its regional nuances and less explored pockets, seductive cultures, handicrafts, and gastronomy that make it so worthy of a visit.

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Quinta do Seixo

Quinta do Seixo

Visiting the winery and vineyards of Quinta do Seixo da Sandeman is a must-visit for anyone visiting the Douro. The Port Wine brand has several tours already organized, which include wine tastings, as well as tastings of gourmet products such as cheeses and jams; picnics; and even naps under the trees.

Quinta da Pacheca 

Quinta da Pacheca, one of the most known properties of the Douro, stands out for having been the first to bottle wine under its own brand.

Sleep in a Wine Barrel

redcharlie-EPLFY1kSj60-unsplash (3)

Quinta da Pacheca is a famed estate, that has incredible accommodation options. One of its offers is the incredible opportunity to sleep in an incredible and unique giant wine barrel in the heart of Douro Valley. Ever since its launch that it has been the top choice to spend the night for all the wine lovers, so be sure to add this to your bucket list and experience it. Just a friendly reminder: book it well in advance!

In this fantastic estate is possible to have a winery tour, enjoy a wine tasting session paired with cheese and jam, have a marvelous picnic in the vineyards, a wine course, or - best yet - a cooking class where you'll learn traditional techniques while preparing your very own and delicious meal.

Paint with Wine 


This offer by Quinta da Pacheca, located at Atelier da Quinta, ATELIER D'OR, is a new space dedicated to art and is in charge of the Douro artists Óscar Rodrigues. This creative proposal for a fine arts forum addresses various types of art, from pottery to painting, from tile to sculpture. With unique and different challenges, visitors are invited to sculpt from old vine stumps or to paint on a canvas whatever their creativity dictates.

Quinta de La Rosa

Quinta de la rosa

Quinta de la Rosa is a beautiful Quinta, a short distance along the river from Pinhão, in the Cima Corgo subregion of the Douro. The Berqvist family, who at the time owned the Feueheerd Port shipping company, bought the property in 1906 as a christening present for Sophia Bergqvist’s grandmother, Claire. And while the shipping company was sold in the 1930s, La Rosa was kept by the family.

quinta de la rosa

The cellar of Quinta de La Rosa was built in an unusual location, on a hill with steep stairs that connect the different levels besides the Douro River. Here it is produced the wine that is provided to some of the most important Restaurants and Retailers all over the world.

Quinta do Crasto

Quinta do Crasto

Located on the right bank of the Douro river, Quinta do Crasto is the family estate of Leonor and Jorge Roquette for over a century. Its origin dates back to the early 17th century as its first known references are from 1615.

Quinta do Crasto

Besides producing premium wines, Quinta do Crasto also produces three types of Port Wine - Finest Reserve, LBV, and Vintage - and has recently begun the production of olive oil of superior category, having already two references: Premium and Selection.

Drive Along the EN222


Drive along the N222, between Peso da Régua and Pinhão, elected in 2015 as the best road to drive in the world, after a study commissioned by Avis Rent a Car. Due to the complex formula, which took into account acceleration, curves, and the length of the lines, the view, always with the river running along the road, was the one that weighed most in the equation.

Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo

Quinta Nova

Quinta Nova Luxury Winery House, the 1st winery hotel in Portugal, was born from the reconstruction of the old manor house from the 19th century, in full harmony with nature, in this 120-hectare property.

Quinta Nova Douro

Quinta Nova is a place of extreme beauty, in the heart of the Douro, and owned by the Amorim family since 1999. But the farm dates back to 1764 and historical research confirms it as a large land belonging to the Royal House Portuguese. The historic sites that are still preserved today, and available for visits, reveal all this: the stream, the viewpoint, the Pombaline landmark from 1758, the coat of arms of the winery, the 2 chapels, and the 3 secular orchards.

Six Senses Douro Valley

Six Senses Douro Valley

Located in the beautiful Douro Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Six Senses Douro Valley is touched by the romance of 19th-century architecture and is happily married with contemporary interiors that reflect the inimitable style of the Six Senses. 

Six Senses douro valley

Positioned as the ultimate wine and SPA experience of the Douro, the Resort assumes its own regional identity. The impressive historic mansion is contemporary and sophisticated at the same time. It was originally transformed into a hotel in 2007 and was then renovated to adopt technical and material innovations. Now it has been fully recreated to become Six Senses Douro Valley. This space offers an impeccable service based on planned details and small surprises.

Quinta do Vallado 

quinta do vallado

Quinta do Vallado welcomes its guest in its comfortable Wine Hotel since 2005. It belonged to the legendary Dona Antónia Adelaide Ferreira and remains to this day as property of her descendants. It is located on the banks of the River Corgo, a tributary of the Douro River, right next to the river mouth near the town of Peso da Régua. For nearly 200 years the Quinta do Vallado was primarily engaged in the production of Port wine, subsequently marketed by Casas Ferreira (that belonged to the Family). After Dona Antónia Adelaide Ferreira, her great grand-son - Jorge Viterbo Ferreira and her great-great-grandson - Jorge Cabral Ferreira - were responsible for the great development and growth of the Quinta.

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Exclusive. Memorable. Historical. A 5-day Wine Tour with full access to the best wineries in the Douro Valley, the oldest Demarcated Wine Region in the World. A trip that is abundant in singular moments. You will savor a Private River Cruise, have hands-on experience in a Cooking Workshop, visit the historic and picturesque village of Lamego.

3-Day Tour in the Douro with a Cruise in the Douro River

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This is the ultimate, utmost activity for expert Wine enthusiasts. A 3-day stay in a Wine Hotel at the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A private sailboat cruise. A guided visit through some of the most famous wineries and wine estates of the iconic region.

One Day in the Douro with a Douro River Cruise

Recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Site since 2001, the Douro Region is the oldest Wine Demarcated Region in the world, stretching through an area of more than 40 000 hectares. 

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